Two Times Three Agreed

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Date: October 16, 2013 (7 years ago)

I can remember receiving cryptic directions, missing the turnoff three times, and driving past the place twice before I found it. I can remember walking in the back door, giving my name, handing over my driver’s license and a credit card, signing a form, and seeing no less than a hundred people mingling around in bathing suits, underwear, and negligées. 

I remember that two female friends, owners of a massage parlor where I lived, had advised me on the appropriate behavior there. 

“Don’t appear hungry,” they lectured, “be polite and considerate, act interested if you are, but not pushy.” 

And I can remember Cindy, a part Italian, part Irish babe. Only five-foot three inches tall she had an exotic look; long black hair, dark skin with perfectly proportioned breasts touting large dark brown nipples, and a well-defined body. I’ll never forget the first sight of her leaning back in that giant hottub against her husband’s arm where the water turbulently danced around her magnificent body. Even though I was surrounded by a bevy of sultry topless women frolicking in the bubbles, Cindy’s innocent demeanor and charismatic look immediately attracted my eye. 

Closely watching her, at times she seemed innocently shy and clung securely to her husband. But at other times she was bubbly, and entertaining, and an exhibitionist. Occasionally standing in the frothy thigh-high water, her naked wet profile caused an instant response in my genitals. I watched the sparkling beads of water run down across her butt, and drops fall from the underneath side of her perfect breasts. I glanced curiously at her husband from time to time, laid back against the coping with both arms wrapped around her, fondling her ample breasts and kissing the back of her neck. What a lucky guy I thought. I tried to imagine what he might be thinking. I tried to picture what he might be willing to do with her, and to her in front of us. His wife was without a doubt one of the most tantalizing women there. Then I closed my eyes and imagined what it would be like to be with her.
Climbing out of the hottub after taking everybody’s drink order, with nothing on but a towel wrapped around my waist, I politely made my way through a crowd of half-naked people and across the dimly lit den set up to be the bar. The ultraviolet black lights in each corner of the room made me appear as though I had tanned daily for a month. Standing behind the bar was an attractive razor-thin blonde with huge breasts. Wearing nothing but her skimpy bikini, she approached me standing at the bar. Sexiness poured from her, and her bikini just barely covered her. I fought to keep from staring at her bouncing breasts approaching me. 

“Hi! I’m Sally. What can I get for you?” she politely asked. 

“Let’s see...” I answered recalling the orders. “Three M.G.D.s, two Coronas, uh... two White Zinfandels, and one rum and coke.” 

“It must be your turn to be the hottub waiter I guess?” 

“Yeah ... it’s my turn,” I conceded. 

Turning away to fill the order, the phone behind the bar rang and she immediately picked it up. I studied the profile of her exposed bare breast. She must be somebody’s girlfriend or wife, I thought to myself, she looks too damn good not to be. 

Then suddenly I felt a hand touch my bare back and the press of a woman’s firm breast against my arm. 

“Here. I’ll help you carry those back,” a cheery soft voice said. 

I quickly turned to see this dark haired beauty looking up at me. It was Cindy, the exotic cutie that was sitting across from me in the hottub lazing in her husband’s lap. Climbing up onto the barstool next to me, she turned and rotated her body in my direction. 

“Well, thank you,” I said. “I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it back with all these.” 

“Now you have help!” she quickly quipped with a friendly cute smile, flicking her hair back over her shoulder. 

Looking directly into her eyes was hypnotic, she had a beautiful look. Her petite facial features played perfect backdrop to her exotic penetrating eyes. Caught for a moment unable to do anything else but stare, I simply smiled back at her. Explaining I had already ordered, I motioned in Sally’s direction indicating the delay. 

“Do you come here often?” she abruptly asked. 

“No,” I said. “Actually, this is my first time.” 

“It’s our first time too!” she said quickly. 

