My Oddyssey: After Dark, A Night of Firsts, Part 1

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Date: August 6, 2016 (2 years ago)

Hi guys, it's been awhile I know, I've been fucking bloody busy, I've got lots of stories to tell, but lemme start with the most recent:

We came to Puerto Princessa in Palawan (unless there's another Puerto Princessa city in the Phil heh!)
as representatives and VIPs of sort, for a month (well it's a 4 weeker) of conventions and seminars, I don't want to bore you with the details, besides I'm keeping some things discrete so there. I've been very naughty, make that very, very, very naughty, a bad, bad girl and I want to share my experiences here with you, so enjoy.

Wednesday, July 20, I went out driving in a rental, I told my superiors I will be visiting some family vacationing in Palawan but I was told I should come back early for I'm needed at the seminar the next day. I wasn't in my uniform, I changed to a simple pink salmon, snap-button sleeved shirt, ripped jeans, and sandals before going to the car rental place. So there I was, cruising, exploring the city (and it's fucking bigger than Manila!) with driver side window down, wearing my favorite big classic aviators, smoking slimmies, hair pulled in a pony, or sometimes just held up with clip or in a quick lazy bun with a pencil (whatever's in my duffle), occassionally drinking water and or putting on lip balm with one foot on the seat (it's an automatic, duh).

I was a little annoyed earlier because some wanker left a board with a sheet of tarp and naugahyde hanging across the back of the front seats secured with tie wires and I only noticed it when I stopped for gas. I would often stop to ask for directions (because I can't leave breadcrumbs?) I wasn't planning for an "adventure" (wink wink) but I brought a duffle bag with my stuff just in case.

Later I found myself somewhere, very far from my point of origin but still within Puerto, (I think) "Holy bitching mandy mother of fuck! where the bloody fucking hell am I? nasaan na ako?!" I said. A little hungry I parked in one of the local noisy resto pubs in the area. "Ibning mam sir wilkam tu (I forgot the name of the bloody place, it's a local sounding name with the words grill and shit, but no matter) the guard said as I he guided me to a parking spot. I forgot I'm still wearing my Ray-bans and it was already 15 past six so I took them off and the guard went stunned, he just stood there and forgot what he was doing. I navigated on my own shaking my head.

"Ay suri mam uh suri" he said as he rushed to open my door. "Beri ibning mis anu uh mam wilkam tu ano" I looked at him with an eyebrow raised, as I hook my shades to my shirt "evening, do you still have free tables?" I asked "ay yis mam biri mini jas go insayd" "oohkay, sabi mo eh" I said practicing a phrase I've learned. "May kasama ka po, uh sila mam?" I ignored the question as I slinged my duffle. He just stood there looking puzzled and transfixed as I walk to the entrance. I looked up and saw theres a full moon, I then suddenly felt a familiar sensation inside me, think of it as hot air with electrical currents running through one's body. "Hmm, I wonder..."

It's not a friday, but there were lots of people in the restopub, tourists, foreigners mostly whites, and those from manila and some locals, the smell and reek of cheap perfume and sweat mixed with grilled food filled the ambiance, it was ok really, rustic, ethnic, exotic and a little modern, a bit pretentious. There's a band playing and sounding like drowning cats. I felt like a celebrity as soon as I stepped in, lots of people looking at me, flabbergasted, the waitresses and waiters all looked stunned and they all rushed to welcome me.

Lots of subtle whistling and whooping came from everywhere, and "ay si ano oh, yung asawa ni, kuya di ba si ano si sara laba- no hindi kamukha lang, pre si sara lab, di sobrang kamukha lang, mas bata and medyo tumaba na si sara, ay si ano o kasama kaya si richard? no parang mas kamukha pa ni lisa sobera" "Oh shut it"  I murmured eyes rolling, blowing hair from my face.

"Hello welcome to" said a pacute na guy as he reach out his hand "sorry but I'm not who you think I am ok?" I said sounding very mataray but smiling, and he got stunned prolly because he heard my accent . "Uh yeah I know, you actually look younger and rather more liza soberano than a sara laba-" "Well thank you, whoever that is" I said smiling with a raised eyebrow and didn't take his hand. "Gentlemen?" I said nodding to his mates and then to him "oh, ok" he said sheepishly with his hand still up, obviously a manila bloke.

It was so fucking bloody hot, so I asked where the ladies' room is so I can freshen myself. It was a nice privy though, kinda like those in beach resorts, except that theres only 1 cubicle. I locked the door and after thoroughly checking for "anomalies" like hidden cams, peepholes, and 2-ways I got down to my knickers and washed myself. I went out of the girl privy feeling fresh.

I decided to have a drink at the bar kasi there's a big ac there going full blast. I ordered the bar's signature drink but I didn't liked it so I ordered a French 75 but had to guide the barkeep how to make that and shit they only have cheap bubbly, and they don't know many drinks that are served in my pub in Makati but at least they know how to make a fucking mojito.

The band took a break so I requested the deej to play the songs Shake the Disease (cover by Hooverphonic) and Save a Prayer (by Duran Duran) which the deej had to get from the internet. (I'm 23 and a bit of a hipster, I listen to whatever suits my fancy, old or new songs).

I smoked while having my drink with some grilled prawn (yes prawn not shrimp) cocktail, I pulled the pencil and let my hair down as Shake the Disease began to play, enjoying the cool blast of the AC on my face, as I listen to the music.

I'm not going down on my knees
Begging you to adore me
Can you see it's misery
And torture for me

I must've looked so sultry, men ogled at me and then a guy went up to the bar and offered me to join his table and his mates waved at me, but I turned him down and hurt his manpride, and then some whites and then a pakistani or indian or fucking persian looking guy tried their luck also getting the same sarcastic response.

When I'm missunderstood
Try as hard as you can
I've tried the hardest I could
To make you see
How important it is for me

A waiter then came with some loser's samsung and was asking for my number, irritated I asked the waiter to point where they are and I waved my fingers at them smiling and they exchanged high-5s.

