Friends And Neighbors (Part 2)

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Date: July 26, 2013 (7 years ago)

The next morning, Kris woke up with a splitting headache. I got up but she just rolled over and groaned.

"What happened last night?" she mumbled. "I feel like I was hit by a train."

I looked down at her nude body and felt sorry for her. I wasn't feeling all that great myself, but I wanted coffee and something solid to eat.

"You partied a little too hard, I think. Time is on your side, you know. Take it easy and maybe you'll feel better by noon."

"How did I get home," Kris asked before I could retreat.

I looked into her bleary eyes and smiled. "Tina and I half-carried you home and then we put you to bed."

"I should have left when you did," she admitted. "After you were gone, Jon started getting crazy and he wouldn't let me leave until I had another drink."

Not wanting to get into the details of what had taken place, I headed for the door. "Take a nap and you'll feel better later on."

The world looked better after two mugs of coffee and a few slices of toast. I wondered what had happened after Tina went back home to confront Jon. That is when our telephone rang. It was Tina.

"Meet me on your back porch in a couple of minutes," she said curtly.


Tina was waiting when I opened the door to our back porch, carrying two cups and what was left of the coffee. She was wearing the short dress that she wore the night before.

"How is Kris?" Tina asked with concern in her voice. "Is she okay?"

"Yeah, she has a major hangover and is still sleeping."

Tina nodded. "Was she upset about what happened last night?"

"I don't believe she remembers a thing about it, frankly," I replied. "She just said that Jon got crazy and insisted that she drink some more. It seems that's about all she recalls."

Tina seemed relieved. "Maybe that's best then. I gave Jon a good tongue lashing this morning. I don't think it did any good, though. Before I was through, he had me on my hands and knees, and we were fucking like two rabbits! It's those' hangover hots that take charge after so much booze. I want to apologize again, for what happened...what you saw. I hope it doesn't spoil our friendship."

I thought about it for a few moments. "Well, since Kris doesn't remember any of it, and we were all pretty drunk, I don't see why we have to create a big scene," I finally stated.

"I'm so glad you are being so mature about it," Tina responded. "I really like you both and I want to stay friends. After all, I've seen you both naked, so what's the big deal, right?"

Her smile made me chuckle. "Yeah, when you woke me up, I wasn't thinking. I forgot that I was nude when I crawled out of bed. Don't bring that up to Jon, okay?"

"My lips are sealed," Tina promised, "but you know it might not be a bad idea to arrange a little get together where we can put everything on display and eliminate all the intrigue."

"What do you mean, Tina?"

"I'm thinking about hosting another party in a week or two with you guys and two other couples who have indicated that they enjoy sexy games sometime. We could have drinks and stuff and play some strip poker or something so that we all end up naked. Take the mystery out of the relationships, so to speak. What do you think?"

I smiled at her earnest expression. "So that would mean that I would get to see you naked, right Tina?"

"Hell, Kris and I are built so much alike; you have already basically seen me!"

"Still, it would be a nice treat to view the real you," I countered. "You've got more freckles. Who else are you thinking about?"

Tina grinned. "Petra and Sam are Europeans and they are very casual about things she's told me. Then, Kevin and Jessica from our couples bowling league. From what I've overheard, they like adult fun sometime."

"Fine with me, but you must promise to keep Jon under control and make sure we don't all end up smashed on the living room floor."

"Leave it to me," Tina confirmed. "I'll set it up with the others, then call Kris and talk her into coming...without giving away too many details."

We sipped our coffee and talked for a while longer, during which time I admired Tina's long legs and painted toenails. As she rose to leave, she leaned over to put down her cup and I got a quick glimpse of her firm breasts and the very top of a small, pink nipple.

"Yes, you really do look very much like Kris," I quipped as she stood up.

"Hell, you're almost as bad as Jon!" she replied sarcastically. "He's always looking down women's tops. Anyway, thanks for the coffee and thanks even more for being a good guy."

She leaned close and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

"You've got a nice big cock, too," she added over her shoulder as she stepped off my porch.

To be continued...

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