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Date: February 16, 2013 (8 years ago)

Hi Judy here, i thought i would share my story with you, Im 32 divorce for a few years. Still looking pretty good to ,if i say so. 5ft 6 134# long brown hair and eyes, I carry around 38c that still look pretty good.

Well i work for this company for a few years, My boss took care of all the travel stuff and setting thing up and all the money and bills . Well she got a new boss that was over her and a few others, He wasn't there long and he fired a few people, One of those people was my boss. I never heard why she was fired. We had the big event coming up and he told me to take thing over and set things up, and if i did a good job i mite get her job. Well i help her but never did it, So i was a bit stess out with it. But her pay was 3 times mine and i was trying to buy this house. So this would work out really well for me. So i had to go with all our people to this event. Its was nuts and I'm doing rooms and take care of all the stuff with it and trying to keep up with of the bill's that people turn into me , so i did i lot of sign off on people volchers. I would turn this stuff into the new guy for him finish up. On the second day i see him yelling at 2 of our sale's men but i didn't know what happen. Later i see those guy's leaving with their bags. What the? We still had thing going on. Then i got page to the new guys room. Boy i found out soon. He told me how those guys gave me bills for some call girls they had in their room and i sign off on them to pay. I had wrote a check for it and pay it. Not knowing what that company was, He sent the guys home and maybe firing them over it. Now it was my turn and he was telling me the same thing and i could be fired for paying for their hookers. He didnt want to hear any excuse. Then he telling me it would be fired for theif, because i gave out money that i shouldn't have. So now I'm scare of loose job, house and trying to find a new job wtih theif on my file.

Then he started to be nice and said he understood it was all new to me. That maybe we could work it out. He said he had no problem with people having fun, but not using company money. He said he could use some fun and sense i arrange fun for the sale men i could do it for him. Okay i thought i can do this, So i told him i would get ahold of that company and i would pay for it myself. He said that was a good ideal and sounded like fun, But he didn't play around with hookers. So i told him i didn't know what i could do for him. He smile at me and said you gave those guys some fun and if i wanted to keep my job , i needed to arrange some fun for him. I told him i didnt know what to do. He smiled at me and said well if you can't find someone that not a hooker, your job can be gone. So i tryed to figure something out. They he told me that i was a very hot looking woman and he wouldn't mind having fun with me.I didn't see that coming. I told him he was a really good looking guy but i couldn't do that. Then he went on telling me how he knew i was divorce and could use some fun. Well i haven't done much because i was working alot and trying to buy that house. I told him i couldn't do anything like that. He told me he wouldn't do anything my body didnt want. , I ask what he meant with that. He said that he would just check me out abit, Just alittle playing around and if my body got turn on by his playing, He would be able to fuck me. but if i didnt get turn on, he would forget the money stuff and i would be able to keep my job. So what was my choice. I was so nervous i didnt think i would get to turn on. So i told him , if i let him play i bit and i don't get turn on, i can go and foget all this stuff,? He said yes. but if your body get turn on by him that i would have to fuck him. After a bit i said okay. So he says good but i need to know all the rules. What rules? he smile and told me if you get turn on i can fuck you. But if during this i have a good time and cum? Well that would mean i haveing fun with it and i would have to spend the night with him and have more fun, What the hell? He smile and ask do you think I'll make you cum? I told him i didnt think so. Then you dont have anything to worry about then, then he smiled and said if he got me to cum twice i would have to move into his room and spend the week end with him. and that i would be his slutty little toy doing what he wanted. So now I'm freaking out some, But he said what the problem, as you said he probaly wouldnt turn me on and none of this would happen. So then he told me make a choice because he has to make out his report on this. Dam Dam. So i said okay, i'll let you play a little bit but then i could go, right, he smile and said yes. So he got me a drink to relax a bit, I had on a skirt and blouse. Then he told me to lay back on the bed and to relax. so i nervously did it. He went into the bathroom, but when he came out he had on a bath robe.. Just make myself comfortable, he said. I'm nervous as he laid down beside me. he took one finger and was slowly running it threw my hair as he talk away. then he softly trace over my face. he was being so soft and friendly as he did this. he slowly started to trace my neck and shoulder. All okay so far. But then he trace his finger over my blouse and over my boobs. slowly trace and pressing into them. He smiled as he did this and i just laid there not wanting to move. He slowly trace his finger lower working my stomach and then down the outside of my leg and down onto my stocking. I started to breath heavy as he did this., When he started to trace back up, he push my skirt up a bit, but then keep moving up to trace on my stomach more. then smile he move up to my boobs again. tracing them some more, Then he said time to check these out and he slowly unbutton my blouse.I getting nervous and breathing heavier as he keep unbutton it. Pulling it open he found my lacy white bra. He said to rub my boobs over my bra, then he caught my nipple between his finger and pinich and pulled on them. He smile and said he thought they where getting a little hard. he was right. He lean down and kiss them threw my bra. then smile and said he thought it was time to check them out. Then very quick and like a pro his one hand slide up my back and had my bra unhook and his other hand slide my bra up and over my boobs, Now my blouse wide open bra up and boobs fully out for his veiwing. he smile and said they look better then he hope. and that he was right, my nipple where hard and stand up. He slowly started to play full pinching them and pulling on them, It hurt a abit but did feel so good too. Its been along time someone had played with them. he lean down and started to suck on the other one as he keep playing. As he suck his other hand went south and rubbing my leg and he work on my boobs. more. Then he started to work his hand up my leg moving to the inside. trying to pull my legs apart as he did, But i did have them tight togeather. he stop sucking and told me to relax because he had to check and see if i was getting turn on or not. With that said he pulled my legs apart more sliding up the inside of my thigh. I had on pantyhose and he started to rub my pantyhose cover pussy.As he rub my pussy he was sucking and playing with my boobs.Now it been along time anyone played with me and he did know what he was doing, He stop sucking and smile and said i think your panties hose are getting a bit wet, I knew he was right. He pulled my legs apart more as he played and rub my pussy. Now i did hear myself moan abit as he played. He stop sucking and slide down the bed some. Smile at me he slide both hand up my legs telling me my pantyhose where pretty wet. As his hand came down he had my pantyhose and panties with them, Pulling them down my legs as he smiled. Telling me he think he need to check it out and see if i was turn on. He pulled the all the way off. He smile as his hand slide back up my legs. But this time he was pushing my skirt up. He didn't stop until it was up to my waist.. His hand went back down telling i had a nicely trim pussy as he played in my hair. Then with out waring he slide a finger into my pussy, I jump some and he smile telling me how hot and wet i was, He smile and said i think your turn on here woman, I couldn't argue with him. He stood up and untied his bath robe and letting it fall, I had never seen a cock so big and black . Yes he is a black male. and is huge. He lean down pushing my legs apart as he lick his way up my thigh.But all im thinking about is that cock that i just saw. then he started to work his tongue on my pussy , licking and probing it . Pushing my leg up on his shoulder bringing my pussy up to his tongue as he keep working it,

