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Date: September 22, 2011 (9 years ago)

My name is Linda. I stand 5'4", am blonde and weigh about 118 lbs. I have only a 34' bust but required a D cup. I'm married to a wonderful man named Jess. We dated in college and have been married for two years now. I lost my virginity at 17 in the back seat of a Ford pickup. It wasn't a very pleasant experience. He wasn't very big but it still hurt alot. It was pretty much wham, bam, thank you mam. I also think my pussy is unusually tight. Thus I didn't engage in sexual activity again until I met my husband in college. He was the second man I had ever been with and he is a gentle caring lover. Jess has an enormous thick 8 inch dick and he was ever so understanding with our love making. Our sex life is very mundane as we mostly do it missionary. We occasionally have oral sex but I have to feel fresh down there and I only go down on him if he's just recently taken a shower and I seldom allow him to cum in my mouth. Jess has tried to encourage me to loosen up some in our love making lately and I have been trying to accommodate him.

His best friend Bill had a party at his house last week. We attended and met Bill's new girlfriend Bret. It was late and most of the guest had already left. I went to use the bathroom by the master bedroom and when I came out I heard something. The door was ajar and Bret was on her knees in front of Bill giving him head. His pants were around his ankles and he was moaning and thoroughly enjoy the blow job that Bret was administering. This lustful act wasn't nearly as shocking as the size of Bill's cock. His dick must have been at least 10 inches long and very thick. Bret's hand couldn't even encircle the shaft as she stroked the base back and forth. Her mouth was engulfing about 6 inches of Bill's monster and she was making slurping sounds as she suck his cock. The sounds of her moaning made it plain to see that she was totally in to it and she was going at it as if it was a condemned man's last meal.

Bill then exclaimed, "Oh baby, you're the best little cock sucker ever." Bret pulled her mouth off his cock and said, "I love to suck your thick cock." She then tried to get as much of that monster down her throat as possible. I heard her garble, "Cum in my mouth." With her free hand she grabbed his ass and pulled him toward her. She started to bob her head back and forth at an even faster pace. Bill was in a state of ecstasy so I was surprised when he abruptly pulled his dick out of her mouth. Bret pouted as drool ran down her chin, "I wanted to swallow your cum." He kissed her deeply on the mouth even though she had just had his dick down her throat. Bill responded, "Later baby, I want to fuck your cunt now." I could scarcely believe the language they were using. Fuck, suck, and cocksucker were all dirty words to my ears and yet they only heightened my excitement. They both tore their clothes off dropping them in a disheveled pile by the bed. Bill pushed Bret across the bed with her legs hanging over the edge. I couldn't tell her true hair color as her pussy was completely shaven. He dove between her spread thighs and thrust his 10 inch monster deep into her womb. Bret groaned as his cock entered her and she accepted all 10 inches into her pussy.

He started to pound her hard and I saw her ass being driven into the soft mattress. As he slammed into her pussy her legs thrashed against the side of the bed and a loud groan came with each hard thrust. Bill was in fuck lust and there wasn't anything Bret could do except take the pounding he was giving her. I watched his huge cock stretch her pussy to the breaking point as he plunged in and out time and time again. I thought that Bret was being ravaged to the point of possible injury when I heard her groaning turn into moaning. Bill grabbed her wrists with his hands and held them down over her head. "Fuck me, fuck me harder!" she screamed. I then realized how totally turn on she was by Bill's violent assault. Here were two people having unadulterated sex, not make love but fucking each others brains out. I had never witnessed anything that had made me so excited. I felt a burning in my loins. I involuntarily squeezed my thighs together. I felt my vaginal lips slick with wetness slide against one another.

