My Best Friends Mom

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Date: September 17, 2011 (9 years ago)

The Glove family consisted of 2 boys, 2 girls and mom and dad. The oldest son Greg was 18 and not around the house much. Ann the oldest girl was 17 and in love and hanging out with her boyfriend all the time. My friend Jim was 16 and just got his first car. Liz was an adopted Asian girl about 14. Chuck and Mary were dad and mom they were both in their late 40's. Chuck was away from home a lot for work. Mary was absolutely stunning 5' 8' 110 lbs red hair and green eyes.

This was my second family in the small Western town I grew up in. They were the only family in our town of about 10,000 people that had their own swimming pool. Jim and I hung out so much that I was almost like a member of the family. I didn't knock on the door when I came over I just walked in. If I was hungry I would check to see if there was anything good to eat in the fridge. I used to sleep over at their house all the time. Jim and I would go out on Friday or Saturday night and then come home and crash at his house.

On this particular summer Friday I woke up about 9 and decided to head over to Jim's to go for a swim. I walked in and the house was real quiet. I checked the family room and kitchen and no one was there. I head up to Jim's room expecting him to still be asleep. I get up to his room and there is no one there. I decide to take a peek out his window to see if he is down in the pool. When I look out the window there is Mary lying in a lounge chair. She is completely naked on her stomach. It is obvious that she is the only one here and thought she would get some private time. Being a 16 year old boy I immediately get a hard on. Since it was obvious no one else was there I take my hard dick out and start stroking it. She moves a little bit and if I were to change to the other window I may actually get to see one of her tits. However the blinds on that window are closed. I move to the other window and try to quietly open the blinds. I guess I made too much noise because just when I got them open to the point where I could see her again she shot up and grabbed a towel to cover up. She looked right up at my window. I was busted. She yells up at me 'What the fuck are you doing up there?'. I yell down that I was looking for Jim. She tells me to come down. By the time I get there she is covered the best she can be by the skimpy towel she had.

She asks me again what I was doing here. I explain that I came over to see Jim and that I was hoping to go for a swim. After I explain why I was here and what I was doing she blushes and asks me what I saw and how long I saw it. I stumble a little and tell her I didn't see much and it was only for a second. She looks almost strait at my crotch and asks if I liked it. I now blush and tell her what little bit I did see looked good. She smiles and changes her angle just slightly and I catch a glimpse of her beautiful red pubic hair. She then tells me that Jim the other kids had gone to the mall and that they would probably be back in an hour or so. She tells me that I could go for a swim and hang out until they get back.

Since I didn't have anything else to do I decide to take her up on the offer. As I head off to the pool I see her get up and bend over to pick up the glass of the iced tea that she had sitting next her. I don't know if she meant to do it or not but when she did this I got a great shot of her ass and pussy. For the next few minutes I just float around the pool relaxing. After about 5 minutes Mary shows up again. This time she has her swim suit on. She says it is no fun swimming alone and jumps in. Now I had seen her in her swim suit before and had swum with her many times however my friend had always been there. There had been some rough housing and I would occasionally get a cheap feel of her tits, ass or pussy. There was maybe even a few times where I thought that she had grabbed my crotch. I never thought much of it thinking that she was married and would never want anything to do with me.

After a few minutes of floating around and getting used to the water she swims up to me and kind of grabs my arm and pulls into her. As she is rubbing her tits against my arm she asks me again what I saw when I was looking out the window. This time I admitted that I had seen her bottom for a little longer than I let on. She then tells me that it isn't fair that I got to see hers and she hasn't seen mine. She asks if she can see mine. I my teenage awkwardness I pull away and say no laughing. She chases me down again and grabs my arm again. Again she tells me it is only fair. All of this contact and talk has me tenting my swim trunks pretty good. The next thing I know she reaches down and tries to pull down my swim trunks. As I attempt to swim away she reaches down and grabs them and the next thing I know I swim right out of them. I couldn't believe it. Here I was completely naked with a hot older woman who just happened to be my best friends' mom. She is now laughing and scrambles out of the pool up on the deck. She is now waving my trucks around and tells me that the only way that I am going to get them back is to come up and get them. I am now sporting a full hard on. After a couple of minutes of taunting I decide I have no choice. I jump out of the pool and turn my back to her to show her my butt. She lets out a little 'woo hoo'. I then ask for my trunks back. She starts moving towards me acting like she is going to give them back. Just as she is out of arms length she stops and says that she knows I saw more than just her butt and she wants the same thing. I figure what the fuck and turn around exposing my raging erection. I hear a breathless 'wow' escape her lips and she walks up and grabs my dick. As she gives my cock a slow stroke she looks up at me and exclaims that I am going to make some girl very happy some day. As she does this I reach over and grab her crotch. For a fraction of a second her eyes go closed and her head goes back. Almost as suddenly as it began it ended. She hands me my suit and says that Jim should be home soon.

She must have a sixth sense because no sooner did I get my suit back on and get in the water did Jim and the other kids show up. Mary excused herself to the house and everyone else got on their swimsuit and joined me in the pool. Luckily my hard on had gone down by the time everyone else got into the pool. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent goofing off with Jim. We went out trying to find girls and drank a few beers.

We get back to his house around midnight. It appeared that everyone else was already home and asleep. Jim decides to head up to his room and call it a night. I strip down to my boxers and grab my regular blanket and pillow and lay down on the couch. This is the first time I had been alone since my earlier encounter with Mary. As I lie there thinking about what happened I begin to get an erection. I then hear something up in the kitchen. I assumed it is Jim since he just went to bed. I decide to go up and see what he is eating. When I get up there I was startled to see that it is Mary. I have slept at their house a ton of times and seen her in night gowns tons of times. Usually her gowns were very conservative and were always covered by a robe. Not tonight. This was a black see-through negligee that exposed and hid her perfect C cup breasts, the matching panties like the top exposed and hid all at the same time. She was pouring herself a glass of red wine.