as he lick his hand came up playing with my boobs and nipples. As he work my pussying he started to pinch and pulling on my nipple , more harder then before . It really hurt but felt so good too. I found myself twtiching as he had me lock to his face, eating and playing with my boobs , i was twitching and moaning as he went. Then it happen, i started to cum as he lick me up driving me over the edge. then in the middle of it he stop licking me, Still hold my legs up , he moved up on top of me. Wasn't long and i felt his cock poking my pussy.. i wanted to tell him to stop but i couldn't.. He had his cock slide up and down the slit of my pussy.. But then it found it and he push the head of his cock into my pussy. It was big and i flelt it when it pop into me. he didnt waste anytime pushing deep with each thrust. It hurt as he push in but i found myslef pushing up to meet his thrust forward. I pulled my legs up on his back as he started to fuck me longer and harder. Then he slam had and i felt his balls on my ass i knew i had all of him. But as he hit bottom , it drove my pussy into another orgasm. he just keep fucking me harder as i cum all over. He keep fucking me harder and long drive stroke into me. then i felt him tense up and slam deep into me press as hard as he could,. As he did this i felt his cock exploded into me. As he pumped his black seed deep into my white pussy, it trip my 3rd orgasm. I all most pass out from it.Then he fell on top of me, i felt his cock twitcing in me as he laid there. pumping the last of his seed into me. . Then he roll off pulling his black cock out of me and all the juice came flowing out. . then he laid on his side , slowly playing with my boobs, He smile and said in the morning you can move your stuff here , because by my count it was 3 and your spending the week end with me, He smiled bigger and told me that i was going to find out what it like to be a black man slut toy., But for now you need to get to know how this is going to go, He push my head down and told me to suck his cock and get to know it better. His cock was to big to take much in but i was doing my best. As i suck he started to finger my pussy , Then laughing he pulled some hair. telling me in the morning i need to shave it off, becasue he like his pussy bald. But for tonight he can fuck it hairy. In the morniing my sore pussy did get shave bald, i did move in his room. and he did turn me into his personale slutt, i will share that later.

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