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My First Time To Cheat On My Husband

Submitted by webmaster on January 17, 2014 (7 years ago)
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My First Time To Cheat My husband played softball and I would go to the games. This guy who use to play on my husbands team would come to our games and sit with me. I always watched from the truck and sit on the tail gate. Most of the games was at night after it cooled off. My husband couldn't see us from the field. I would usually carry me wine to drink that my husband didn't know about.

The guy Max at first talk ball. I was young and dumb and had no idea he was wanting more than company while watching the games. I did enjoy his attention but in a friendly way. My Sept it had cooled some in the evening and softball was about over. My husbands team had an 8PM game the winner of it played the winner of the next game. My husbands team ended up winning. Some of the wifes didn't want to stay for the last game, me being one of them. Max offered to take us home. It was over a 50 mile trip home. As we was getting our stuff ready to leave one of the Guys on the losin...
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Fantasy Fulfilled

Submitted by webmaster on December 6, 2011 (9 years ago)
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Tawagin niyo nalang ako sa pangalang cecilia me asawa at isang anak, labin-limang taon na kaming kasal ni adolfo at binayayaan kami ng isang anak na pinangalanan naming arthur. High school sweetheart ko si adolfo at dahil narin sa sobrang sabik namin sa isa’t-isa noon dahil di kami legal sa mga parents namin, patago kaming nagkikita sa labas noong nasa college na kami at sa sobrang pagmahalan namin na humantong sa pagbubuntis ko sa anak naming si arthur na ngayon ay nag-aaral na sa high school. Mabait na asawa si adolfo, gumagawa sa gawaing bahay, maasikaso, pagsiya ang unang maka-uwi ng bahay siya na ang nagluluto at nag-aasikaso sa anak namin. Pagdating sa sex life ay di naman ito nagkulang sa akin halos gabi-gabi nagtatalik kaming dalawa maliban lang siguro pag me dalaw ako. Mainit kami sa isa’t-isa bagay na kinaiinis ng anak namin dahil minsan naglalambingan kami ng asawa ko sa sala habang nanonood kami ng tv.

Wala akong maisusumbat sa ugali ng asawa ko k...
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Wife's Mixed Chronicles III

Submitted by webmaster on November 22, 2011 (9 years ago)
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I happen to know massage. Don’t get excited coz its not the kind of massage you would think, just a basic and simple massage to comfort my wife. She’s really busy at work. Its not the kind of paper jobs, where you have desks and everything.

One time I went visit my gf (now my wife), like usual we would do loads of off work and home chores, there’s always a to do list. We hired a car with its chauffeur to drive us around the city for convenience. Public transportation is fine, as long as you’re not in a hurry. On our case, we were always in a hurry, deadlines are really tough and tight, as tight as my wife’s pussy, hehehe.

When we got home around 4pm, it was really early as after we do have to meet some friends for dinner and drinks. Just like as always, I came from the airport, have to unpack my things, take a shower as my skin is sticky coz of different environment and I think the airplane pressure adds some substance which n...
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Submitted by webmaster on September 28, 2011 (9 years ago)
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Its my first time to see this site. I find it very interesting because of different stories posted here. By the way, call me Nad. A call center representative here in Metro Manila. Hindi ko na sasabihin sa inyo kung saan baka huntingin niyo pa ako. Hahahaha, joke lang.

My story will start when I've rented a room in Paranaque. It is a 2 story house. 5 rooms on the second floor while 2 big rooms on the ground floor. My pad is the second room from left. Katapat ng kwarto ko eh mag-asawa na four years nang kasal pero wala pang anak. Then yung sa tabing kwarto eh magkapatid na babae. Una kong nakilala si Gladys. Maputi, katamtaman lang ang taas, makinis at sexy. Hindi ko alam bakit sa tinagal tagal na nilang mag asawa eh wala pang anak. Anyway, si Richard ay rotating ang shift sa isang hotel daw sa Ortigas. They were ordinary people sa unang tingin pero hindi mo mawawari na yung Gladys eh may tinatagong libog.

It started when Richard is on a night shift dut...
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Husbands Want Sluts

Submitted by webmaster on September 22, 2011 (9 years ago)
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My name is Linda. I stand 5'4", am blonde and weigh about 118 lbs. I have only a 34' bust but required a D cup. I'm married to a wonderful man named Jess. We dated in college and have been married for two years now. I lost my virginity at 17 in the back seat of a Ford pickup. It wasn't a very pleasant experience. He wasn't very big but it still hurt alot. It was pretty much wham, bam, thank you mam. I also think my pussy is unusually tight. Thus I didn't engage in sexual activity again until I met my husband in college. He was the second man I had ever been with and he is a gentle caring lover. Jess has an enormous thick 8 inch dick and he was ever so understanding with our love making. Our sex life is very mundane as we mostly do it missionary. We occasionally have oral sex but I have to feel fresh down there and I only go down on him if he's just recently taken a shower and I seldom allow him to cum in my mouth. Jess has tried to encourage me to loose...
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My Conservative Wife

Submitted by webmaster on May 23, 2011 (9 years ago)
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This is a true story that happened recently. My wife Jen is 53, 5-3 145, very pretty does not look her age but may wish she could lose a couple of pounds but dont they all. Nice 38d tits that sag just a bit with age. She has always been fairly conservative with sex and her opinions but can joke about sex but just doesnt believe in what people do at times. I knew she fucked another guy early in our marriage and she enjoyed it but then she go very conservative. She can surprise me at times and go braless at times usaully when we are alone and once in a while when we go out.

A few weeks ago we were sitting around and our best friends, John and Karen came over and while we were not expecting company, Jen was braless but was sort of hard to tell she was. Every now and then I would see John looking at them and while we always kidded with each other, nothing more than that outside the usual kidding and sex inuendos were topics. Every now and then I saw Jen's nipples poking...
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