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Date: October 11, 2011 (9 years ago)

I am 44 years old, married to a beautiful lady for 22 years now. We have 3 college age kids. Our house is empty for the first time in 21 years. My beautiful wife who is 5' 7" tall and weighs 119lbs. She had a boob job after our last child to complete her 34D 24 35 figure. Since raising our children has been her job for the last 21 years, she and I have not exactly set the world on fire as far as our sex lives were concerned. She was very concerned the kids would find out we were having sex. So for 20 years, it was at most twice a week, always in the dark and always quiet.

Now the house is empty again, our sex life has picked up dramatically in the past few months. My wife spends her day tanning her sexy body in the nude out by the pool. I own my own business and I have always worked long hours and with the kids all gone she has a lot of free time to explore. She has joined a fitness center to tighten up her body. She begs me to come home early and while she will never initiate sex with me, she does give off clues I am supposed to interpret. I have been on cloud nine since the remake of my wife.

This is where our story gets bizarre. I had an opportunity to secure a big contract with a company in Florida. I was going to be away for at least 6 weeks so I invited my wife if she would like to go along. She has family in South Carolina and an aunt in Georgia, so she thought it would be a great idea. We were going to be there six weeks and I needed to do some entertaining while there so I rented a big house in a gated community in Palm Beach. It was on 2 acres with a nice pool and tennis court. It also came with a fully wired office in the basement off the garage. I arrived a week before my wife as she decided to stop in Atlanta and visit her Aunt. The house was fantastic. It had everything, a state of the art security system with a bank of monitors in the basement office. There were 12 monitors including 3 of the 6 bedrooms and the maid quarters. Cameras were everywhere on the property. I had a hard time getting any work done the first week as I would set down to my computer and try to work on my proposal when a camera would blink and I would stare at it to see who was now here. The gardener came every other day for about an hour. The maid was there every morning for as long as necessary. I took a lot of breaks and enjoyed the pool quite a bit.

On Friday morning of my first week I started out by the pool first then went down to the basement to work on my proposal. At around 1pm the gate camera showed the truck from the gardener coming thru. Fifteen minutes later the maid is on the patio making things look good, when the gardener comes over for a glass of ice tea. They seem to be talking and I am wondering why I am watching these two people and not working? I soon have my answer as he puts his glass down and starts unbuttoning his shorts to reveal a very hard cock. The maid is a woman my wife's age. She has a nice figure with very nice tits that have been covered by a smock all week. She unbuttons the smock and his hands are all over her tits as she is playing with his hard cock. She is easily old enough to be his mother. My cock is hard watching this. She steps out of her dress and has a beautiful body. Her tits are as big as my wife, maybe even a little bigger. She drops to her knees and soon engulfs his at least 7 inch cock all the way to his balls. He is standing up, but soon he pulls his cock out of her mouth and tells her something and soon he is sitting in a lounge chair and she is back to sucking his throbbing cock. She was sucking for at least 15 minutes while he was playing with her big boobs, before he emptied a load of cum down her throat. She got up and went to a lounge chair and lay down and soon his tongue was buried in her cunt. He must have been a good, because soon she was thrusting her hips of the lounge.

As soon as she came down from her orgasm. His cock was positioned at the tip of her clit and she was soon enjoining her second climax in less than 15 minutes. He then put his hard cock in her hot cunt and they changed positions 3 times in 20 minutes before he pumped so much cum in her that even from the camera distance I could see cum dripping from her cunt. My cock was ready to explode and I had to free it from my shorts. I came watching her try to stuff those big tits behind that uniform. The gardener left shortly thereafter and when I went up for lunch she was in the kitchen putting away dishes. I introduced my self and found out her name was Julia, but that she goes by Julie. She said she lived in the guest house on property and showed me the intercom button I could use to call her. I asked her where she had been all week as I had noticed she was not staying here. She told me her son was in town from Arizona and she was staying with his family in Orlando for the week. I told her we were from Arizona also. She asked about my wife and I explained she would be here on Tuesday. We had an uneventful weekend, but as I have become a voyeur I have jerked off watching her undress and caress her tits. I wonder if she knows she is on camera.