Here is a plea
From my heart to you
Nobody knows me
As well as you do

I then told the waiter to put the phone on record as I take out a crisp yellow bill. "Tell that uhmm (looking at his name tag) uh jerry?" and he nodded "uh yis mam?" "yes uhm tell that pathetic bloody loser I'm here to enjoy myself, aaandd I'd get myself a talking filthy pig or some smelly monkeys if I want company like him or his neanderthal dodong mates ok?" I said smiling with an eyebrow raised, patting his left breast lightly after putting the money in his shirt pocket.

You know how hard it is for me
To shake the disease
That takes hold of my tongue in situations like these
Understand me

"Aaand also do I need to ask your boss if being an owl also a part of your job description besides waiting tables hmmm? (looking at his nametag again) jerry?" (actually I don't remember exactly that dodong's fucking name, it's something close to jerry).

"ay suri mam uh beri sori po" he said scratching his head "off you gooo" I said sipping my drink.

I then ordered a premium beer, and lighted my third slimmy (as Save a Prayer began to play). A girl then went up to the bar and asked for some tissues. She was really pretty as in cute pretty, about 5 foot 5, lovely brown eyes, short hair, slightly morena lovely skin, kinda like very creamy and silky-smooth latte' gelato.

(Save a Prayer playing)

I can tell she has good boobies too, wearing a a long plaid flannel button girl shirt with sleeves rolled-up to her elbows, skinny ripped jeans and a pair of havaianas. She noticed I was checking her out, leaning on an elbow.

You saw me standing by the wall corner of a main street
And the lights are flashing on your window sill
All alone ain't much fun so you're looking for the thrill
And you know just what it takes and where to go

"Uh hi?" she said smiling shyly. "Hello theah!" I replied smiling "uy uhm uh british? aussie?" she asked "well mommy ko Filipina-American at ang daddy ko's English" "uy marunong ka?"she said  "mm-mm" I uttered bobbling my head smiling "uhm ahh medyo or just a little lang? half-filipina ka, kaya pala ang pretty pretty mo girl" I smiled shaking my head blowing out a smoke. "Kaw din naman very pretty eh" I said "you're from Manila I presume?"

Don't save a prayer for me now
Save it til the morning after
No don't say a prayer for me now
Save it til the morning after

"No, I'm actually a native" she said and clears her throat "not a local though, my hometown is rather very far from here" "oh I see" "but I work in Manila, uhm Pasay to be exact" she said as she takes a few tissues from the barkeep. "Ang konti naman kuya" she said pouting in a cutesy manner, "sori mam yan lang pwede eh" the barkeep said as he gives two more, I muttered "what the fuck?"

Feel the breeze deep on the inside look you down into the well
If you can you'll see the world in all his fire
Take a chance like all dreamers can't find another way
You don't have to dream it all, just live a day

"Oh I'm sorry I'm Lexie or just Lex by the way and you are?" she said holding out her hand "I'm ******, a pleasure sweetie" I said shaking her hand, "hello *****, I thought you're gonna say Sara laba-" "Oh, puhhleez shut it!" I said smiling, shaking my head whilst puffing a smoke. "Ah hahah, kamukha mo kasi eh, for a moment there I thought you're her so tulala ako kanina" "I do get that a lot and I mean fucking lots" I said blowing out a smoke "not really 'yay' about it".

Don't say a prayer for me now
Save it 'til the morning after
No don't say a prayer for me now
Save it 'til the morning after
Save it 'til the morning after
Save it 'til the morning after

"Pero uhmm" she said examining me "you look younger and well, mas sexy and also at an angle kahawig mo din medyo si liza sobe" "Oh puhhleez really now?" I said "sorry luv, I'm not familiar with local cellies, "Ayaw mo ba sila?" she said chuckling " ah haha are you a kapuso or kapamilya?" She asked, her voice is really cute, "sorry?" I said looking puzzled "uhm never mind" she said sheepishly.

Pretty looking road I try to hold the rising floods that fill my skin
Don't ask me why I'll keep my promise melt the ice

"Buy you a drink?" I said smiling, "ha? seryoso?" she replied giggling "thanks but may kasama kasi ako, uhm I'm with someone" "oh a boyfriend?" "uhm medyo" she said with a contempt look on her lovely face, "uhm sige ha ****, nice meeting you" "same here luv, pleasure" I said smiling.

And you wanted to dance so I asked you to dance
But fear is in your soul
Some people call it a one night stand but we can call it paradise

Not a minute passed a hand lightly touched my shoulder and it was hers. "Uy uhm uh, may kasama ka ba? or are you waiting for someone?" she said "uhm mm-mm" shaking my head "great! why not you join us nalang? boring na kasama ko eh" "uh ok, sige" I said smiling

Don't say a prayer for me now
Save it til the morning after
No don't say a prayer for me now

"Yay!" she exclaimed looking so excited holding my arm with both hands and then pressing her breasts on me, they felt really nice. I put out my slimmy and asked for my bill but requested that it be brought by his boss if not a manager or a super.

Save it 'til the morning after
Save it 'til the morning after

A 30ish something guy came and asked if anything is wrong and so I just told him about the owl waiter,
that customers had to go to the bar just for fucking tissues and why they ration them, and also I saw a lot of waiters just lollygagging outside before I came in, and it's a full house. "Aym rili biri birii sori mam uh dun't wuri I will uh" he said sounding very embarassed "I'm sure you will kuya manong" I said "also may I have a whole pack of tissues or a kitchen roll if you have?" I said smiling, sliding a crisp 200.

Save it 'til the morning after
Save it 'til the morning after

"Uh mam no" the boss said "oh ok here's another 2 then" I said "No mam I wat ay men es no nid pur dat" and he ordered his barkeep to give me a pack of tissues "funbloodytastic, merci!" I said smiling taking the tissues. "Uh miss, mam yur mani!" the guy shouted, "oh it's ok kuya manong, that will be my thank you for such fine service at such a fine establisment, I'm sure I will be putting a lot in my blog about your place, and I'm sure the other bloggers will be so bloody thrilled" I said sarcastically.

Save it 'til the morning after (doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo)
Save a prayer 'til the morning after
Save a prayer 'til the morning after
Save a prayer 'til the morning after

"Here you go luv" I said giving the pack of tissues to my new girl friend. "Ang taray mo girl!" she exclaimed.

