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Submitted by webmaster on March 20, 2013 (8 years ago)
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This story actually started a year ago when my girlfriends , most of who are bi as I am threw me a birthday party . One of the "joke" gifts was one of those inflatable dolls that caused a lot of laughs as it was intended . After the party I put it up on a shelf in my closet and forgot about it .

Fast forward to a month go . My three closest girlfriends all went on vacation to Jamaica but I had to back out as sudden job requirements woudn't allow the time off . So , I was sitting home alone one evening thinking of all the sex they were likely engaging in either with each other or some of the newbies they had hoped to meet there . This was making me extremely horny and after masturbating and finding myself still needing more my mind went to the blow up doll . At first I dismissed the thought as I am a healthy , attractive 28 y.o. old woman with normal sexual desires but the thought kept returning . I figured , what the hell .

I took the doll ou...
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