Two Times Three Agreed (Part 2)

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Date: October 17, 2013 (7 years ago)

The jets of the Jacuzzi swirled on high causing a continuous stream of bubbles to circulate around my semi-erect dick and testicles. Foam drifted on the surface of the water and collected on my chest. Lifting my arm from the water, I looked at my watch. It was midnight. Buzzed from hours of drinking, I rested my head back on the coping and through my squint eyes burning from the chlorine watched the stacked naked blonde across from me struggle to stand up in the hottub. For more than an hour I had observed the two men with her mauling her large chest, each feasting on a breast, and had heard a steady stream of moans and giggles no doubt indicating that each had already penetrated her with something. 

Cindy’s foot brushed lightly against my side underneath the water. I instantly looked her way. She was lying in her husband’s lap with her legs outstretched. Her head was rocked back and she was kissing his face. The water only covered her waist, and I watched again her beautiful breasts and large dark nipples tighten against her chest as she reached back in her husband’s grasp. Whispering something undistinguishable to him, she worked her naked body off his lap, excused herself climbing out of the hottub, grabbed her towel, and headed inside. I watched her cute sexy prance all the way into the night shadows before it disappeared. 

Having finally regained her balance, the blonde across from me was now standing sandwiched between her two partners, lips locked onto the face of one while the other’s hands explored her chest. Entangled, they made their way clumsily out of the tub and into the house. Cindy’s husband reached over and touched my arm to get my attention. 

“Good job!” Robert whispered excitedly. 

“Well, I was just getting ready to go. I didn’t know what ...” 

“Whatever you did or said worked,” he whispered interrupting me. “She’s horny as hell and I asked her about you joining us!” 

“Are you certain you know what you’re doing?” I carefully asked. 

“Yes,” he answered glowing with excitement. “I’ve thought about it many times.” 
“Does she know?” I asked. 

“No, she doesn’t.” he whispered back. “She thinks you’re cute, and shy, and lonely...” 

“What should I do?” I quickly asked. 

“Just be cool,” he said. “I’ll take care of it.” 

Stepping back down into the hottub naked again after dropping her towel, I watched Cindy’s toned thighs flex and her breasts swell as she leaned forward to maintain her balance holding onto the handrail. She immediately climbed up onto her husband’s lap straddling his legs, and she bent over and again whispered in his ear. Her husband whispered something back causing her to laugh, and she turned and looked right at me. A cute innocent smile came over her exotic face and she pulled her husband’s head into her chest. As he began to devour her breasts she kissed him on the top of his head, and turned back to look at me again. 

Turning completely around in his lap, slowly lowering herself down, her hand reached down to grasp him between her legs. My attention focused directly on her abdomen, and from his motions I could tell he was struggling to put his cock inside of her. Spellbound, I watched her reach down and position the head of his glistening erection aimed to slip inside her. Then she slowly, torturously, lowered her beautiful cunt down on him, her vaginal lips molding around his thick erection as she slid herself down. Adjusting her hips slightly, she proceeded to take him in. And with her head tilted back and lips parted she moaned deeply as he slipped his huge erection completely and fully into her. 

For several long minutes, she rocked feverishly back and forth against him, her motions creating huge waves in the hottub indicative of their rhythm and the pace her pleasure accelerated. Occasionally she would open her squint eyes and lick her lips, glancing in my direction. And I felt my cock suddenly and completely swell up as I watched her rock back and forth on top of him. 

Then abruptly removing him from her, she stood up from his lap still straddling him, hesitating. As the water bubbled about her mid-thigh, her inviting dark dripping pubic patch of hair and cute little vagina were clearly visible. Her manicured triangle seemed to be in perfect proportion to her waist and abdomen and I stared right at it, I couldn’t help it by now. Seeing me stare, she smiled, but never said a word. The compelling urge to slide down into the water and clamp my mouth over it right there consumed my thoughts. 

Slowly sliding her hands down across her wet breasts to her trimmed little dark patch, she spread her labia apart with her fingers, and began to softly drag one up across her clit, cooing as she did. Tossing her hair backwards, she slipped one finger inside her. Then raising it to her mouth, she torturously sucked it clean and withdrew it from her pout lips. Turning quickly around to face him again, she pulled his face back into her breasts, kissed him again on the top of his head, and looked back at me over her shoulder. I stared at her tight bare ass imagining myself sliding my swollen erection deeply into its fold. 

