Mary Gets A Present

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Date: March 8, 2013 (8 years ago)

Mary and I have been swinging for about 5 years and have experienced almost everything imaginable during that time. But recently we got a surprise when a couple contacted us for an unusual adventure. They had noted from our profile on a swinger site that Mary was Bi, enjoyed light BDSM, and was a collard submissive. Mary has a total personality change when her collar is on. The male, Jim, made the contact with us. He said his wife was a submissive and he was her Dom but they were very new to this and wanted our help. When he found out we had quite a bit of experience in and around the BDSM/Sub/Dom world he became very interested. He said His wife, Jill, was free to do anything or be used in any way and he just wanted to watch. He wanted to come to our house and deliver Jill to us in a hood and watch as she was played (spanked) on our Cross and Mary used her in any way Mary wanted to. He said Jill would be instructed to do anything we told her to do and she would belong to us for the evening. He just wanted to watch and learn. He also noted that we had several toys ranging from a strap on to a Sybian, that he wanted to see Jill used on them. He also said he wanted to watch both of us fuck Jill. No problem with that since the pictures he sent of Jill we're HOT.

The evening arrived and I had told Jim to just pull into the garage where he could walk his hooded little sub straight into our little dungeon where we would have our cross, assortment of flogs and paddles, the Sybian, and other toys available. He arrived and they came in with Jill dressed in a very sexy white corset, hose, garter belt and thong panties over the belt for easy removal. She was hooded and had a ball mouth gag in place. She looked unbelievably sexy and had a gorgeous body. She seemed a little anxious which was understandable. She did not know where she was or who she was with. Jim had told her basics of what was going to happen but no details. Jim Introduce Jill saying that he was giving her leash to Master Glenn and Mistress Mary. He told her he was relinquishing his control to us and she was to do as we told her. She nodded acknowledgement since the gag prohibited her speaking. Jim handed Mary Jill's leash. Mary was wearing entirely black. She too had on a corset, stockings, garter belt, and thong panties over her belt. I had also put Mary's collar on making her submissive to me. I told Mary that Jill was now hers to do with as she pleased but if Master Jim had any special requests during their visit here he would tell her and she was to respect that request. Mary acknowledged saying yes master. She then led Jill over to a table where she had placed her assortment of toys.
Mary began by selecting leather leg and wrist cuffs. They were 2 inch wide heavy leather with clips for easy attachment to the cross or each other. Mary placed the cuffs on each wrist and both ankles. . As she did so she was letting her fingers stroke Jill's flesh in a very erotic and sensual manner. She noted Jill was trembling and Mary took her gently by the hand and softly spoke to her to not be afraid, that nothing was going to happen to her that she would not immensely enjoy. Mary then led Jill to the cross where she attached the leg cuffs top right and left and did likewise with the ankle cuffs at the bottom. This left Jill spread across the X of the cross with her delicious bottom facing Jim and I. Our cross is unique in that it has a seat that attaches and can fold to a ninety degree angle too. Jim had taken a seat center stage so he could enjoy the scene. Mary began by gently stroking Jill with her fingers and hands. Mary let her hands roam over Jill's arms, shoulders, back, and thighs in a very gentle, reassuring, and sexual manner. Mary selected a black leather flog from her toy collection. It had soft rabbit fur flogs and was a gentle way to start Jill down her road of adventure. Mary began gently flogging Jill's back side from the shoulders to her knees. When Mary would be stimulating Jill's very cute tight butt she would use a little more enthusiasm. Jill was beginning to respond and starting to wiggle and thrust her ass as Mary teased her. The ball gag she had arrived with was beginning to yield to soft moans.