Save a prayer 'til the morning after
Save a prayer 'til the morning after
Save a prayer 'til the morning after

After navigating through some tables and going like Moses on some monkeys to make like the red sea we finally reached her nook. It was in the cornest of corners borded by pillars with leafy pot plants and it was very dim and gloomy even with scented candles on the table. There's a bucket of redhorse and light beer and 2 plates of half eaten food. "Is that him?" I said pertaining to the pathetic looking guy wearing a shemagh scarf around his neck busy with his celly.  "Is that your boyfriend? he looked uhm-" I asked "Uh yeah, uhm I know, ang pangit no?" she whispered giggling.

"Nice, I was gonna say nice" I said giggling "uhm sorry ha it's so full this is the only available table they have for us" "no sweetie, ok lang, I kinda like it, really" I said. "Tara" she said sounding excited squeezing my arm.

"Hey beh!" she called to the guy as she drop the tissues on the table "Ang tagal mo naman babes" the guy said still glued to his phone and then got flabbergasted when he saw me "kasi beh ang daming tao, anyway I want you to meet my friend ****" she said putting an arm around me, pressing her body hard and got me heating up.  "Hello, kamusta po" I said smiling holding out my hand. "Uh hello mam, miss uh ano hello I'm uh" he stuttered while shaking my hand  "a pleasure" I said.

"He's Bo, not Booww okay? (doing an english accent) just bo, kasi ambo haha, oh ano beh? kala mo si si ano ano ano? super pretty no?"  "Uhm uh eh m-matagal na kayo magkakilala babes?" Bo asked stutteringly as we sat down, Lex in-between. She put her arms around me, squeezing me  "What do you think girl? matagal na ba? how long have we known each other girl?" she said. I put an arm around her waist, caressed her side "uhm matagal na, pwede" I said with a cutesy face, and we giggled and then I poked her side, "ayyy shit!" she exclaimed as she got tickled  "hihi naughty?".

"Amerkana friend mo babes?" Bo whispered. Lex laughed and whispered back "tungak British yan, iba accent noh? and pinay nanay nyan beh"  "Ah kala ko talaga una si-"  "dyowa ni Richard?" Lex said
"Oo pero mas bata konti a may angulong liza, uh babes, pinay nanay n'ya?"  "Oo kaya ang super pretty nang lola mo di ba? and actually half sister ko yan, joke beh!" she said chuckling hitting his arm. "Marunong magtaglog?" "oo, kaya ingat ka"  "prend mo sa Manila babes?"  "Basta!!!" She then turned to me "So, ok lang sayo table girl?" "uh, yeah?" I said tapping a slimmy on my lighter. The place is actually very maiinit so lalo ako nag sweat. "Order tayo girl, you hungry?" she said squeezing my thigh "famished" I said and we both looked at the menu.

Bo is a typical filipino malay guy, about 27 or 29 I dunno maybe over 30 years old, prolly a centimeter shorter than Lex, with a bony frame, very dark complexion and dyed hair (baduy).

Bo distanced himself, either texting, or pretending to be doing something with his celly. "So he's your boyfriend huh?" I said blowing smoke  "uhm uh i yeaah" she said sheepishly,  "kamukha ni Diego na mukhang adik no?" she whispered behind the menu "Who?" I said looking puzzled  "Diego bubble gang? gma 7?" "mm-mm sorry" I said shaking my head,  "shit never mind" she said.

"Uhm girl, a- actually he's not really my REAL boyfriend” she whispered and then showed a picture on her phone of a rather fair-skinned, Asian looking guy with glasses  "siya talaga bf ko, don't tell bo ok?"
she said in a hushed tone and I zipped my lips and we went giggling.  “We just met on fb, 3 months ago, he seems ok and also he's a palawan native". She told me she's not serious about bo, they've been seeing and going out for almost 3 weeks since she arrived in Puerto.

She said she needed a guide kasi she hasn't toured Puerto city and nothing happened beyond kissing sa cheeks, though  "pakilala ni bo girlfriend niya ako, so there, ako sakay lang".  “Soooo ok lang kung matagal na tayo friends?"  “Uhh, yeahh?” I said with a naughty wink and smile, squeezing and sliding my hand on her side “sakay lang”.  “mmmm?” she said doing cutesy face.  "Ayyy! hihihi" she exclaimed when I squeezed her boob.  "Naughty talaga??!!" she said chuckling.

I ordered some mixed drinks and I let Lex choose the dishes. An electric fan with a remote was even brought to our corner and a complimentary platter of assorted grilled items and relishes. They even offered a better table and I said we're fine, "just pris mam da bazur mam if yu nid eniting" the manager said "aaahhhh ganun ba? well it seems to be not functioning kuya, so I thought eklat deco lang" Lex said sarcastically "Iba powers mo girl, bumilis and nag improve service, tangina diosa ka!".

Holy bloody shit It's been awhile since I had greasy and gluten rich foods , I even had some of that bloody redhorse cocktail. "Try this beh! eto din girl o" she kept saying while putting different foods on my plate. We talked, lauged ate and drank, she would even take puffs of my slimmy from time to time. Bo just silent in his wee little corner checking his facebook or playing an app game on his celly.

Lex just turned 23, used to work in Sofitel, her first job and now she's currently with City of Dreams. She studied in Manila from highschool to college, goes home to Palawan every summer and Christmas and she used to dream of becoming a flight attendant. Our conversation became personal, speaking in hushed tones, about sexlife and all.

"SHHHIIIITTTT, OMGEEE, fuck, TANGINA! talaga girl?" She kept saying, hands to her face, as I tell her my sexual adventures  "you did all that girl? and yet wala kang naging bf? na expi mo lahat yun?!!" she exclaimed  "kala ko you're just a very hotty lesbian and then you told me about, omg tangina! ang wild mo beh! eeeeehhh" she said chuckling.

"Do you partake?" I said as I took out Li's flavored weed "ano yan weed?" she said  "pakshet di pako nakakatry nyan pero bakit parang amoy candy? parang (sniffs) strawberries?"  "uh-huh" I said before taking a puff,  "soooo where did you get t-oh si Li? but how?" she asked "uh courier?" I said in singing tone " Li grows them in her secret 'garden' and does her magic with them, flavors like chocolate, fruits, coffee, spice, she's fucking good". "Ang ayos nang pagka roll parang yung slim cigs mo lang beh.