Dr*ped around her neck was a thin gold chain supporting a small gold heart and a gold cross vaguely visible against her dark skin in the black light. Much more visible was the white towel wrapped around her, tucked into her cleavage. Her legs were not crossed, and I quickly noticed that the towel had parted slightly at her tummy revealing a tiny black triangular patch of pubic fur tucked neatly between her tightly closed thighs. The friendly advice “Don’t appear hungry” I had received suddenly rang in my brain, and I fought the temptation to stare at it. I forced my attention back to her face. 

“Are you by yourself?” she asked curiously. 

“Yes,” I answered, as shyly as I could fake. I could tell she wanted to know why, but didn’t ask. 

“Are you staying long?” she asked. 

“Well, I don’t know,” I said. “I wanted to see what it was like. I had heard a lot about it.” 

“Aren’t you staying for the stripper?” she asked. “She’s suppose to start at ten.” 

“Yeah... maybe I’ll stay here that long. But I’ll probably still be in the hottub, it’s nice out there.” 

“You have to stay until her show is over,” she commanded looking directly into my eyes. 

“It’s going to be that good?” I asked arrogantly. 

“I don’t know how good she’ll be...,” she said hesitating. “What I mean is that the party just gets going after her show, ... or so I’ve been told.” 

I paused, turned to look for Sally behind the bar, and then back into Cindy’s magical eyes. 

“Well for you,” I answered with a grin, “I may.” 

Reaching back behind her to fetch some lemons in a dish on the bar, her legs widened several inches trying to maintain her balance on the stool. Her stretch backwards caused her towel to separate more and revealed much more of the nicely trimmed dark patch between her thighs, and the thin slit evenly dividing the small pout lips of her cunt. Combined, they formed a perfect heart-shaped shadow painted against her light colored skin below her tan line. Immediately my eyes moved down into her lap, I could not help but look. Then returning back to her position facing me on her stool, I noticed she made no attempt to close her legs together again. Quickly looking back up trying not to get caught, she flashed me another sweet smile. 

Underneath my towel I could feel my limp dick begin to grow. I prayed that it would not turn into a full-blown erection right there in front of her. God help me I thought explaining that to the crowd waiting for my return in the hottub. “Don’t appear hungry” flashed vividly again in my brain as I wondered to myself if she had noticed it growing underneath my towel. 

Sally placed all the drinks onto the counter in front of me, and added some napkins. I couldn’t help but glance again at her magnificent breasts. 

“There you go,” she said. “Good Luck!” 

Believing she meant my trip back across the crowded room, I thanked her halfheartedly with a slight smirk. 

“Here. I’ll take these. You take those,” Cindy ordered scooting off her stool. “One moment though.” 

As I gathered up my share, I saw her completely undo her towel between her breasts, outstretching it with both arms to rewrap it around her again, completely revealing her beautiful bare chest and petite naked shape. Caught by surprise, my eyes focused immediately on her exposed breasts. Each breast, well rounded and protruding slightly upwards, was accented with small little white triangles of skin not yet tanned framing her large dark nipples. They jumped off her chest in the black light. Carefully pulling the towel back around her again, she confidently tucked it together neatly into her cleavage with precision. Its length barely covered her shapely hips. 

Taken by her sudden exposure, I wondered if she had done that for my benefit. I wanted to know if she liked me, or found me attractive, and was subtly trying to tell me something. Any information I could get from her would help settle my nerves. I needed to know more information, and began to ask. 

“Ready?” she asked with an adorable glance back at me as she picked up her share. 

Effectively silencing whatever I thought I was about to say I obediently nodded at her, and followed her back across the crowded den to the hottub with the drinks in hand. As I watched her cute butt and shapely legs ahead of me, I wondered to myself how in the world did I end up here? 

A month earlier Robert had called, a friend that I had met and gotten to know well years ago in post-graduate school. He asked if I would be willing to help him out by doing him a favor. It would be years later before I truly realized the genius and significance of his idea. 