Mary the traded flogs and selected a similar toy but it did not have the fur cushion. As Mary approached Jill she grabbed her hair at the neck and pulled her head back and whispered into her ear. Does my little slut like it? You want more don't you? Have you been a bad little slut?... With each question Jill's head nodded agreement. Mary began working the flogger over Jill's backside again. This flog had no cushion and was emitting a nice pop with each contact. Jill's back side was beginning to glow a nice pink and offered a beautiful contrast to her sexy white outfit. Mary was working figure eight patterns from Jill's shoulders down to her delicious bottom and paying special attention to that cute little butt. Before Jill's ass got too red Mary picked up a leather paddle. It had the words SLUT... cut out in the leather. Mary popped each of Jill's ass checks with it leaving a nice red spot with the word slut embossed in pink. Mary returned to using the flogger and started bring it up between Jill's legs letting it strike her protruding clit. Jill was writhing and pushing her butt back toward Mary and beginning to orgasm. He pussy juices we're starting to run down the inside of her thighs and drip onto the floor. Mary came up close behind Jill and again pulled her hair drawing her head back. Mary used the SLUT paddle to pop Jill's ass hard sending a resounding pop into the room. Mary removed the ball gag and forcefully kissed Jill using her tongue to explore as she did. Mary slipped her hand between Jill's legs and began rubbing her very wet pussy. She then took her fingers and slipped them into their mouths as they kissed.

Mary now released Jill from the cross. Mary quickly attached the small seat to it and reclined the top half some. She then began to attach Jill's restraints to the cross with Jill facing out now and seated on the small seat. She only attached the hand cuffs to the cross brining Jill's arms up and displaying her beautiful breasts to their fullest. Mary drew Jill legs up and attached loop restraints behind her knees that pulled her legs up and apart. Jill's knees were now just inches from her shoulders with her legs spread wide and her pussy fully exposed to us. Jim and I were watching this very sensual display and both had huge bulges in our pants. We both decided comfort should prevail and took our dicks out and began stroking them.

Jill was spread on the cross in all her glory. Mary went to her and began kissing and caressing her. She would pull and twist her nipples and then do the same with Jill's clit, occasionally slipping fingers into her pussy and feeding Jill her own juices off her fingers. Jill was now shaking as one small orgasm after another shook her body. Mary then selected the unlined leather flog. She began the familiar figure eight pattern working it across Jill's breasts and the underside of Jill's exposed thighs and bottom. Jill's orgasms began to increase in intensity and she started squirting and a puddle began to develop on the floor beneath her. Mary paused with her use of the flog, to get on her knees and begin to suck on Jill's flowing pussy. She sucked and drank the sweet nectar flowing and stood and kissed Jill allowing their tongues to exchange the juices Jill was producing in great quantity now. Mary stepped away from Jill just long enough to select a new toy from the table. She quickly attached a leather belt that held a nice seven in strap on dildo. Mary returned to Jill and began first with the flog to re-establish her dominance. As Jill began to quiver in response Mary stepped between Jill legs and began to tease Jill's spread pussy with the tip of the dildo as she kissed her. Mary was working her ass gently letting just the head of the dildo pierce Jill's dripping hole. Jill was trying to thrust her hips forward to take more of the member into her but the restraints on the cross hel her fast and she began to shake and beg Mary saying, Please give it to me. Please fuck me.... Mary teased Jill until she was shaking and crying and begging to be fucked. Mary then began slowly giving Jill the entire seven inches deep into her wet pussy. When Jill was fully impaled Mary began to work her ass between Jill's open legs striking the inner walls of Jill's gaping hole with the dildo. Jill was squirting and coming and with each outward stoke of the dildo the bulbous head acted like a pump and drew enormous amounts of juices from Jill's cunt and it was dripping and splattering over both of these beautiful women. The dildo base was riding against Mary's clit and Mary started to orgasm adding additional juices to the puddle developing at her feet. With her orgasms rocking her Mary began fucking Jill hard. As she did she was telling Jill she was a little slut and telling her to beg to be fucked. Jill responded and was yelling, Fuck me please mistress, please fuck my pussy, please....