She took a puff and coughed a little and then puffed again. I motioned If she wants bo to have a try. "Naahh" she said looking cutesy "satin nalang" giggling.

"Well?" I said with an eyebrow raised "uhmm, smooth, kesa sa light slim cigs mo, and sweet sya, like ko to sobra much" Bo was unaware were partaking party sticks and then he stood up and excused himself,
"CR lang ako babes"  "sige beh".

"Mam" he said to me nodding and left. I went on telling my stories "kinky wagas naman sobra super mga stories mo, sobrang wild, sounding far-fetched really but, uhmm exciting, and ang gaganda nang ma nga girlfriends mo, so really wala ka pang naka sex na hot guy except yung super cute na nephew mo and another cute kid dyan sa phone mo? and then you, na fuck ka nang ma nga OMG! tangina! shit!" with hands to her pretty mouth. "So what do you think luv?" I said brushing her hair behind her ear, going down her nape and it tickled her. "uhm shocking, but uhm well, uh wild, kinky and uhm sexy?" she said shyly.

"talaga?" I said running my fingers through her hair to her neck. "Yeah really, mm-mm" she said shyly, thighs pressed together and caressing mine , we held hands and caressing with our thumbs, staring sweetly at each other.

Silence fell on us as I massaged her neck, she went moaning softly. She smiled sweetly and mouthed a kiss, lovingly caressing my hand with her thumb. Then the fan blew out 2 of the candles and I went forward, planted soft kisses on her cheek slowly going down her sexy neck, making her moan and squeeze my hand on her thigh "girl what are you,uhm huwag ummhm baka makita tayo ni bo" I don't care if Bo sees this, I wanted to, "let him" I whispered. Bo's phone then buzzed with a rather corny ringtone, Bo got back from the privy and answered it, he plugged his ear and was shouting at it.

"Babes labas muna ko, hina segnal at ang ingay!" He looked at me and smiled shyly  "uhm sigi po mam ha?" "ok, take your time luv, taa!" I said waving fingers. We took more puffs and drinking from the same glass. I went forward and kissed her, she got stunned and then blushed and smiled shyly. I lovingly fondled her boobs "***** p-please uhhmm godd mmm, girl uhm this is so wrong" she moaned squeezing my hands, I went on caressing her bosoms whilst planting soft kisses, then I held her cheeck and kissed her lovely lips, sucking them. "S-stop uhmm oh my god shit uhmm" she murmured.

My hand went inside her shirt, under her bra, lovingly caressed her nice and firm bosoms, that reminded me of someone's, twisting, pinching the nipples and they became stiff, "ahhhh shit shit god uhhshiitttoh my goooddd shit" she kept murmuring "shit o shiiittt god uhhshiitttoh my goooddd shit, s-sstopp uhhh". I teased her mouth and she will hook on. I popped her denim button and slowly unzipped her jeans, and as I was about to dip my hand, Bo came back looking pissed,  "Babes uhm alis muna ako, may nagpapa tolong si angkel" He said. "Ha? uh oh sige beh" she stutters, pulling her shirt down over her crotch, giving her cheek to Bo.

"balik ako kaagad ha?"as he kissed Lex on the cheek. "Uhm g-gano kat-katagal beh?" she said rather shakingly "ewanko sana lintek sana di sang uras layk nung last taym pakshet talaga" and downs a glass of redhorse cocktail  "ay sige po mam, alis muna uli ako" he said smiling shyly at me, I smiled back, nodding.

We partook another sweedee, a different flavor, talking, laughing, drinking from the same glass and bottles of premium. Her phone then buzzed with a chime tone and she showed me the message  "Babes sori, mttglan pme tpusn ko lng 2 balik kmi jan kgad bgo 12 tx kita, luv u".  "Kami?" she muttered angrily
"shit magsasama pa ang gago shit tanginang burot talaga! maybe he told his friends about you"  "perhaps" I said sounding not really pleased.  "So what now girl?" she said, squeezing, caressing my hands with her thumbs. I slowly bent over and kissed her and she didn't resist.  "Ang ganda mooo??!" she said doing a frowned cutesy face and then mouthed a kiss.

I buzzed for a waiter, and 2 of them came seconds later. I wrote song titles and their singers
on a napkin and gave this with some crisp yellows and blues to the waiters. "If the band can't play the songs tell the deej to look for the songs online ok?" I said. "Ay yis mam tinkyu tinkyu biri biri mach, yo want uhm we put tebol nir da steyds pur yo?" one of them said. "No we're fine here boys" I said. "Sigi mam uh jas pris da bazur agin lang po ip yo nid eniting tinks agin" I smiled nodding and they hurried off.

"Diosa ka talaga giirrlll!" Lex said squeezing my arm and she chuckled. Finally a song the band can play well (and man did the band sang it well to be fair) . I went swaying and moaning softly as soon as I heard the guitar intro of After Dark (by Tito and Tarantula) I blew out the remaining candle and took lexie's hands as I slowly rose up. "Sayaw tayo" I said. She smiled slowly rose up and I put her arms around my neck and slowly slide my hands to her shapely hips.

watching her
strolling in the night so white
wondering why
it's only after dark

We danced pressing our bodies together, swaying to the music, staring passionately into each other's eyes.
I lovingly held her cheeks and planted soft kisses on her pretty face, kisses that became passionate sucking and licking going very sexy on her neck and ears. "Uhmmm shiittt ang saraapp girl ohhhh god b-babyyy!" she moaned head turning, as we continue to sway. I locked lips with her, hungry passionate kissing, sucking, intertwining tongues.

In her eyes
a distant fire light burns bright
wondering why
it's only after dark

She then gently pushed me and muttered "This is so wrong". We sat down and I lighted a candle. She took a long puff of the remaining sweedee and then drinks my mojito, she bowed slowly letting out a smoke. I gently lifted her chin and stared at her eyes "what is so wrong, sweetie?" I said as my thumb caresses her cheek. She smiled teasingly and feeled my hand on her cheek then kisses it "uh, nothing?" She blew out the candle and then took my hands and said in a passionate tone "let's dance, b-baby".

I find myself in her room
feel the fever of my doom

We swayed sexilly to the music again, her arms around my neck, our bodies pressing even harder with my hands caressing her sides. We lock lips again, this time more passionate, hotter than ever, more fucking sexy, tongues twisting, sucking.