Then climbing off of him, she surprisingly reseated herself between us. Glancing at him and then at me, I felt her hand wrap around my swollen dick underneath the water. My body immediately shuttered feeling her fingers clamp tightly around my erection. And not letting go she squeezed me tightly, gently rubbing her thumb back and forth across the engorged head of my dick. Shock waves traveled throughout my spine as she played with its tip. Then she leaned over to kiss her husband again never letting go of my throbbing erection as she did. 

“I’m getting cold,” she complained. “Can we go inside?” 

“Yeah, let’s go inside,” he said. 

Turning to look back at me, her eyes sparkled, and her grin disclosed her excitement. As innocently as she could, she asked, “Do you want to join us?” 

Her eyes were aimed directly at mine anticipating my response, and I felt an encouraging squeeze on the swollen shaft of my erection. 

“I’d love too.” I said glancing at her smiling husband. She smiled and stood up immediately. 

Taking each of us by the hand, we climbed out of the tub and she confidently lead us stark naked through the house to a dark bedroom in the back where only a kingsize mattress lay on the floor. There, in front of a small observing crowd, we laid her down and the two of us kissed her, and sucked her, and fucked her until Cindy finally collapsed exhausted against Robert’s chest. 

It was an incredibly exciting night, one I would never forget. And three years would pass before I’d ever see Robert again. 


After moving to a new area to live I met Pam, an attractive, sweet, blue-eyed blonde. At the time, she had recently separated from her husband of seventeen years, and she was consumed with hurt and doubt. And even though it took a while for her to warm up to me, she eventually did, primarily the result of being new to the area. We ended up developing a good strong relationship, far more than friendship. And I grew to care for her deeply even though I had no assurance of any future with her. 

It had been about six months since I had dropped by one evening and found her crying uncontrollably. It was after one of her ex-husband’s belittling angry phone calls. He had bluntly told her among other things that he had not found her attractive at all for several years, and that he had met someone younger and new. He had even expressed doubt that he still cared for her. Totally devastated, her self-esteem was shattered. 

Frustrated and feeling helpless to defend her, I eventually made Pam an interesting offer intended to rebuild her self-confidence in a fun lasting way. Unwilling to allow her to suffer anymore, I asked her to let me help her renew the confidence she once had. To do this, I promised her a stone – a diamond, an emerald, a ruby, or a sapphire - for every time she took a challenge that I made her. Come Christmas or her birthday she would be rewarded for each challenge she completed. She was intrigued with my offer, but I wasn’t certain even this would help. 

It had been just three months since I bravely dared Pam to wear a bikini, a thong bikini, to the beach to PROVE her looks were truly up to par. At five foot six inches, her forty-plus year-old body still remained remarkably curvaceous and tight. I knew she believed she was fat, and out of shape, but it simply wasn’t true. Her large firm breasts perfectly topped her still nice hourglass shape, and combined with a flat stomach and toned thighs she was still very sexy. At most only ten pounds over her desired weight, she still didn’t believe it herself though. Her ex-husband’s words had left a strong and lasting impression in her mind. So this challenge was specifically designed, albeit extreme, to convince her that the image she had of herself just wasn’t so. 

It had been only two months since the day the bottoms of a new gold thong bikini were stuffed into my empty wineglass sitting on the dining room table at her house. Invited to have a candlelight dinner one night, I was shocked when I sat down and saw them. And even though I couldn’t help but notice that she had plastered her refrigerator door with pictures of overweight women hinting she may have been thinking about it, I was still surprised she took the challenge and bought one. With a cute smirk on her face she announced that she agreed to wear it, but it had to be someplace out of town. I immediately began making plans. 

It had only been 24 hours since I suggested that instead of wearing her new bikini on a public beach where children and families would be vacationing, she might feel more at ease at a nude beach, a place she had never ever considered going to before. Caught completely by surprise, and putting up resistance, she finally agreed to at least go there to see what it was like. But I had to agree if she felt the slightest apprehension at all that we would immediately leave. A feeling of accomplishment rushed over me at this point. 

Lying on my towel laid out on the sand, I glanced up at Pam and caught a cute smile appear out from under her dark sunglasses. It was still relatively early, the morning coastal fog hovered overhead. But gradually groups of topless and naked bodies began parading by twenty feet away on that compacted strip of sand where the tide meets the land. Reclining back in her folding chair, still in her shorts and bikini top, she watched closely as they strolled by. 