My wife came in Monday morning as a week with her aunt was enough. She loved the place and she and Julie really got along fantastic. They spent the first days with Julie showing her all over Palm Beach. They shopped and shopped and went to the beach and were generally inseparable. That was good as I had to drive to Miami Beach to see a company that could help me with my contract. I left on Wednesday morning and planned to be home Friday afternoon. As I was leaving my wife was putting on her bikini and planning on getting some sun. I told her we were alone on 2 acres and that she could go naked if she wanted. She told me Julie was going to lay out with her and she would be embarrassed. I told her to relax and have a good time while I was away. She said her and Julie were going to dinner tonight. I kissed her and went out to the garage and was loading my clothes when I had to go to the basement and get my laptop. In the basement I noticed on the camera that my wife and Julie were out by the pool already. They both looked Hot!! In bikini's I was watching for about 15 minutes when I saw a switch on the monitor that read vacation mode. After a little research a figured out it would only tape motion, thereby saving space on the disk, I turned it on and left to Miami.

Miami Beach was nice and I accomplished my goals. I couldn't wait to get back to my wife as I had not fucked her since we left Scottsdale over 11 days ago. I checked out of my hotel room at 6am and was in Palm Beach by 9:30. The house was empty. I assumed my wife and Julie were shopping. I went down to the basement and was engrossed in my proposal, when I came up for air it was 11:30. Taking a break I went to the bank of cameras and switched on replay. I see that as soon as I pulled out of the garage Julie took off her top and was soon followed by my wife. They were in the pool area for three hours with the camera only detecting motion. One frame they were laying on the lounges the next frame they were in the pool splashing each other. As they were splashing each other I noticed my wife's nipples were very aroused and protruding. Julie's were the same. My cock needed to be releases from my tight shorts. The pool games ended soon after.

The next time a camera came on it was in Julie's room as she came out of the shower she laid her towel on the bed and soon was masturbating to a huge orgasm. She then put on a sexy summer dress with very sexy panties and no bra. I see her walking to the main house and she is joined by my wife in the kitchen. My wife is dressed very sexy in tight jeans and a Victoria Secret bright yellow sweater I bought for her. It really accents her huge tits (so much so that she won't wear it at home). Just then my cell phone rings, but it goes right to voice mail Its Karen and she says her and Julie are having a great time but she can't wait to see me. I bet. The live action camera is buzzing now its time for the gardener and his truck is approaching the gate. I look to the tape and it says 2am Thursday, Karen and Julie are getting home from dinner? They both look drunk (my wife is extremely horny when she is drinking). They come in and soon are drinking margarita's I find the sound button and turn it on to see if the system can pick up their conversation. It works perfect as they are reliving the night as Julie calls my wife a cockteaser, dancing with all the guys in the bar. Karen tells her she was close behind and asked her where she disappeared to when she could not find her. Julie laughed and pulled up her skirt. Her panties were gone. Karen asked if she went out without panties and Julie said they were in the back seat of car at the bar. Karen was spellbound and wanted to know which guy.

