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Its Not Cheating If

Submitted by webmaster on February 3, 2014 (7 years ago)
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My name is Becky. I am 49. I am 5'2" tall with red hair, medium sized breasts and I weigh about 145 lbs. In spite of the fact that I have a little extra padding. I carry it well and I am told that I look ten years younger than my age. I still get looks from men both younger and older than I am. My husband Steve and I have been married for ten years. He is 7 years older than I am. It's my first marriage, his second.

Although I have been sexually active since my teens. I have always been a one man type girl. I have had several long term relationships in my life and I never cheated on anyone who I was in a relationship with; that is until was was married.

Even before we were married I knew that Steve had a kinky side. I knew that he had been involved in several threesomes with a couple that he had known. When he told me about it, I told him that I could never do anything like that. He dropped the subject and never brought it up again till after w...
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