Falling falling
through the floor
I'm knocking on the devil's door yeah!

Her head turned sexilly, she went panting "baby ohh baby oh my godd ohhh" as she lets me lick and suck her. I slowly unbutton her shirt. "B-baby w-what are you doing? o my god shit!" she whispered. I opened her plaid shirt that revealed nice looking bras cupping her well formed firm boobies. (light morena version of my cheesecakes, really)

In the dawn
I wake up to find her gone
and the note
says "only after dark"

"O my god girl baka makita tayo!" she exclaimed as I sexilly unbutton my shirt.  "I want you to see me baby" I said in a passionate tone. Shirt open, I took her hands to my undershirt "ohhhh my god o my goooddd shit shiiittt" she utters nervously, as we slowly lift my shirt up. "Ohm myyyy god fuckk!" she exclaimed as my bosoms slowly get exposed for I wasn't wearing any bra (as always). I sweated more as she looked at my naked boobs,  "O my god beh, ang ganda ganda mo talagal!" she said in a longing tone. "Touch them baby, please" I whispered as I took her hands, slowly sliding up to my bosoms,  "Ohh my goddd shitt shiiittt" she gasped as I made her fondle them.

Burning burning in the flame
now I know her secret name

I moaned at the delicous feel of her soft supple hands. "Shit di ko pa nakagawa sa girl to goddd! tanginaaa!" "you like them sweetie?" I said caressing her arms. "Shit yes babe, ang super pretty nang boobs mo, tangina shit ang sarap hawakan".  "Ohh shit Lex ang stiff nang nipples ko ang sarapp"
"Ttah lagahhh girrll?" she moaned passionately.

You can tear her temple down
but she'll be back and rule again yeah!

Again we locked lips as, our hungry mouths trying to outsuck each other, tongues going wild. "Harder, baby" I whispered as I nibble and suck her ear  "yes babe yes" she whispered she kneaded and fondled my boobs hard, pulling, pinching my nipples, mimicking what I did to hers. "Ohhh lexie" I moaned  "masarap ba? you like that baby" she murmured "uhmm yess, ang sarap sobra baby ohh gawdd you're ohhh, m-making me so hot and wet".

In my heart a deep and dark
and lonely part
wants her and waits for After dark

"Ohhmm shit talaga b-aby? I'm making you so wet?" she murmured as we suck lips, "mm-mm" I murmured and she went even harder on my boobs. We continue to sway and I slowly unzipped her jeans, she was wearing thongs and I caressed her smooth round bums. "Baby ohhh good wet nako sayo tangina, I'm so fucking wet for you!" Lex said  "I'm so fucking wet for youshittt!"

After dark, after dark, after dark

When the song Once in a Lifetime began to play (by Gregorian, and not played by the band) , we slowly moved to a darker spot whilst kissing torridly, passionately fondling and caressing each other, swaying and turning sexilly, Totally lost in each other, as if we're the only people there. I slowly sank on the cushioned bench.

Cuando anochezca ( When the night falls )
Te esperare ( I will wait for you )
Quiero volverte loco esta noche ( I want to drive you crazy tonight )
Con La luna llena ( With the full moon )
Te esperare ( I will wait for you )
Hoy moriras entre mis brazos ( Today you will die in my arms )
Nunca sonaste algo igual ( You never dreamed about something like this )

She lets me pull her pants down and she got off them, she fondled and kneaded my boobs again and then with one hand she unzipped my jeans and she pulled them down to my knees.

When you're near me, I close my eyes,
I want to feel you by my side
When you kiss me, I close my eyes,
I want you by my side

she slowly sank on to my lap and then murmured "for you my sweet baby" and slowly unhooks her bra and revealed her sexy breasts. I fondled and suckled them very hard and she went moaning and groaning with her fingers running through my hair.

When I realize there's no telling lies,
Then I know it once in a lifetime
Making love to you, every time it's new,
You know you're my once in a lifetime

I kneaded and caressed her bums as our hips went bobbing, rocking, and swaying, rubbing our crotches hard, shit our panties became more soaking wet than ever.

Todo tu cuerpo temblara ( All your body will tremble )
Pero esta vez, es realidad ( But this time it will be real )
Aunque el tiempo pase ( Though time passes by )
Nunca, nunca lo olividaras ( You will never,never forget it )
Sera ( It will be )
Solo una vez en tu vida ( Only once in your lifetime )

I slid my hand inside her soaking wet thongs making her moan even louder. She fondled and kneaded my boobs hard as I rub and caress her sopping wet puki, going hard between her pussy lips and making her clit so fucking stiff and hot. "oh my goddd babyyy uhhh tang inaaahh shiittt!!" she screamed squeezing my boobies hard as two fingers went deep and hard in her lovehole. I finger fuck whilst suckling her, my other hand exploring her gorgeous body, despite the noise I could still hear sloshing, sucking sounds coming from her crotch.

When you touch me, I burn inside,
Colder chills run down my spine
When you take me, it's hot in love,
- Can't get enough!

"Ohhh deeeperr b-aby oh godd p-please go deeppeerrr uhhh!" she whimpered with tears falling, as hot sweet smelling lovejuice flowed profusely from her tight, swollen puki.

When I realize there's no telling lies,
Then I know that once in a lifetime
Making love to you, every time it's new,
You know you're my once in a lifetime

Once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime

Her hips began to bob and rock even faster when she climaxed and my fingers went deeper and harder, hitting her g-spot, thumb rubbing her swollen clit the back of my hand rubbing my pussy outside my soaking wet panties, and despite the noise, I can still hear very sexy sloshing and sucking sounds from our pussies.

Giving all I've got, I'm your love-me-not,
You're my lover, once in a lifetime
Taking care of you, every time it's new,
You know you're my once in a lifetime

She cupped my face and we stared lovingly at each other, each going bitelipped. "I love you so much sweet baby, uhmm oh goddd I love you so much!" she said gaspingly whilst she plants passionate kisses all over my face. She bit a finger whimpering very loudly, tears falling in erotic agony.

