Intimate Neighbors (Part 2)

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Date: December 10, 2013 (7 years ago)

As I reflected on the day’s events, one thing kept standing out. It was Deb. Thinking about how she looked sitting on the patio in her bikini and down at the shed, I had an erection in no time at all. Seeing some body lotion in the shower caddy, I wondered if I should take care of my urge then and there, or if I should just wait until I got home. 

“Mmmm,” I moaned as I began to rub the lotion onto my cock. 

I guess the decision had been made as there was no going back now. With the hot water massaging my back, I began to slowly stroke myself. I pictured Deb in all of her mature glory, tiny bits of yellow fabric straining to reign in her tanned breasts and keep her pussy hidden from view. 

As the mental images began to do their work, I pumped myself faster and faster. Before long, I could feel that wonderful sensation deep inside me as my shaft started to swell in my hand. Turning to face the glass, I worked myself until I reached the breaking point. Two steams of cum exploded from me and splashed onto the glass, slowly running down the wall as it mixed with the water. I came so hard I had to grab on to the towel rack in the shower to keep from losing my balance. Regaining my senses and finding my washcloth, I quickly wiped down the glass door and rinsed any evidence of my indiscretion down the drain. 

As I wrapped the towel around me and opened the shower door, I was stunned to see Deb standing in the doorway with that same sly grin she greeted me with a few days ago. 
“So, did you enjoy your shower,” she asked. “Because from here it sure looked like you did.” 

“Shit,” I exclaimed. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to say.” 

I was standing there, dripping wet and wearing nothing but a towel, having just been literally caught red-handed. While I could do nothing to hide my embarrassment, Deb smiled and began to walk toward me. 

“I enjoyed watching you cum in my shower,” she said matter-of-factly. “I was watching you earlier today, mowing my lawn. You have really grown up since I last saw you.” 

“Well, I guess I’m not the same skinny kid I was in high school,” I replied. 

“I can see that,” Deb said, as she gazed down at my towel. 

As she moved even closer, I thought I could smell that wonderful fragrance that betrayed a woman who had become aroused. Deb looked beautiful in the still-steamy bathroom and my mind began to race again as I wondered what my next move was going to be. 

“Well, I guess I should get going,” I said in a still embarrassed voice. “I’m really sorry.” 

“No, I don’t think you are going to be leaving just yet,” she said smugly. “In fact, I think you are going to be here for quite a while longer. Do you have somewhere you need to be?” 

“Um, no,” I stammered. 

Deb took another step toward me, eliminating whatever safe distance I had hoped would shield me from the female fury I had earned. She stopped about two feet in front of me and reached around her back. With the deftness of a magician, she released the clasp of her bikini top, allowing it to fall to the ground. Standing topless before me, her tanned breasts were magnificent. I had often fantasized about Deb, but even my imagination was no comparison to what I was seeing now. Her thick nipples stood erect, protruding from large, brown areola nearly a half-dollar in size and shape. Surprising even myself, I boldly walked forward and kissed Deb. Slowly. Passionately. Our tongues intertwined ever so gently as she pressed her body against mine. I ran my fingers slowly up her back, my touch so light it caused her to shudder and kiss me even more deeply. I slid my hands slowly down her sides, ever so gently grazing her breasts as I worked my way to her hips. 

As I reached her bikini bottom, I could feel her warm breath as I gently kissed her neck. Reaching around behind her, I ran my hands over the last bit of material that kept her covered. A slight moan escaped from Deb as I pulled her hips toward mine. As if we were dancing, we stood body-to-body in complete silence, except for the sounds of anticipation coming from both of us. I lowered my mouth toward her breast as she shuddered in anticipation. Her erect nipple slid between my lips as I began to suck ever so gently. As my tongue flicked lightly over the tip, Deb reached up with her hand and began to tug on her other nipple. I sucked a bit more forcefully and she matched me by pulling her nipple even harder, causing her to moan out loud. 

As I stood back up and kissed her softly on the lips, my hand reached down and unhooked the side clasp of her bikini. The yellow bottom slid down her legs to the floor as I looked into her emerald green eyes and smiled reassuringly. Then slowly I began to kiss her again, starting with her neck, working my way to her shoulder and continuing down her stunning body. A gentle pass over her breasts led me to her abdomen, where another kiss made her recoil in delight. I worked my way down, running my tongue along the inner creases between her thighs and her pussy, waxed smooth and now glistening in the light of the room. Deb moaned in anticipation, hoping for what was to come next. She gently took my hand and led me to the bathroom countertop, where she reached over and dimmed the bathroom light. 