Robert was about ten years younger than I was. We had met during college. He was a talented and eager young man who eventually did very well developing real estate. But he had a persistent propensity to wander toward the wild side, in large part due to his striking good looks and a brain that got easily bored. And now, on the phone, it seemed that he was up to it again. 

“You want me to do WHAT?” I said astounded into the phone. 

“I want you to meet me and Cindy at a sex club,” he said. “You’ll probably have to plan on spending the night, I can give you the names of some good hotels nearby to stay at.” 

“Does your wife know about this?” I asked immediately. 

“Well, ... sort of,” he answered hesitantly. “She will know about the sex club. She won’t know about you though.” 

“What does THAT mean?” 

He proceeded to explain, “Cindy and I have had our problems lately. And with the kids and all, things have kind of become stale, if you know what I mean. So she and I discussed spicing up our lives a little, and I want to ask her if she would be willing to go one time to a sex club. You know, just to see what it’s like.” 

“You’re up to your old tricks again, aren’t you?” I asked suspiciously. 

“No, I’m not,” he said abruptly cutting me off. “Hear me out.” 

“When I married Cindy I committed myself to her, as best I could anyway. I’d had enough running around and loose women; I don’t really want that anymore. I really care for her. She is a great partner, a great wife, and a great mother. I just want to add some excitement ... without having to get a divorce. And, to be honest, this seems to be a great way to do it.” 

“Okay...“ I said slowly. He continued on. 

“I believe I can talk her into going, but I’m not certain what she’ll think once she gets there,” he explained. “And I’ll probably only get one shot at this, I don’t want to blow it. So I need your help!” 

“But I’ve never met Cindy,” I pointed out. 

“Well...,” he said, “that’s why I am calling you!” 

“Alright...” I responded. “I’m listening.” 

“Personally, I think it would be cool to get involved in it – the swinging and swapping, and the clubs I mean. But I don’t think SHE thinks that – not yet anyway. So I want to introduce her slowly. You know, ... a no-pressure type of thing.” 

“And,” I encouraged. 

“I know that she would be upset if I was with someone else the first time we went. I can just imagine her reaction,” he said disappointedly. “But I also know that she’s admitted to fantasizing about being with two men. She told me that one night. So if there was a way I could let her have her fun FIRST you see...” 

“No... I don’t see,” I interrupted. “Enlighten me.” 

“What I thought is that if I arranged for a person I knew to be there at the same time, someone Cindy doesn’t know, then I could suggest to her while we are there that she ought to try a threesome. And if she wanted to, she’d think that I was cool enough to go along with it just to give her that fantasy.” 

“I’m sure there would be plenty of guys there to choose from?” I said. 

“I don’t want her with someone I don’t even know. That could cause problems. You, ... I know. And that’s the point. She’ll think you are a complete stranger just like all the rest, and that I would allow her to have her fantasy with one!” 

Speechless, I held the phone tightly to my ear. 

“I know if she likes you,” he went on to explain, “and in my opinion she will, she’ll get caught up in the mood and she would probably want to try it. The only thing that would stop her from doing it would be..., you know, her worries about me. She would be afraid of me not being comfortable with it, or getting jealous, or it affecting our marriage.” 

I listened to him stunned. 

“But since I already know and trust you, and know where to find you, it would be perfect if you were the one there. Then, I could encourage her to try it and she would think I was cool enough with it to let her be with a stranger. And, I would be a whole hell of alot more comfortable sharing her with you than with some stranger I didn’t know.” 

“In a convoluted way, I’m flattered,” I said. 

“My point is that if I’m asking her to do it, and she thinks I’m okay with it, then I think that she may loosen up and try it. If she likes it, and I suspect she will, the next time it will be my turn - if for no other reason than her guilt!” he said excitedly. “So I need your help.” 

I sat holding the phone. What he was asking made no sense at all in the real world. But then it did make some sense listening to him explain it. 

“What do you think?” he asked. “Believe me, you’d find her attractive, I’m sure.” 

To be continued...
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