Feeling Like A Rock Star

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Date: February 1, 2013 (8 years ago)

Ok now i can relax n cross one off my bucket list n add a notch to my top ten all time hot list. This gal has been my #1 fantasy girl for the last 6 years. First i was married...
Then i met her but never saw a hubby. But he's around at times..travels a lot too....wonder if he cheats. Does she? Will she with me? Didn't seem likely...they act in love. I have flirted n she has some....

Background...was into her 1st time i saw her...at kids' ortho appts. Lu kily our kids' were on same schedule n i took kids cuz i got off work earlier. She had nice fitted jeans over short..athletic legs...t-shirts n tops not low...but tight. Flat tummy n rockin tits. Medium brown curls...light blue eyes...pouty lips n high cheekbones. Nose almost too big but not for me...roman nose with bump in middle of straight point. Tan...nails...taking good care. Seemed uppity n bitchy. Never met her.

One day after i split up with wife...im out with buds n there she is....n with a gal i have known since 3rd grade. My buddy approved, got the look back when they left....nice. Friends hubby has bar n wants my band to play. Time to woo my gal...but didnt happen. They came to many gigs....sometimes alone. Id flirt..then she started initiating things...smiling...pointing at me..hugs...sitting by me. My old gal friend Nancy knew i was hot for Angelia...but didnt wanna ruin things.

Then it was my day. Payday! Hit a lotto ticket for $250....bought a new mike n a shirt. Got a haircut from the hot latin spinner...flirted n gave a big tip! Knew the gals were coming without spouses. Got tbere early too...yea! Set up n chatted...gave extra tight hugs. They both like how i look. Have a shot. First set they grind on dance floor...more explicit than ever. Angelia was different...mad like....n more assertive

Had me sing to her...we danced on break. All 3 of us. Nancy whispers," I'm sick of my lazy man. No dick n no imagination. Angelia knows her man has a g/f n she doesn't care what she does. Tonite, we wanna put on a little show we do once a month...then fuck u silly! Got a room next door! !!" I slowed my drinking...popped a cialis...n eased up on playing n singing. As i left club n walked to the room....savoring the moment...i could hear the laughter as they stood by the door dressed in lingerie n heels...showing off how lucky im gonna be! I pop the bubbly n strip to my shorts...dick hard n dripping. The gals kneel on bed n embrace. Tongues locked n hands roaming. I grab each firm ass...join in the kissing...n then sit down...slapping my cock loud to their approval. Nancy then straddles me and i am all over her. Straight blonde ...slim but nice tits n ass....toned. Blue lace bra n euro thong with rhinestones ..silky smooth front n rear...lace sides. Thick black heels in front...long thin stilettos. Fishnets...tummy pierce. Heart bush. Long ass time since i wanted to do this. I suck her tits n neck as she dry humps me. Angelia lays on bed n starts playing with vibrator. She can't stop fingering her juicy pussy. Worked up watching us turn on the heat! Stop....switch before she cums. We will do that for her. Nancy sits on edvee of bed. Angelia puts her ass on my rigid cock..wiggling n teasing. I dart my hand in front ...rubbing her wet snatch. The gals make out n suck their tits. Angelia works the toy against her clit. They both suck on toy n take turns fucking n licking it. Ang lays on back n Nan on top...the tly between pussies...clits are aroused. They speed suck the other's nipples. They shudder to orgasm...the sights n sounds nearly make me erupt. I wanna bust but will wait for fucking. I lie in middle...the gals on my sides. Female flesh all over me!! Take turns kissing. One kisses...one on my nipple. Back n forth..my nipples...theirs...tongues everywhere. My hands tickle their asses. I stroke the hipbones...tugging the panties up tight. Nan rubs my cock along outside of silk boxers. Soft n tickles...stroking n squeezing the shaft. Angelia...donned in torn short hooters tank....red silk boy shorts with strings on sides. Black slut torn fishnets n red pumps. Garter on thigh n choker collar. Hot red nails n lipstick....works her hand underneath...n tickles inner thigh n balls

She grabs base of my cock firmly n pushes it out against boxers. Nan adds pressure back along underside...hitting my male g-spot...my toes curl...legs tingle. Nan replaces hand with mouth n gently nibbles along my hardness. They pull off my shorts n stroke me. One...other....both. I can go on but its time to re-live the fantasy. We plan on doing this more cuz we all enjoyed it. Complete sharing n even loving amongst us all. We really gelled like we knew just what to do n expect!

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