Julie told her it was Ken, the first guy to ask Karen to dance. Karen said he was a hunk and wanted to know if he was hung. Julie said yes in fact he was a good fuck and pounded her cunt for the half hour she was missing. In fact he wanted to come over tonight and continue. Julie told him she had company and he told her he would like to fuck Karen also. Karen's face was flush and Julie teased her about all the cock she could have had tonight. Karen told her I would be back in 2 days and she would have all my cock she wanted. But Karen said she had a great time. Julie said she was going to bed and was leaving when Karen told her to stay in a guest room in the house as I was not there and it was a big house. Julie said sure and she would go and get changed and be right back. Karen came back to the dining room table before Julie dress in her sexy P.J.'s nursing her Margarita when Julie came in wearing a very hot looking see thru tank top with sexy panties that outlined her trim bush. Karen looked up, smiled and asked where she found such a sexy tank top. Julie told her thanks for the compliment. Julie's nipples are now protruding, Karen is watching this right in front of her and I can tell she is a little nervous. Julie sits in the chair next to Karen and tells her to relax and remember all the cock that they teased. Julie than told Karen she could tell she was hot and aroused all night as her nipple were erect from the pool all to the bar and the dance floor all night long. Karen then said it was nights like these that Jeff likes the best. When we go out he is always telling me men are looking at her. He lets me dance with anyone that is respectful. Then after we leave he tells me how he is the one who is going to get fuck the hottest lady in the bar tonight. Then when we get home and he fucks me he comments on all the guys tonight asking me to imagine his cock is their cock. If he only knew. When we first started out in our marriage I was too shy to dance with anyone else but him. By the way, Jeff is a fantastic dancer and more ladies ask him than men ask me.

As we both got older and more secure we both have a great time going out. He dances all night long with a number of ladies and I dance with a few guys, then we go home and fuck like rabbits. I really get off if the cock he is fucking me with is actually one of the few I have had the nerve to touch while dancing. I have only touched 5 other cocks while dancing and on those nights the sex is awesome with her being able to keep her 40 year old man hard after his first climax, which guarantees her at least two more fantastic orgasms, before he fills her hot cunt with his cum. She tells Julie that she loves to fall asleep with my cum leaking out of her (I Love this Women!). Karen was talking with her eyes closed and when she opened her eyes she saw Julie with her eyes closed fingering her clit, the other hand held her panties aside and her elbows were bent inwards pushing her huge tits outward making them fucking huge with cockhard nipples. Karen was now staring. Julie opened her eyes and told Karen to continue as she is close to having a powerful orgasm. Karen closes her eyes and tells Julie that one time she had danced with a guy she had met at her gym. Karen said he was 6'4" I am 5'10" and about 27 with a very nice body. They would workout at the same time twice a week.

The first few weeks I caught him looking at me then about the fourth week He caught me looking at him. I smiled and he came up and said I was busted. I told him he started it weeks ago. We had a laugh and introduced each other. His name is Steve and he is married to a traveling executive so had a lot of free time. Soon he would be at the gym every day at my time. We were flirting a lot with each other I was feeling young again and Jeff got the benefit as I fucked him everyday I fantasies about Steve's cock. The outline when I got him hard was very nice. Then after a very hot workout I told him Jeff and I were going dancing and that maybe he would want a dance tomorrow night. Karen is now also playing with her clit as both women are closed eyed and dreaming. I am rock hard listening and watching. Karen then tells Julie about the night dancing (it was last month). When they got there she and Jeff danced the first few dances, as she knows his dance card will soon be full. After we sat down Jeff went to get drinks when Steve approached. He was a hunk in clothes he was hot in gym shorts but fully clothed he was very handsome and God was he sexy. He asked her to dance and they were dancing when Jeff and a girl were right next to them. Steve whispered to her aren't you worried with your husband right there. I told him we were only dancing and she did not look at the ladies he was dancing with nor did he look at the men she danced with any suspicion. We know who were going home with. After the first dance I went back for my drink and was soon approached by another guy, after 2 with him I got back to my table and sat for a dance when Steve came back and took my arm and led me out on the dance floor.