I placed my finger against my mons and started rubbing my clit. The scene before me was mesmerizing like nothing I had ever felt or seen before. I don't know how loudly I was moaning as I brought myself closer and closer to climax. Brit and Bill would never have heard me anyway as they were both lost in a world of lust. Bill's monster cock was slamming onto the depths of Bret's pussy and she only wanted more. "Cum with me, baby." she screamed. I watched Bill's ass cheeks clinch as he pounded her ass deep into the mattress and yelled, "Yesss!" I knew they were both cumming and that he was pouring his seed over and over into her wanting pussy. My knees grew weak as I also had a small orgasm while watching the two of them climax. Little did I know that someone was also watching me. As their passion subsided I turned away and headed back to the living room. I was thinking how fortunate it was that I had on dark slacks as my juices would surely cause a wet spot for all to see. I found Jess and told him I wanted to go home.

I went straight to our bathroom and removed my white cotton panties. They were soaked and the smell of sex permeated the room. I put on my robe and entered the bedroom. Jess was there still fully clothed. I went up to him and kissed him passionately on the mouth. I grabbed at his belt and tried to disrobe him as fast as I could. He got the idea right away and tore off his shirt. Pulling my robe open I pressed his head against my breast and he started sucking eagerly. He pushed me down on the bed and position his rock hard cock at the entrance to my vagina. His eyes were wild with excitement never having seen me in this type of state before. He plunged his cock into my pussy all the way up to the hilt in one thrust. My juicy cunt accommodating his entire length. As he piston me against the mattress I whispered," Harder, baby, harder." Jess begin pounding me as Bill had done to Bret. I felt so full as his cock head pressed deep against my cervix. I fantasized seeing Bill's monster cock stretching my pussy. I wrapped my ankles around Jess's backside and thrust my self against his onslaught. That burning sensation started creeping into my womb and I cried out,"Cum with me, baby." Jess was fucking me as hard as he could and his neanderthal grunts filled the air. I heard someone wailing at the top of their lungs in the background before I realized it was me,"AAaarrrggghhh!" I came like never before and my body convulsed around the cock that was embedded in my pussy. I felt Jess's hot cum pouring against the walls of my vagina. He kept pouring more and more of his seed inside of me. I unwrapped my legs from around my husband as his cock finally stopped jerking inside of me. Jess collapse on top of me. "Baby, you were incredible. What made you so horny?" he asked. I couldn't get the sight of Bill's lovely monster cock out of my mind. "It was you, honey." I lied. Soon we were both fast asleep.

The next morning I got up and gingerly walked to the kitchen as my pussy was quite sore. Jess had breakfast waiting for me and he was in an especially good mood. That night he was interested in another go around but I couldn't handle it. He was understanding as usual. I went down on him instead. I tried to do as good of a job as Bret had done on Bill the night before but every time I would almost gag when I took his cock deep into the back of my throat. Jess did eventually cum and he pulled out and came all over my breasts. He is such a special man and all I can think of was Bill's 10 inch dick. One night I shaved off my blonde pubes leaving a small triangular patch just above my slit. The rest of the week I would practice deep throating a hot dog when Jess was not home. I went through a whole pack in just over a week. I finally overcame my gag reflex and found that if I laid on my back with my head over the edge of the bed I could get all of the dog into my mouth. Of course the hot dog wasn't even close to being as thick as Jess or Bill. There I go fantasizing about Bill's huge cock again. And every time it's like a faucet is turned on inside my pussy as it gets very wet just thinking about being fucked by Bill. As it turned out the following week Bret was out of town and the three of us went out that weekend. Bill danced with me a couple of times but mostly spent his time with several single girls at the bar. You know when the cat's away the mice will play. I felt a pang of jealousy as I watched Bill dancing with those girls. I knew that if he wanted to he could be giving anyone of them his 10 inch high hard one by night's end. I was drinking heavier than normal that night and then Jess received a phone call. It seemed another one of his co workers was having some car trouble across town and he had to leave to help him out. He asked Bill if he could take me home and he agreed. Jess left and Bill and I took a cab to my house where Bill had left his car. As much as I had thought about being with Bill and this would be a perfect opportunity, I was filled with misgivings after all he was still my husbands best friend. I didn't know if I could go through with it but all I could think about was his huge cock. When we arrived home I invited him to stay for a night cap.