It was as if we were standing in the moonlight, erotically dark and yet brilliantly revealing. Deb backed up to the counter and I smiled at her lovingly, lifting her like a porcelain goddess and setting her down just as gently. As I did, I noticed she still had her diamond ring on. Knowing the questions that must be running through my mind, Deb gave me an expression I hadn’t yet seen from her. Was it remorse over her failed marriage, or was it relief in that she was, at least for this brief moment, completely happy? Regardless of the answer, I gently brought her hand to my lips, kissing the tips before I slid my lips over her ring finger, sucking ever so gently. Deb closed her eyes and smiled, a single tear falling from her emerald-like eyes that left no doubt as to the answer to my question. 

Her eyes remained closed as she placed both of her feet on the counter, exposing to me what I had only imagined in my fantasies. Her pussy was silky smooth, her scent filling the room. As I leaned down to taste her sweetness, she opened her eyes and placed her hand on the back of my head, guiding me to our mutual destination. With her approval received, I gently traced my tongue around the thin folds of her pussy. Her opening was slender, tight for a woman of her age. My tongue continued to tease her, working its way from bottom to top, and back again. Deb reached down with both hands and spread her lips apart, her desire to feel my tongue inside her now obvious. 

I moved up and flicked my tongue over her now exposed clit. She jumped at the touch, both electric and relaxing at the same time. I pressed my tongue against her clit as she forced her hips toward me. I began to suck on her clit, hoping to make her feel something that she seemed to have been missing for a long time. But as excited as she was, Deb gently pushed my head away. 

“Inside,” she whispered softly. “I want to feel it inside me.” 

Her soft hands moved back down to once again spread her pussy as I slowly began to penetrate her wetness with my tongue. Deb began to moan louder now as she released one hand and put it back on my head. I began to use my tongue more forcefully now, following her lead. The movement inside of her was making her press her hips into my face. With pressure from both directions, I knew it was time to release everything she had been keeping inside for who knows how long. 

I started slowly, inserting and retracting my tongue from her pussy. Slowly building in rhythm and speed, I began to fuck her pussy with my tongue until I felt her begin to quiver. She held my head firmly in place as her orgasm began. As Deb arched her back in ecstasy, I could feel her muscles constrict around my tongue. Her wetness began to run down my chin and I buried my mouth into her soaked pussy one last time. It seemed like an eternity before Deb took another breath as a second wave of pleasure swept across her body. And with that final release from deep inside her, the tears began to flow as I realized what it was she had been missing . . . someone who cared. 

Deb slowly slid off the counter and headed toward the shower, where she turned the water on once again. As she stepped into the shower, I wasn’t sure if she wanted to be alone after the emotional response I had pleasured her into. I was just about to turn and leave when she silently motioned for me to join her. Amazingly, I was still wearing the towel I had put on earlier. As I stepped toward the shower, I gave a slight tug and released the towel from its hold on me. 

Deb closed the shower door and turned to face me. The tears in her eyes had been replaced with a starry twinkle from dimmed bathroom lights. As we stood nude together, the hot water pulsed over our bodies. 

“I haven’t felt that way in a long time,” Deb revealed. “Thank you.” 

“You’re welcome,” was all I could say. 

As we stood pressed against each other, Deb reached down and felt my cock for the first time. Having been focused on her pleasure for so long, my manhood had returned to its normal size. With my shaft in hand, she began to rub my tip along the folds of her warm pussy. It was all the encouragement I needed. My cock immediately began to stiffen in her tender grip as she continued to tease both of us. With each pass of her pussy, I noticed Deb had very slowly begun to pull the tip of my cock further into her lips. I was just deep enough now so that when she released her grip, her pussy held me right in place. 

I wasn’t sure if I was pressing into her, or vice versa, but when Deb placed her foot on the shower ledge, it really didn’t matter who was taking the lead. I moved forward until my rigid shaft was poised to take this encounter to the next level. With a slight push, her pussy opened up and took me deep inside. As her hot cunt completely enveloped me, she pulled me close and kissed me. We stood there, connected in the most erotic way possible, oblivious to the water streaming over us. She seemed to enjoy the feeling of me deep inside her, not moving, but simply filling a void that was long overdue. As my excitement grew, I rhythmically began to slide my cock in and out, beginning what I hoped would be an encounter I would never forget. 