When the third song ended a semi slow song came on. Not my style, but Steve insisted we dance. Soon he was turning me around so my ass was facing his cock and very soon he was pulling my ass back to meet his cock. He was hard and he was making me wet. Jeff was on the other side of the dance floor. I closed my eyes and let him take over and by the end of the dance I had a very nice orgasm from his cock rubbing my ass thru my jeans. After the dance I wobbly made it back to the table with Steve following with a throbbing hard on in his jeans. Jeff came back and Steve turned around and walked away. He told me I was dancing with my eyes closed. He said I must have relayed liked the song. Then one of his hotties came up and took him away. Steve was right back as he sat down and ordered 3 drinks one for Jeff. The next thing I know is his hand is pulling my hand to his still erect cock. It feels great, hard as a rock. I am thinking I took this too far, but my hand is still massageing his cock thru his jeans. Both of them are frantically rubbing their clits as Karen goes on. Steve whispered in my ear he wanted to take me out to his truck and fuck my brains out. We were in his truck and he unzipped his jeans and his beautiful cock was so inviting, but I realized I was married and Jeff was inside. Steve begs me to suck his cock at least. I told him my hands made it hard and I would finish what I started. I tried to wrap my finger around his monster, but he was too thick. His cock was on fire as I am stroking him he is playing with my boobs, telling me how he wants to fuck me bad. He explodes and cums and cums, I thought he would never stop. My hand was covered with his cum and it smelled so sweet. I wipe it on a tissue he gave me and we went back in and I found Jeff and told him it was time to go home. I fucked Steve thru Jeff's cock that night for over an hour. Jeff even brought my dancing with my eyes closed. Both ladies now had explosive orgasms. They finally opened their eyes, smiled and said goodnight.

I look at the monitor for the gardener as he should be almost finished, when I see Julies detector on I scroll for her room and I see the Gardener with his cock buried in Julie as Karen cunt is planted on Julie's mouth. This is live Wow!!! Karen is having an explosive orgasm from Julie's mouth and is screaming for a cock to fuck her silly our stud wastes no time in pulling from Julie's cunt and inviting my wife to take his cock. She pulls him down on his back and puts her hot box over his slick cock. She lowers herself slowly as she savors his size and the newness her first strange cock in over 25 years. She is slowly fucking him as he is feasting on Julie's cunt. Karen's eyes are again closed as she is in a constant state of euphoria grinding her cunt on his bone. When Julie screams Karen opens her eyes and soon stud has his hands all over Karen's tits tweaking her nipples. He then takes over the fucking as he lifts her ass up and starts thrusting his cock onto her box at breakneck speed and she is soon screaming like Julie just minutes ago begging him to fuck her harder, faster and she goes limp as he continues to pound into her. Soon he thrusts one more time and empties a huge load of cum in her hot cunt. They are all sprawled on the bed and he gets up first and says he has to get beck to work and thanks Julie and Karen. Julie tells him she and Karen will be out dancing Saturday night, maybe he and a friend should come along. WOW. My wife of over 20 years just got the fucking of a life time and I watched the whole thing, and had a throbbing cock the whole time. The question is will she tell me?

I grabbed a beer and went back to watching the past two days. While I was away it appears my wife had a few firsts. Her first vibrator. Her first girl to girl action. As I was watching the girls go at each others cunts my phone rang. It was Karen wondering when I was coming home. I told her I got home an hour ago. I asked where she was and she told me telling girl stories in Julie house. (She is not ready to tell me). We had a quiet dinner and fucked for 4 hours that night. At six in the morning she fucked me for an hour before breakfast. She then told me her and Julie were going dancing tonight and that I could not go as Julie had no date. I was fine with that as I wanted to be there and not be seen. Before she left she called me up from the basement office and told me to be up when she got home because she was going to be hot from a night of dancing. She was dressed in the same yellow V S sweater, but now she was wearing a leather skirt. She was Hot. Julie was wearing an identical leather skirt, but with a very sexy red tank top. They told me where they were going and I gave them an hour head start before I showed and got a seat at the bar. They were already joined by the stud from yesterday and a friend of his. A twenty something hard body with a smooth exposed chest and the tightest pair of jeans that were already bursting.