I had on an especially provocative low cut mid thigh dress in the hopes that Bill would notice some of my ASSets. I served him his drink and leaned over as far as I could to make sure he got a good look at my boobies. I was pretty sure that Bill was giving me the once over. Jess was across town by now and I knew we had at least an hour or so but I wanted to get things started right away. I sat down next to Bill and took a large sip of my cocktail. I swallowed hard and then I proceeded to tell Bill how I had watched Bret and him fucking at the party. I saw a bulge in his pants start to rise. I reached down and gently started rubbing his dick and it grew some more. "Did you enjoy the show?" he asked. "Yes," I answered and then I said,"I want you to fuck me with that big cock of yours." He grabbed my hand and led me to my bedroom. He set at the edge of the bed and told me to undress. When I was completely naked he told me to turn around slowly so that he could gaze at my defenseless body. "Very nice," he exclaimed. He then pulled his pants down and there in all it's glory was his raging rock hard 10 inch beauty. I immediately dropped down to my knees and reached out to touch it. This was the first time I had a chance to see it up close and personal. It was gorgeous, his cock looked even larger up close. I saw veins engorged running around his thick shaft and the head was gigantic with distinct helmet shaped ridges. I bent over and kissed the head and then started licking it, lathering up with my saliva his 10 inch monstrosity. I had to open my mouth as wide as I could as I covered his pole with my mouth. I rotated my hand around the base of his shaft as my head continued bobbing up and down. I couldn't make my fingers touch my thumb being his cock was so thick. My breasts brush against his inner thighs as I suck his sweet cock.

Bill spread his legs further and leaned back on the bed giving me full access to his man snake. "Look at me as you suck my cock," he said. I looked directly into his eyes while his cock was nearly to the back of my throat. "Hmmm, very nice," he moaned. I relaxed my throat but still could only accommodate about 6 to 7 inches. I stood up and told him, "I want to take your entire cock down my throat." Bill smiled and said, "No one's ever been able to do that." I laid on the bed with my head over the edge and told him to, "Fuck my face." I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of my mouth. I wanted his cock so badly that all the shame that I felt was inconsequential. He position his bad boy in front of my mouth and started slowly sliding it in. I relaxed my throat and was able to get about 8 inches deep into my throat before I started to feel resistance. I reached back and grabbed his buttocks with both my hands. I guided his ass back and forth. His cock head was filling up the back of my throat and I had to control my breathing also. He was following my lead as I pulled him even deeper into my mouth. I relax my throat some more and took another inch. His balls were now touching my forehead. I was so close. I pushed him back, took a deep breath and pulled him toward me again. I had 9 inches down my throat when I began to gobble that last inch. My lips worked their way up his shaft and finally my nose met and was covered by his balls.

"Whoa, your even a better cocksucker than Bret." Bill exclaimed. If his dick and balls weren't covering my face he would have seen a huge smile across my mouth. He slowly back out and then stoked it back in. As he was fucking my face he begin to squeeze my breasts and nipples. He twisted my erect nipples harder as his strokes intensified. He was really rough but actually it wasn't all that painful and soon even began feeling pleasurable. "Hmmm," I purred as Bill fucked and mauled my nipples at the same time. I sucked on that enormous cock of his as best as I could. Bill gasped, "Baby, you're the best ever." Panting, Bill withdrew his cock and ordered me to get on all fours facing away from him. I felt him spread my ass cheeks apart. I thought this is it I'm going to receive that beautiful huge cock now. But instead he placed his mouth on my waiting vagina. His tongue probed over and into my wet gash. I had never been eating out from behind and the act seemed so dirty and perverted. My pussy responded to his lappings and soon I was purring again. Then all of a sudden, "Ooouuhhh!" I yelled as his tongue continue up my crack and against my asshole. I was surprised by it but still I couldn't believe I actually squealed as he licked my ass. I felt uncomfortable at first as he proceeded to spend time going from one orifice to the other. The sensation of pleasure and then perversion was driving me wild. His experience tongue brought me to the brink of exploding and then he would switch to rimming out my ass.