(When you're by my side and I want you hot)
(When I close my eyes then i touch the skies)
(When I realise there's no telling lies)
(Making love to you Everytime it's new)

When you're near me, cant get enough
Once in a lifetime

She then locked lips with me to keep from going loud, I shoved my fingers even deeper and then she came whimpering, fucking very hard, drowning my hand in sweet smelling lovejuice. I went on fingering her very deep, hard, and fast as her sweet warm juice keep pouring from her lovehole.

(When you're by my side and I want you hot)
(When I close my eyes then i touch the skies)
(When I realise there's no telling lies)
(Making love to you Everytime it's new)

When you're near me,cant get enough
Once in a lifetime

She fell on me whimpering, panting and gasping "Ohhh baby, I love you so much shit ohhh my god tang inaaa! I love you soooo much!" she whimpered, gasping and panting as her rocking and bobbing slows down.

When I realize there's no telling lies,
Then I know that once in a lifetime
Making love to you, every time it's new,
You know you're my once in a lifetime

"Hey" I said and she looked at me and murmured back "hey" and then mouthed a kiss, her chin resting on a fist over my chest. "I have never done anything like this before, never crossed my mind shit!" She said sounding very chipper "and my god I've never been so hot, wild and and so fucking wet tangina!"

I smiled and made cutesy faces at her and she did same and we went giggling. I slowly pull my fingers from her throbbing lovehole with a squish and she watched me suck her sweet warm juice from them. "Sarap?" she whispered, "Uhmm, you're so very sweet" I whispered back. She moaned as she sexilly suck and lick my fingers.

"Masarap bang ginawa kong paglamas sa ma nga sexy mong boobs bhey?" she said as she fondles my boobs. "Yes very" I said brushing hair behind her ear "magaling ba? for a first timer like me?"
"OO!!" I said loudly squeezing her bosoms  "Talaga?!!!" she yelled teasingly squeezing my boobs even harder.  "You're so fucking kulit, YESSS!!!" I yelled twist pulling her nipples which were still stiff.  "Ayy!! yhihihi, naugh-ty-naugh-ty, bad-bad-girrrrllll-kaaa!!!" she said chuckling, squeezing my bosoms very hard with each syllable.

Once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime

We suck lips as the song ends, "tago na natin to bhey" she said pulling my shirt down as we kissed "baka may makakita pa" and we giggled. "Uhmm thanks bhey" she murmured as I hooked her bra.

Her phone rang and we got up and hurriedly fixed ourselves. We lighted the candles again and then I buzzed for a waiter and ordered a big frosty red sangria for us to share. We partook another sweedee as we shared the cold drink, we were so fucking thirsty that we quickly finished the 20 ouncer so I ordered another.

Bo came back looking very stressed and pissed. "Babes bakit basang basa ka uh kayo nang pawis?" he asked as she saw us with our wet shirts only buttoned at the middle. "ang init kaya beh" she said while fanning ourselves with the menu card, she then she rolled her eyes to me and we chuckled. He sat down and ordered a frosty light beer. "Uh babes darating sina (I forgot their names ok lang?)" he said,
"bakit?" Lex said sounding annoyed  "uh ano kasi uh ok lang ba?" he said scratching his head,
"ewan ko sayo! hmmph! leche ka! tangina yan ka na naman!" she looked at me and whispered  "Burot talaga!" and mouthed "tang ina!"

"Girl pano yan hindi ka nag cum?" she said in a hushed tone, caressing my thigh, "hmm nikanina you called me baby?" I murmed smiling with a raised eyebrow, she then looked at bo who is again glued to his celly. "pano yan my sweet sweet baby I wasn't able to make you cum? oh ano happy na?" she said giggling with a hand at my crotch. "Oh my god I still can't believe I did all that, ang landi landi ko shit" she said behind the menu card "napaka ahh shit we're so fucking daring, ang wild natin" "Uhm ..." I said grinning tauntingly "my first girl to girl oh my god shittt in public oh my god what if may nakakita satin? scandal nato!"

"uhmm, well..." I said brushing hair behind her ear "like mo ba?" she paused for a moment and looked at me lovingly caressing my crotch "mmm, oo naman, mm baby? it was so fucking exciting, and uhm" "wot?" I said "uhm uh sayo lang ako naka feel nang hottest, sweetest, wettest kiss ever and sayo palang lang ako nag cum talaga nang sobra" she whispered and went giggling, and she mouthed I love you and then gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

She took a long puff of the weedee and sexilly blew at my face and I did cutesy faces at her. Bo again excused himself "babes labas lang ako tingnan ko lang kung nanjan nasil..."  "Ah bahala ka leche!!!"

"Mam" He said to me smiling shyly scratching his head and he went out. "Wag kanang bumalik shit ka!" she whispered.  "Ganyan din when I came to Puerto, funfare, friends, relatives, everytime we go out I will meet new friends or relatives, along with people I've already met pakshet! palibhasa"  "uhm palibhasa wot?" I asked puffing a smoke and then she takes a puff  "palibhasa wala pa atang naging girlfriend!"
"oh ganun?" I said chuckingly blowing out a smoke,  "gusto kang ipangalandakan kaya nagyaya!"

"Uhhh, what" I asked  "He wants to brag, show you off, crush ka ata eh hihihi"  "Jealous?" I said caressing her behind the ear. "Wehhh?! I don't fucking care, bukas break na kami and bura na fb account ko". "harsh" I said "and besides" she said putting her arms around me "may behbhey naman ako diba?" looking at me lovingly.

"So pano yan bhey, di ka nag cum?" She said smiling sweetly and I shrugged doing a cutesy. She blew out all the candles and pulled me to her and lovingly suck my lips, followed by very torrid kissing, moaning loudly as we went, she's totally spaced no longer caring if we get caught. Her hand went inside my shirt and fondled and kneaded my bosoms, twisting, pulling the stiff nipples, "I really love your boobs baby uhmm" she whispered while sucking and licking my neck.  "Ohh Lex, mmm Lexiee" I whimpered passionately.

Her hand slid down and popped my jeans' button, and slowly unzips me. I let her pull it down to my knees, she dipped inside my still soaking wet knickers making me moan loudly, and squeezing my thighs together. "tanghina shit Uhmm wala bang pangit sayo bhey? ang tambok at ang smooth nang pussy moooo!" she said very gigil.