Embarrassed and surprised I apologized and turned tail back down to couch. I flipped on the TV and was sitting there watching tv when I heard someone come down the stairs. It was Mary. As she enters the room I look up at her and notice how hard her nipples are as they try to escape the flimsy material that is covering them. She sits down in a chair across from me. Her legs spread ever so slightly. I as she sits down she looks me in the eye and says that we have to talk about earlier.

She starts out saying that she is sorry about what happened earlier and that she isn't quite sure what came over her. I hear her talking telling me it shouldn't have happened but her sitting there dressed like that is causing my erection to come back once again. Realizing this I grab my pillow and place it over my crotch.

Suddenly we here a noise coming from upstairs. She goes completely silent for a couple of moments waiting to hear if there is any more noise. After a bit of silence she gets up and comes over and kneels down in front of me. I spread my legs slightly to let her in closer. She begins to whisper to me taking up where she left off earlier apologizing. She says that sometimes it is hard to have Chuck gone so much. Her hands are on my thighs and I can't keep my eyes off of her breasts. Finally I tell her that it is ok. I liked it. I see her smile.

She then asks again if I really like looking at her. I tell her that yes I thought she was very attractive. She then asks if I like her night gown. I once again tell her yes. She asks if I have another erection. I admit that yes I do. She reaches under the pillow and starts massaging my cock. After about a minute of that she pulls the pillow to the side and pulls my hard cock out through the slit in my boxers. I can't believe what is happening. She looks up at me and asks if I had ever received a blow job. I admit that one girl I dated had given me a little bit of one once. I see her tongue come out of her mouth and it starts swirling around the top of my cock. She then slowly lick from the base to the top of my cock. When she reaches the top I feel my cock sliding into her mouth. At first it is just the head then slowly she works more and more into her mouth. She stops and undoes her top. She then grabs one of my hands and places it on her breast. As she begins sucking my cock again I am playing with her breast and those rock hard nipples. My other hand finds the top of head. I begin to get into a rhythm with her. Every time she goes down I give her head a little push. Then one time I must have pushed too hard or she got too ambitious because I hear her gag. She pulls up and I thought she was going to be mad. Instead she looks me in the eye and tells me she likes it when I push her head down. She then goes right back down on to my cock. I begin to give her some more pushes and she is gagging more and more. I then experiment with holding her head down. This seems to only excite her more. After a few more minutes of this she pulls off again. This time she stands up and takes down her panties. I had fingered a few girls in the back seat of a car but I had never seen a pussy this close before. I grab her by the hips and sit her down on the couch. I stand up and strip off my boxers as I stand in front of her she gives me a little more blow job. I pull my dick out of her mouth and kneel down in front of her. As I stick my nose in that beautifully trimmed red pubic hair I am in heaven I have never smelled anything so good in my life. I slide 1 finger into her pussy and an audible moan escaped her lips. I begin moving that finger back and forth and we are getting into a rhythm once again. She is so wet that my hand it dripping wet. I then slide a second and then a third finger into her. Part of me starts to worry that her moans are so loud that she is going to wake up others in the house. I decide fuck it this is too great to stop. I now drop my mouth down on to her beautiful mound. My tongue begins to flick around where I thought the clit was and down into her vagina. My face is soaked with pussy juice. She grabs the back of my head and pulls it into her. She throws her legs over my shoulders and begins to squeeze my head with her legs. This is uncomfortable and exciting all at the same time. She begins to shake and quiver. I was excited because I knew I had just given my first orgasm.

When she stops shaking she stands up and pushes me back on to the floor. She slides on top of me grabs my cock and positions it at the entrance to her pussy. I feel her slide down half way and then go back up. The second stroke when all the way down. She reaches down and kisses me for the first time. As she is rocking on my penis her tongue is going crazy in my mouth. She then begins licking her juices off of my face. Just when I think I am about to blow she stops, stand up and bends over the couch. Do me from behind was all she said. I thought that she wanted me to fuck her ass. I go around behind her and as I place the tip of my cock on her ass hole and begin to push she say's 'nooo' in my pussy. I retarget the new hole and push back in. I grab her hips and start pounding her. She felt so good.

I announce that I am about to cum, she immediately turns around and drops to her knees in front of me. She tells me that she wants to taste my cum. She starts alternating between stroking it and sucking it. As I am getting ready to cum she is stroking it like a jack hammer. Her mouth is open and I shoot gooey streams into her mouth, all over her face and tits. The reality of the situation suddenly hits me. My best friends mom is kneeling naked in front of my scooping my cum off her body into her mouth. Fuck this is hot is all I can think. I go sit down on the couch exhausted.

After she cleans all of the cum up she comes over and starts sucking my now flaccid cock again. To my surprise after a couple of minutes of this treatment I am hard again. She get up and straddles me and as I sit on the couch. As she is slowly moving up and down on my now rock hard cock I begin squeezing and sucking on her tits. I don't last near as long this time and shoot a load deep in her pussy. She sits there on top of me for what seemed like hours. She finally kisses me and says good night. She goes to bed.

In the morning I wake up to noise in the kitchen. I go in and she is back in her conservative nightgown and robe. Jim and his sister were sitting there. She looks up and sees me and gives me the biggest smile that I have ever seen. Did you sleep ok last night she asks. I say that she I slept great. She then announces that she is so happy that Jim and I are friends and I am welcome at their house ANY TIME.

The Glove's even took me on vacation with them later that summer.
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