I soon begin to enjoy his tongue licking and penetrated my asshole. I knew it was a prelude to his cock filling the void in my pussy but the thought that he might be interested in fucking my tight almost virgin ass made me nervous. I begin to adjust to and enjoy his tongue perverted probings. I was turning into his fuck slave, destined to perform whatever acts he choose. He pushed my head down against the bed forcing my ass up at an angle that made it easier to suck on my clit. He begin to center all his attentions there. "Do you like that?" he asked. "Yes, please don't stop." I begged. He began to suck my clit harder as I came closer to orgasm. "I won't stop but you're going to do anything I want." he told me. "Yes, yes, anything you want," I pleaded. That familiar feeling started to well up in my loins again and I knew I was going to cum. I pushed my ass back against his mouth and felt his nose pressing against my asshole but he never stopped eating out my pussy.

All my pent up desires exploding as I achieved a climax as never before, "Aaaaaggggghhhhh!" I screamed. I'm not a gusher but I felt as my juices were flowing freely as I came. "Yesss, yesss," I said over and over as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over my body. I don't know if I passed out but when I returned to my senses I was still face down on the bed with my exposed ass in the air. "Now tell me what you want to do now," I heard Bill say. Someone responded, "I want you to fuck me with that big cock of yours." It didn't seem like something I would say but I knew it was me asking Bill to fuck me. "Where?" he replied. "Fuck my pussy, please." I responded. Bill slapped me ass hard and flipped me over onto my back. He told me what a slut I was as my husband was working and I was in our bed fucking his best friend. "I truly love Jess but I just have to have some of your enormous cock," I pleaded. I couldn't explain it to Bill, I was cheated on the most wonderful husband any woman could have. But this overriding desire to have Bill's huge cock inside of me was something I couldn't live without. Bill squeezed my nipples hard again and stated, "I asked you where?" "Fuck my pussy," I begged. Bill sneered and told me, "Sluts like you don't have pusses, whores like you have cunts. So tell me where you want it." I begged, "Fuck my cunt, fuck me cunt please!" I felt him rub the head of his cock against my sopping cunt and begin to push it in. I felt the pressure increase as he tried to enter my tight vagina with his monstrosity. "Damn you cunt IS tight."

Bill exclaimed. I finally felt the ridges of his cock's head enter my wet cunt and immediately the sensation of having my pussy stuff radiated toward my waiting womb. Once the head got past my outer folds he continued to slide his rock hard cock into my cunt until I felt it pressing against my cervix. Bill just held it there and moaned, "Nice and tight, just the way I like it." He begin a steady smooth stroke that ended when the ridges of his cock head reached entrance to my vagina. Then he would plunge back in. It was heavenly having my pussy stuffed full with Bill's dick. His pace quicken and soon my ass was being shoved into the bed as he began pounding my cunt. All I could do was enjoy the feeling of being completely filled. I felt Bill's hands tighten his grip on my tits as he was slamming his hips against mine. "How do you like my 10 inches?" he gasped. "Hmmm, more, more" I replied. He was fucking me hard and fast now and I knew he was close. "Slow down baby, I'm not quite ready yet." I implored. Bill slammed me to the hilt so hard it knocked the breathe out of me. "You slut, I'm going to fill you tight cunt full of cum right now." he screamed. He continued to fuck the shit out of me like a madman. I heard him grunt and he slammed me once more forcing my ass down hard into the mattress. Soon after a felt a warmth invading the walls of my cunt as he squirted his gism into me. "Take it, take it all slut!" he yelled. He continue to pour cum into me for what seemed like forever. I felt his cock's squirting subside and finally only silence.