Her supple fingers went hard between my pussy lips and clit making my lovejuice flow profusely. "Oh my god I haven't done this to any girl, except to myself, shit bakit ang sarap uhh shit ang sarap sarap gawin sayo!" "ohhh Lexieee" I moaned "You like it babe?" she murmurs as we suck lips. "mm-mm" I moaned, my face grimacing in sexual agony. My puki went sloshing and squishing as her slender, supple fingers explored every inch of my womanhood.

My jeans went further down and my right leg got free of it allowing me to spread my thighs. Her fingers entered me making me arch "oh my gooddd babyyy!!!" I yelled. "tanginaa baby you're so fucking tight masakit ba?" she whispered. "Nooo uhhh babe uhmm sarap sobra, goo deeper baby, p-please" I whimpered, she gently pulled me by my neck "Yess baby ummm yesss I love you so much mmm" she murmurs as we suck lips. We kissed torridly with her hand caressing the back of my head as her delicious fingers went even harder and deeper, hot juice squirting from my lovehole with her every push.

She fingered me slow, hard and deep, thumb rubbing my stiff clit. She then popped my shirt open and pulled my undershirt up exposing my bosoms again. She suckled and licked my bosoms while she fingered me. She stared fiercely passionately at me as she went licking and sucking very hard, drowning my bosoms in her warm drool, pulling my stiff nipples with her teeth.  "Baby ohhh baby" I Kept moaning while running my fingers through her hair.

            "Babes? san kayo? bat ang dilem dito?" Lex hurriedly pulled my shirt down "Babes?" Bo called again.  "Anooo!!!" she yelled angrilly "Anong ano, nasan ba-" Bo said as he turned to our direction
"bat nanjan kayo sa dilim?"  "Pwede bang tumalikod ka muna?" She said sounding very irritated
"bakit babes?"  "kasi bukas shirts namin eh ha pwede ba haaa? Pwedeeeeh?!" She yelled angrilly, bo quickly turned away  "Ay sori babes, sori po uhm mam sori po, di ko alam man, babes, bakit ba kasi" bo said sheepishly.

"Mainit kasi ok?" she said in an irritated tone. I pull up my jeans, her fingers still deep in my pussy. "Baby?" I whispered "huh? ay shit" she exclaimed and pulled her hand from my panties and quickly closed my shirt, but I only had her fasten 3 buttons.

"Bakit di nalang man kayo nagpalepat man nang ibang tebol? may ma nga bakante na, agghhh! pakshet!" Bo yelled when he bumped hard onto something "Babes puydi na bang sindihan man ma nga kandela?"  "Ayan buti nga sa yo ang dami mong tanong lechee!" she said.  "Ano babes puydi na?"

"Sige naaa! Lex retorted, and then whispered "punyeta ka!" and she turned and put a leg over mine. Bo used his celly's flash to look for the candles so he could light them. "Baby??" I said with a frowned smile caressing her thigh, as the area gradually become brighter with each lighting of a candle  "kaiinis kasi eh bwisit na putang inang unggoy nato!" she muttered (muttered: pabulong usually galit - Lex).

She brushed hair behind my ears, "I'm very sorry my sweet baby" she whispered while planting soft kisses and nibbled my ear. "foh wha?" "I wasn't able to make you cum" I looked at bo, his back still turned, I took her cum soaked hand to my lips and gently kissed and nibbled her wrist and palm.  "Masarap ba bhey?" she whispered " "mm-mm" I replied whilst I continue nibbling and kissing her hand which glistened in the candlelight.

She then sucked and licked my cum from her hand, going so sexy with her lips and tongue. "You taste so good bhey, so very warm and sweet" I went bitelipped and made cutesy faces at her, she giggled and kissed me and also made cutesy faces, I suddenly thought of Saeko.

"Doon ka nga!" she said still irritated as she orders bo to go back where he's sitting earlier. Bo bowed looking very humiliated. We ordered another round of drinks and requested that the band play the song After Dark again.  "Meron ka pa bhey?" Lex said as she puts a thigh over mine and then takes a sip of the drink. "Here o" I said handing a sweedee, she lights it up and took a long puff. She began to sway erotically with the guitar intro and sexilly blows the smoke to my face. She looked so fucking sexy as wind from the fan blew her hair and shirt exposing her smooth, lean tummy.

watching her
strolling in the night so white
wondering why
it's only after dark

She continues to sway sexilly for me with arms in the air, then running her hands through her hair while rubbing her crotch at my thigh. We each took a long puff of the sweedy (sweet weedstick duh?) and I put it on the ashtray. I held her hips and swayed with her. She mouthed a sexy kiss and whispered "I love you" and ran her fingers through my hair, pressing her knee at my crotch.

In her eyes
a distant fire light burns bright

She puts her arms around my neck, with my hands caressing her silky-smooth and shapely sides. We sexilly swayed looking fiercely passionately into each other's eyes.

wondering why
it's only after dark

She looked at bo who seemed to sleeping with his head face down, arms folded on the table.

I find myself in her room
feel the fever of my doom
Falling falling

She smiled wickedly and with one hand slowly pops the three buttons of her shirt as we continue sway erotically and then she pulls her bra up exposing her lovely round bosoms again.

through the floor
I'm knocking on the devil's door yeah!

In the candlelight I saw that her nipples were like those of my sweet cheesecakes (Saeko) only a wee lighter.

In the Dawn
I wake up to find
Her gone
And a note says
'Only After Dark'

My hands slide up to her bosoms, her arms around my neck, fingers running through my hair. I lovingly fondle and knead her sexy bosoms, twisting and pulling the stiff nipples thinking of my sweet sweet Saeko. Lex moaned with her eyes closed.

Burning burning
In the flame
Now I know her
Secret name

We stared passionately into each other's eyes as we slowly come together. We kissed torridly, hungry mouths wanting to outsuck one another, moaning loudly

You can tear her temple down
But she'll be back
And rule again (yeahhh!)

as the song nears it's end, I pulled down her bra and closed her shirt. "I want to uhmmm make love to you again mmm and again, mmm and again" She murmured as we suck lips. “Talaga?” I murmured,

In my heart
A deep and dark
And lonely part
Wants her and
Waits for After Dark

“Yessss, I think I’m madly in love with you, Tang ina ka talaga bhey!!” she whispered and we went giggling.
“I really wanted to make you cum bhey” Lips pouting squeezing my cheeks. “Uhmm well..” I said then whispered something in her ear.