They were headed back out to the dance floor and I soon discovered why his cock was bursting. My wife was blatant in her messaging of his cock on the dance floor. He was also not hiding a thing as he openly grabbed her tits and was playing with them thru her sweater. I looked for Julie and her stud when I see them walking outside. I follow them around the back of the bar down to a dark office building. His truck is the only one around when he opens the tailgate and puts Julie she starts to protest when he unzipped his jeans and pulls out the one thing she can't say no too. She takes him in her mouth and has him hard in seconds. He pulls the mattress to the end of the truck bed and lays her on it and feeds his cock to her while he is standing behind. He is pounding his cock into as he plays with her tits, she is screaming into a pillow for him to fuck her harder. They both explode in less than 10 minutes and she is telling him that later tonight she is going to fuck his balls off. I was behind the dumpster enclosure with my cock pulled out and stroking it watching Julie and her stud go at it. I was resting against the wall and started to put my cock back in my jeans. When I heard Karen's voice she was drunk and her stud was leading her back to the truck bed. She looked at the truck and said she must be crazy, then pulled his cock from his jeans and swallowed it whole. He had a nice size cock from what I saw inside. The lighting now was not that good. I was hard already after just Cumming from Julie's fuckfest. He was moaning and I could make out his ass fucking my wife's mouth.

She gives great head, soon I heard him groan as he must have emptied his seed down her throat. She wanted to back inside and he kept telling her to suck it some more to get him hard again as he wanted to pound her cunt. She told him only if he could get hard right away as she had to get home and fuck her husband tonight. He was hard in seconds and was soon pounding his cock into her so hard he had to put the pillow over her face. People leaving were looking over at them a couple of guys even went right up to the truck and watched. She was now a slut and climbed off the truck and put the stud in her cunt from behind and started sucking one of the two that came up. The stud fucking her was telling the guy waiting it would not be long as she is an excellent cocksucker. He was right as the first guy erupted in her mouth and she was soon freeing the last cock from his pants and was giving his cock the royal treatment as her cunt was being pounded by her stud. These three had a good rhythm going for about ten minutes before her stud slapped her ass and shot his second load of the last half an hour into her. She moaned throughout his intense orgasm with one of her own, while not diverting any attention from the cock in her mouth. She was soon rewarded with his load as it was so big she could not keep up with it and he spurted all over her face and shirt. She thanked all three of them and told them she had to find her friend and go home. I cleaned my third load of cum off my hands and jeans and hurried home.

I was home over an hour before they came home. I pretended to be asleep when she came in. She leaned over me and went into the bathroom, soon I heard the shower. She was cleaning herself up. When she got out of the shower she crawled in bed and went right for my 7" cock to wake me up and tell me to fuck her. In 20 some years of marriage she has never told me to fuck her. I wasted no time in pulling her cunt over my face as I tried to taste the cum from the stud she just fucked. While she was very loose there was not a trace of anyone else being there first. She was sucking me while I brought her to her first orgasm. While she was sucking my cock I started our game and asked how many cocks she teased tonight (She has never answered my questions, she just gets more involved in our sex when I ask). She is moaning on my cock. I ask her if there were a lot of young cocks for her to dance with tonight. Her moaning got louder and her cocksucking more intense. I asked her if she closed her eyes like last month at home. She moaned louder and was now licking the head of my cock like a lollypop. I told her soon I am going to pound her pussy like all of the guys she danced with wish they were. She pulled her mouth off my cock and told me to "fuck me now" I was amused and asked if I struck a nerve and that there really were few hard lonely cocks out there tonight. And that she really wanted one. She had an orgasm before I entered her. I started fucking her and commented on how hot she must be as her cunt has never been this wet and loose. She closed her eyes and told me to shut up and fuck her forever. She was screaming thru her third orgasm as I emptied the biggest load of cum into her in years. We fell asleep in each others arms. I really need to finish my proposal, but I will post any more exciting adventures soon.

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