The sexy show the women were putting on, along with the opportunity for him to enjoy Mary's sexy body, caused Jim to give up his original idea of just watching. Jim and I had moved to each side of the cross for a better view of the action as Mary pounded Jill's pussy with the strap on. We had left our pants and shirts on the couch and were standing naked beside Jill. We each began to pinch and twist a nipple and squeeze Jill's ample breasts as we stroke our own cocks. Mary is a very visual person and the sight of Jim and I jerking off took Mary's orgasm intensity up a notch. Mary reached out and took a dick into each hand and began stroking us and she worked Jill's pussy with vigorous hip thrusts. Both women had their heads back as continuous orgasms shook their bodies. They were both reaching an intensity that would take them over the top. As they did both were screaming; Jill was yelling to be fucked and Mary calling her a slut and telling Jill to come for her mistress. Both shook violently and both squirted with a small gusher of come juice splattering us all and adding to the immense puddle on the floor under the two women. Mary kissed Jill hard stifling their screams and Mary held Jill in a locked embrace until the tremors subsided.

Mary began to release Jill from the restraints and took her down from the pedestal on the cross. She led Jill to the living room where Mary had another surprise for Jill. Sitting on the floor was a Sybian. It is the ultimate ladies vibrator. A saddle with a protruding large dildo and motors that drive it up and down while making it oscillate. Another motor makes it vibrate. The intensity of all actions is controlled by a remote which Mary had. Mary positioned Jill over the saddle and had her sit down on her knees. As Jill did so Mary guided Jill's pussy to slip down onto the dildo. Jill gasp as the large device entered her and she settled onto the saddle. Mary turned on the first motor allowing the eight inch erection and two inch dick head to begin to gently swivel inside Jill's hole. Mary was sitting directly in from of Jill as she knelt on the device and had removed her panties to allow Jill access to her pussy. As Jill began to respond to the motion of eight inches inside her Mary took her by the hair and pulled her face forward pressing Jill's mouth into her pussy. Mary began telling Jill to eat her and suck her clit. Like a good little sub, Jill did as instructed and began licking and sucking Mary's pussy. Mary now turned on the second motor to drive the vibrator on the Sybian. Jill jumped as the first gentle vibrations began stimulating her clit as the oscillations of the dick inside her continued. Mary began gradually increasing the intensity of both motor causing Jill to begin to orgasm. As the intensity gradually increased, Jim and I moved to stand on each side of the chair Mary was sitting on. Mary first began to stroke our dicks as she enjoyed one in each hand while Jill continued eating and sucking her pussy. Jill was beginning to bounce up and down as she took every advantage of the wonderful stimulation inside her body. I took Mary by her hair at he neck and turned her face to my dick and brought her lips to it. It was oozing precum and Mary licked it away and took the head into her mouth and began sucking enthusiastically. Mary loves sucking a dick and the combination of Jill's attention to her pussy and a dick in her mouth caused Mary to orgasm intensely, squirting into Jill's mouth. Mary stopped sucking to tell her little slut to be sure she drank it all or she would be punished. Jill tried to do so but Mary was gushing faster than Jill could swallow and the cushion on Mary's chair was becoming soaked. Mary told Jill she had failed and would be punished later. Mary started to return to sucking my dick but I took her by the hair and directed her to Jim's huge member, which stood erect and proud as he stroked it as he enjoyed the show. Jim was not exceeding long but had a girth that was astounding. Mary's mouth stretched as she took the head in and began to suck and lick it. She started stroking me as she sucked and stroked Jim. Jill was continuing to eat Mary as she enjoyed the ecstasy the Sybian was creating inside her. Both women started an orgasm that shook them violently with both squirting their juices in massive volume. Jill again tried to drink all Mary produced and did manage to succeed this time. Jim was thrusting his hips now and he added to the intensity of Mary's orgasm as he rewarded her dick sucking talent, with a load of cum, which Mary sucked and swallowed completely. Mary's talents on my dick, combined with the show, had me on the edge. I took Jill by the hair pulling her face from between Mary's legs and shoved my dick into her mouth and began thrusting my hips, fucking her face. Jill was very good at sucking a dick and I responded quickly. I began to cum and shot a load into her mouth, I took Jill's head and directed her to Mary's mouth allowing the two women to kiss and share the two loads of cum each had just taken. Jill fell forward onto Mary's lap and just trembled and quivered as Mary leaned back in a state of euphoria.