Then, Deb slowly raised her hips and slid herself off of me. 

“Fuck me, Doug,” she growled. “I want you to fuck me hard.” 

She turned around and changed the shower setting so it was now was emitting a mist as fine as an evening fog. Now facing away from me, Deb leaned forward and placed her hands on the shower wall. She then slowly stepped backward with one foot and then the other, until her firm ass and shaved pussy were pointed upward in an exhibition of sexuality I had never before encountered. 

As she gazed back at me over her shoulder, the look of seduction on her face was enough to make any man weak in the knees and I had no doubt about who was now in control of the situation. 

“I want to feel you now. I want that hard cock inside of me,” she demanded. “Fuck me like you have never fucked any other woman in your life.” 

I strode forward, forcing my shaft past her pussy lips and straight inside her as she wanted. 

“Oh fuck,” she exclaimed. “That’s what I wanted. Give it to me all at once.” 

There was nothing that was going to be done slowly or gently this time. She wanted to be fucked and I was certainly going to honor her request. I began to pound myself into her smooth cunt. Harder and harder until you could almost keep time to the rhythm we were producing as bare skin slapped together. I grabbed her hips and forcefully pulled her back into my cock, hoping to fill every inch of pussy she possessed. With each thrust of my cock, Deb seemed to grunt with a level of animal sexuality that I had never heard before. I began to feel that familiar tensing of her inner being, only this time it was around something neither of us ever could have imagined. As if she was massaging my shaft from deep inside her, her pussy’s repeated clenching and releasing was quickly bringing me to the edge. 

“I want you to cum in me. Shoot it deep. I want to feel you cum,” she said with a tone that exuded both aggressiveness and anticipation. 

I continued to pound her from behind for a few more seconds until the vacuum that was surrounding my cock extracted its desired reward. My cock exploded violently inside her, stream after stream of cum pouring out from what seemed to be the depths of my soul. As I came, Deb pushed back, making sure that I had no escape and everything I had to give was kept deep inside her. 

As the final spasms of my own orgasm subsided, I reached out to hold onto the towel rack lest I fall in exhaustion. Deb slowly turned around, giving me that same smile she flashed when I first pulled into my driveway. She kissed me gently and got out of the shower. 

“I’m going to get dressed now. Your clothes are on top of the hamper in the hall,” she stated. 
As I got dressed, I wondered if that was an invitation to stay, or a request to leave. I turned off the bathroom light and made my way back through the house not sure of anything. Deb had also gotten dressed, only this time she was wearing a pink summer dress and not the yellow bikini. 

“Doug, there are a few things we need to talk about,” she said softly. 

“Well, this is it,” I thought. This was the point where I was going to get the old ‘this was a mistake and can never happen again’ line. I braced myself to face the ‘thanks and goodbye’ speech with whatever strength I had left after our encounter. 

“You made me feel something I have not felt in a long, long time,” Deb revealed. “I can’t explain it and I really don’t want to find the reasons why, but everything we did tonight felt, right.” 

I was stunned. This wasn’t the conversation I had prepared myself for and stood there silently as she continued. 

“I don’t know how you feel about me now, or how you will tomorrow after you have had a chance to reflect on what just happened, but I want you to know I consider this anything but a one-time fling.” 

I was trying to come up with a good response, actually any response, as her words resonated through my mind. There was a long pause before I began to answer this unanticipated scenario. 

“Right now, I honestly don’t know what to think about what happened,” I replied. 

Upon hearing my words, the confidence this stunning woman had displayed in the shower had been replaced with a look of resignation nearly identical to the one I had prepared myself for only minutes earlier. 

“But,” I continued, “I do know that we have all summer to figure that out. Together.” 

Whether it was from the heat of the moment or if it was truly something more than unbridled passion, my words were honest and from the heart. I was willing to take the time to explore the path we started down this afternoon. 

Deb smiled, as if in relief that another man had not considered her unworthy of his love and companionship. 

“Would you like to stay for dinner? I haven’t had company over in quite a while,” she asked. 

“I’d love to, but only if you let me do the cooking,” I replied. “I learned how to make a mean macaroni and cheese at school.” 

Deb just smiled and sat down at the table, resting her chin on her hand as she watched me walk toward the pantry. Looking back, it was only then that I noticed the pale white indentation around her ring finger, right where her diamond wedding band used to be.

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