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Babysitter Rock

Submitted by webmaster on September 9, 2011 (9 years ago)
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My wife is a wonderful woman. She has a Masters Degree, an excellent job, does volunteer counseling and is flat out gorgeous to boot. If all of that’s not enough, she’s also an excellent mother of two. Oh, I’m sure Jane and Bob sometimes think she’s a bit strict about certain things. But she really has their best interest in mind.

Take their television viewing, for instance. She doesn’t want them spending too much time in front of tube and she generally monitors what they’re watching. She even had me insert a spy cam in the TV room so that we can make sure the babysitters aren’t just plunking the kids in front of the set when they’re supposed to be doing other things. I’m in charge of checking the disks. My wife doesn’t get along with computers. Usually I check the disk the day after the babysitting session. This last disk, though, sat a bit longer. I was up against a few deadlines and let it slip. Little did I...
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