Jim and I left the two women long enough to get them some liquid refreshment fearing the both might dehydrate. As soon as they were revived some we lifted Jill of the Sybian that had continued to impale her. Mary had turned off the motors allowing Jill to just enjoy her pussy full of hardness. We took the two women to a bed where we attached Jill's ankle cuffs to her wrist cuffs and positioned her ass at the edge of the bed. I took velvet ropes Mary and I keep beside our bed and tied Mary's wrists to her ankles. I then place a blindfold on Mary too and positioned her beside Jill, giving Jim and I a beautiful view of two gorgeous women, pussies spread and gaping, and ready to be fucked. Jim and I then knelt at the edge of the bed and began to eat the two beautiful women's pussies. With both women blindfolded the enjoyed the mystery of not knowing for sure who was lapping their holes, Jill especially since she had been blindfolded since arriving. Jim and I would change places allowing both women to enjoy different techniques and talents. We ate them until the both began to orgasm. Jim and I stood and each selected a pussy for our dicks. We began fucking both women, slowly at first. We would both stop every couple of minutes and switch places allowing the women to enjoy some dick variety and us some different pussy. Both women were beginning to beg for the sensation of feeling a dick explode inside them. Jim and I continued to trade places allowing that short break to prolong our efforts and deny the women their reward. Jim and I quit switching and started seriously fucking some pussy with me buried to my balls inside Jill and Jim's thick cock filling Mary's very tight pussy. I could look down to my right and see Jim's thick cock stroking Mary's pussy. She was thrusting forward enjoying Jim's dick and its thickness filling her completely. Every time Jim thrust his dick into Mary, his largeness pulled Mary outer lips into her, as he pulled back out, those swollen lips seemed to try to hold his dick as if it were a prize. Mary was squirting and it was splashing across her belly and up onto Jim's chest as he pumped her furiously. The women were screaming to be fucked and begging for a cum load to fill them and Jim and I soon accommodated them, dumping loads into them that would make a seventeen year old proud. Jim and I both released the women's restraints and pulled them to their knees on the floor in front of us. Both ladies took our cum dripping cocks into the mouths and began licking and sucking them clean. They ended kissing each other and sharing the taste of all our juices mixed into a mouth cocktail.

Jim helped Jill to her feet and walked her to the garage where he put her in the passenger seat. He reclined it and pulled the top of her corset down leaving her breasts exposed. He then placed her feet on the dashboard totally exposing her now dripping pussy. He said he wanted any trucker he passed on the way home to be able to enjoy his little fresh fucked sub. He then kissed Mary and thanked her for the evening. As he did so he used the opportunity to insert his fingers into her dripping pussy saying that would be his snack and reminder of the evening on the way home. Mary leaned into the car and kissed Jill. She reminded her that the next time she visited us she would be punished for failing to drink all her cum. That statement was enough to cause Jill to quiver and orgasm in anticipation, leaving a nice wet spot on the seat. They departed with the hood still in place on Jill. She still had no knowledge of who had used and fucked her this day.

As they departed Mary and I headed for our bedroom. We always end a play evening together. She loves me fucking her when she has strange cum in her pussy and I love the way she feels and responds after she has enjoyed strange dick. We fucked like we were possessed and ended with me buried deep inside Mary, rewarding her with another load of love juice inside her sweet tight pussy. We fell asleep in each other's arms with me still inside her.

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