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Wife Wants To Experience Large Cock

Submitted by webmaster on March 9, 2013 (8 years ago)
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This is a true story about my wife of 20 years, Mary. She is a very petite 40 year old brunette, 5-1 105 pounds. She has a very nice body for her tiny frame, with a nicely rounded ass and small but very firm, perky tits with huge nipples. She is very shy and we have never done anything out of the ordinary sexually. Try as I might I could never get her to try anything new, anything exciting or risqué. Don't get me wrong, she's a great fuck and still turns me on greatly. And she always draws the eyes of men wherever we go. But she has been completely faithful to me and I don't think she even notices that other men stare at her and would give anything to do her. The only guy that I think she has ever even given a second look is my best friend Mike. She always gets giddy when he is around, even to the point of getting flustered and saying things that don't even make sense. He obviously does something for her and it's pretty obvious from her behavior, although she...
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