He laid on top of me for a couple of minutes being as he caught his breath. I thought I heard a noise coming from the bathroom and when I looked in that direction there stood Jess. "When did you get home?" I gasped. "I was here the whole time," he replied. I saw a wet stain on the front of his trousers. He must having been in there even before we got to the bedroom. Bill pulled his semi hard cock out of my cunt and it still was about 8 inches long even though it was semi hard. He placed it against my face and ordered me to clean it off. As he shoved it into my mouth he said, "Jess, you're a lucky man, Linda's the best cocksucker I ever met." Jess proceeded to tell me he had seen me watching Bill and Bret at the party. And knowing how excited I was afterwards and planned this evening with Bill beforehand. As I sucked Bill's cock he said, "Yeah and your husband was hoping that you would become the little slut that he always wanted you to be." I noticed Jess staring at my freshly fucked cunt. Bill's seed was oozing out and forming a puddle on the sheets between my thighs. Bill's cock was rock hard again and I pulled it out of my mouth and said, "Am I now the slut that you wanted?" Jess's eyes showed the lust that was within him and he kissed me deeply as he shoved two fingers into my cum soaked pussy. "Yes, yes you are." he proclaimed. I ripped his pants off and grabbed his stiff cock. The head of his dick was covered with precum. I engulf it in one swift swoop. I easily got my husband's 8 inches all the way to its hilt.

"Oh baby you've been practicing, I saw the hot dogs in the garbage can." my husband told me. He must have noticed I was throwing away one a day. I backed off and started sucking him in earnest. "Cum baby, I want to swallow all you can give me," I muttered. He grabbed my head and held me against his groin. I sucked and sucked. "Oh baby, it's so good." Jess cried. He pulled my head towards him and my nose was pressed against his stomach. It didn't take long as he was so excited from watching me fuck Bill. His cock exploded as his hot seed spewed into the back of my throat. I relaxed my gag reflex and allowed his semen to pour down my throat. He continued to pump load after load into my mouth and I swallowed it all. When he finally stopped cumming I grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed the last few drops out. I licked those drops off of his cock and swallowed. He staggered back. "No more, no more," he sputtered. I knew how sensitive his cock got just after he cums. Our eyes met and we both knew that we were starting a new chapter in our lives and that it would be filled with incredible sex. We kissed and Jess whispered to me, " I love you honey and now I want to watch you fuck Bill again." I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was terribly turn on by the thought of seeing me fuck another man. I smiled and told him, "I want you to see how his huge cock stretches my tight little cunt." I swear I thought his limp dick jumped involuntarily when I stated that. Bill laid on his back and I scampered to climb on top of him. His cock was rock hard again and I held it straight up as I squatted over it.

As I began to lower my pussy onto it I looked at my husband and told him, "I want you to watch Bill ravage my cunt." He nodded yes as he was squeezing his nearly erect dick. I placed Bill's huge head at the entrance to my pussy even with all the cum that was in my cunt it was still an effort to get it in. His cock finally entered me and I lowered my cunt until I had a little more than half of it in me. Squatting on the balls of my feet I begin to ride this enormous piece of man meat. I worked about 8 inches into my cunt and the feeling was so fulfilling and wonderful. "Can you see it baby, can you see how his cock is filling up my cunt." I cried. "Yes honey, fuck him, fuck him good." Jess ordered. I proceeded to get down on my knees and started humping Bill like a bitch in heat. Bill began fucking my pussy as he raised his hips up off the bed and slammed all 10 inches into my dripping cunt. Bill was groping my tits roughly again. He twisted and pinched my nipples as he fucked me. I was lost in the feeling that Bill's enormous cock was giving me while I heard my husband in the background urging Bill on, "Fuck the little slut harder." I didn't even noticed how Jess had crawled onto the bed and was directly behind my ass. Only when I saw him drop a bottle of Anal lube on the side of the bed did I come back to reality. I thought I had thrown it away after the only time Jess had anal intercourse with me years ago. I felt one of his hands spread my left ass cheeks and his lubed up cock was being rubbed against the crack of my ass.