I still wasn’t certain that she would take the challenge of undressing completely down to her thong bikini, but I was not going to pester her. I assumed that surrounded by naked bodies she would soon feel comfortable enough to do so. That alone would be an accomplishment if she did it, and would show off enough of her body that she could get adequate reassurance from all the men there that she still looked very good. But completely removing her clothing was another thing altogether. In my opinion, that was a long shot. But I couldn’t determine what she was thinking as she watched. What I did know was that she wasn’t asking to leave yet either, an encouraging sign. 

Shortly after noon, the sun had broken through to turn into a beautiful bright warm day. As the beach became crowded, couples and groups of people gradually began to stake their place in the sand nearby. An elderly couple completely naked lay about 15 feet away. A group of young college girls all having removed their bikini tops to cover themselves with lotion had situated themselves about 20 feet away. And then, up strolled a handsome well-tanned man by himself, with his Labrador in tow, and he proceeded to lay his blanket down about 10 feet to Pam’s right. 

After tying off the dog’s leash and looking over at us to say a kind hello, he slowly proceeded to remove his shirt and drop his shorts until his completely naked toned body was revealed for all to see. His striking thirty-something good looks combined with his bronze tan immediately got Pam’s attention, and his sudden instant disrobing caught her completely by surprise. She instinctively snapped her neck sideways to look. 

Amused, I looked up at her. Beneath her sunglasses I could tell her eyes were locked onto his huge dangling cock proudly protruding from a trimmed black patch of hair between his legs. And as she coyly turned to look back at me to see if I had noticed, I flashed her a big grin, and subtly suggested that maybe it was time we do the same. 

Immediately, she leaned forward in her chair and unhooked her bikini top tossing it aside. And then she stood up and removed her white shorts fully revealing her beautifully shaped white breasts and her cute milky-white butt dissected only by the single gold strand of her thong. I stared up at her surprised by her suddenness. She had just earned her stone. Excited, I smiled back with assurance that I was completely okay with it. 

Glancing up her body, a warm feeling of pride came over me. As my eyes traveled up her white toned thighs to a thin patch of gold between her legs, I could see the outline of her labia underneath by the crease between her legs in her thong. Her large beautiful breasts protruded from her chest, capped by nipples about an inch and a half in size. With a big smile she looked down at me telling me she was going to wade in the water, and then she proudly turned and pranced away in the sexiest stride I had ever seen her do. Looking back over her shoulder at me she smiled and suggested that I remove my clothes too. I breathed a brief sigh of relief that my plan to reassure her of her beauty seemed to be working as I stood and removed my shorts. 

Returning from the water, she walked over to our handsome neighbor introducing herself, bending down to pet his dog as she did. Lying back completely naked, with his large cock, weighty testicles, and bronzed chest fully exposed, he had a great view of the gold strand that separated Pam’s cute buttocks as she bent over. Her bare topless body glistened with water droplets, nipples more than a half an inch erect, and when she stood upright again, hands placed squarely on her hips, her breasts were proudly aimed in his direction as she chatted. I was taken with her sudden newfound confidence, and I chuckled to myself to see her so uninhibited so soon. I knew all this time it was in her, I just wanted her to rediscover it too. 

Returning back to her chair, she pausing briefly before sitting and with a great big smile looking down at me, she slowly slipped her thumbs underneath her thong and then in one swift motion removed it from her hips. Standing upright again looking for my reaction, my heart skipped a beat seeing her wet trimmed matted patch of golden pubic hair glistening in the direct sunlight, and her labia blend back between her legs. My exposed cock swelled slightly from the sight. And she was excited too, I could tell. I was truly surprised that she had decided to do that, and do it so quickly. But I was happy that she had. 

Throughout the afternoon, Pam played naked on the beach like a kid. Parading herself up and down the water’s edge, she splashed her feet in the water as she pranced. Hand in hand we strolled, brushing our naked bodies against each other as we walked, enjoying the freedom of being totally naked in the warm sun and observing all of the other naked bodies around us. I was delighted to see that she was enjoying it, and I could already tell it had made a difference in her. Throughout the whole afternoon she displayed no inhibition to revealing her body openly, especially to our handsome neighbor. She seemed to be consumed with her newfound freedom, and I was truly delighted to see it. 

As the afternoon was coming to an end and the winds off the ocean became chilly, we decided it was time to head back to our hotel and clean up for our dinner reservation. Throughout the afternoon Pam had become more familiar with our neighbor, and to my complete surprise just before we packed up to leave, she walked over to him still stark naked to say goodbye. 

To be continued...
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