"Baby no!" I cried when I realized he was going to fuck my asshole. He shoved me down on Bill exposing more of my ass. "Hold the little slut down," he yelled. Bill embraced me in his arms as he continued to pound my cunt. My husband's cock was pressing against my brown button and I felt the pressure increase on my anal sphincter as the head of his cock started slipping into my ass. The pain was too great as my nearly virgin ass was assaulted my Jess's thick cock. "AAaarrgghh!" I screamed as the head popped through into my ass. Bill stopped fucking me and held me tight as my husband's assault continued. I continued screaming as more and more as his 8 inch cock penetrated farther and farther inside my butt. He finally stopped his advances and Bill started fucking my cunt again as my ass tried to adjust to my husband's thick dick. Soon I started to respond to Bill's thrusting and he released me to be able to enjoy the feeling his sweet cock was giving me. I noticed my husband start to fuck my ass ever so gently and the pain and pressure soon began to feel tolerable.

He spread my ass and drove even more of his cock into the depths of my bowels as his pace increased. At first both of their thrusting were not in unison as Bill was slamming my cunt and my husband was gently stoking deeper into my butt. The thought of having two enormous cocks buried in my cunt and ass was sinking in and I was becoming terribly excited. I started grinding my cunt against the pounding Bill was giving me. My husband was finally able to get all 8 inches into me and the pressure was starting to turn to pleasure. "Yes fuck me, fuck my cunt and my ass." I screamed. I was becoming a fuck slut again as I humped my way toward orgasmic bliss. I was being pounded by two guys with thick rock hard cocks at the same time and the whore in me loved it. "Fuck me , fuck me like the slut that I am!" I yelled. Jess continued to pull my ass cheeks apart roughly as he was pounding my butt harder. Bill slammed my cunt as hard as he could also. I was a fuck sandwich and I would have taken a another cock in my mouth if it was available. This hedonistic scene was turning us all into primitive animals. All three of us were grunting as these two men were ravaging my nether regions. The sounds of skin slapping filled the bedroom when I felt Bill thrust all of his10 inches into my cunt as hard as he could. I felt his hot cum squirting deep inside my womb. That was all it took as I started my orgasm with him. "Yesss!" we both screamed. Load after load jetted into my pussy as Bill once again filled my cunt with his seed. My ass clinched down on my husband cock as I came tightening my sphincter even more than usual and that drove him wild. He was slamming my ass as hard as Bill had been pounding my cunt.

"Cum baby, I want your hot cum in my ass," I pleaded. I felt that same warm wet feeling deep in my ass that I had just experience in my cunt as Jess came in my butt. This load was as much as the one he had deposited early down my throat. "AArrgghh!" he yelled and his cock continue pumping hot gism into his new slut wife's ass. When Jess finally finished he easily pulled his cock out of my ass. "Oh my," Jess proclaimed, "Your ass is gaped and oozing cum out of it." I felt his cum seeping out my gaped ass hole and it dribbled down over Bill's cock which was still embedded in my cunt. There wasn't anything I could do about it as I was to spent and couldn't even move. This slut had just been used as a cum dumpster by two huge cocks and I loved every minute of it. I eventually rolled off of Bill and laid on my back panting and oozing from both my cunt and my ass. Jess said to Bill, "Damn, can you see my wife's double creme pie." Bill responded, "Jess your wife is the hottest, sexiest babe I've ever known." Then he told us he was starving and asked if we were ready for something to eat. We all agreed. My loving husband asked me, "What are you hungry for baby?" I winked as I responded, "I want some more hot dogs."
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