After dark, after dark, after dark

"Ha!!! oh my god tangina seryoso ka?!!!" she exclaimed her hands went to my shoulders. I smiled bobbing my head, "Babes I don't know parang, eewww!" she said cringing "come on puhleezzz?" I said doing cutesy faces whilst caressing her hand. "I-I dd-don't know bhey" she saw me doing a pouting sad face "Ahhh shit bahala na!" she moved closer to bo and whispered to his ear.

"Ha? babes parating sina (sorry really forgot the names all I can remember is a certain dado or was it dudoy who is his cousin) "ano ba!" she yelled and bo looked at me and I smiled and he got embarassed.
"O sigi babes, text ko sina, pwede ba sila...."  "Ay Putang ina, tang ina talagang talaga! ano ba?!!!" she yelled and pushed the celly away,  "sige babes sorry na, cr muna ako" he nodded at me smiling sheepishly and went to the privy.

Lex insisted that we split the bill, but I only took a thousand from her. We finished our drink and the sweed as we waited for bo "ang bongga naman nang tip mo girl, 100 lang pwede na!" she said slinging her coach bag. Bo came back looking all cleaned up. "Tera na babes". He then turned to me and offered to carry my duffle for me "no it's ok kuya, kaya ko to thanks very much" I said smiling.

“Heres to the most beautiful and mysterious woman in the house tonight, thank you for gracing us with your uncanny divineness and we hope to see you again soon!” The band’s lead said over the mic.

They again played After Dark as we walk out the resto, Lexie puts her arms around me and smiled sweetly as it reminded her of something very hot and sexy that happened earlier. I turned and smiled teasingly waving my fingers to the band. Again I went like moses on some monkeys to go like the red sea so Lexie and I can pass easily. A waitress then came running to us and handed a big bottle of wine.

"Compliments of (sorry really forgot the fucking name of the restopub) ma'am, thank you for coming and please come back again soon" the waitress said.  "Ooohhh, Pinot Noir, Merci beaucoup" I said nodding and smiling to the waitress and she smiled but looked puzzled "mar-aming sa-lamat" I said "ah haha ok, you're very welcome ma'aaammm" the waitress said. The manager smiled and waved from the bar, I smiled back tipping the bottle. I held the rather heavy bottle by it's neck "huuwooowww bonggaa! celebrity ba ire?!" Lex remarked chuckling and pinching my side  "sama ka sakin sa city of dreams bhey test natin powers mo dun ahahaha".

"Beh eto oh kaw na mag drive !" Lex said, throwing the keys to bo "babes puydi ba naten hintayin pinsan ko? parating na yun nasa kanya skuter ko"  "Ay nakooo putang ina!!!" Lex yelled angrilly "o sigi tix ko nalang, ay nasayo ba cel ko babes?"  "oo nasa bulsa ko maya mo nalang i text!".  

"Thanks po kuya" I said as bo opened the door for me he opened the front right seat door for lex but she joined me in the backseat.  "What the fuck is this?" she said pointing to the ugly sheet of naugahyde hanging behind the frontseats "privacy ba ito?" she then looked at me with a smirk "hmmmm".

“Ah matik pala man to” bo said as he got on the driver’s seat. “problem po?” I said with a raised eyebrow “Ah no, mam, uh no problem”. he replied looking from the rear view. I tipped the manong guard, as the car slowly went out for the street.

Bo drove with the radio on, and we had shitty music all the way.
Me and Lex talked and "naglalandiang patago" (as Lex would call it) in the back seat, laughing, giggling tickling each other as the car went. The fucking board became very useful.

"Aay ayyy shiitttt" I yelled giggling when she pushed me down. Tang ina ang tibo tibo tibong tibo konaaa sayooo tang inaaa talagaa!!! she murmured going gigil on my bosoms, "uh what ?" I said smiling, looking puzzled "I said, I’m-so-so-so-fuck-ing-les-bi-an-for-you!" she said squeezing my boobs with each syllable. "Ganun?" with a cutesy face. I pulled her and we torridly kiss.

"oohh my god oh my b-baby my sweet sweet baby ohhh shit" She moaned head turning as I kiss, suck and lick her. Mhmm b-aby, mmmhh don't stoppp" she murmured between kisses. My hands slide down and unzipped her.  "Uhmm baby kinky" she said grinning naughtily and then went bitelipped.

She took off her pants while on top of me, spread her thighs, and sexilly rubs herself on me. "Sige sweet baby, go" she whispered. I caressed and kneaded her smooth bums as my right hand went inside her knickers.  "Ohhhh shit baby ohhh fuckkk, don't sst-topp shit ohmy god!" she kept uttering panting as my fingers explored every inch of her womanhood.

We kiss torridly as she unbuttons my shirt and then roughly pulls up the undershirt exposing my boobs again.  "God you're so fucking beautiful uhmm, tangina ang ganda ganda mo talaga b-ehh!" she said in a low passionate tone whilst kneading my bosoms. "Kaw din bay-beee uhmm " I moaned running my fingers through her hair, then fondled and knead her bums again.

She looked at me fiercely as she suckled me hard, mimicking how my mouth loved her bosoms. Squeezing her bums, my fingers enter her, wriggling, squirming, probing, going deep.

"Ohhh shiitttt, uhhhh gooddd don't stoppp uhnggg! tangina ohh god, pasok mo pa shit deeper fuck shiiittt tang ina go deeper my sweet babyyy! deeepppeeeerrr!" she was getting loud so I pulled her and locked lips with her.  "uhmm baby mmhmm tangina oh my god i love you shit shit hummm" she kept sayings whilst opening her shirt.

Locked lips and moaning, squeezing our bare breast together, her hips bobbing as my fingers fuck her.
"Tang ina ang sarap mong ka sex bhey shit nakakabaliw ka! putang ina! uhmmmm!" she said in a hushed tone then went bitelipped while squeezing my boobs hard.  "We're not just having sex my dear girl" I said "ohhh? hihihi, what else?" sounding excited  "we're making love" I whispered  "naman! hihihi" she chuckled loudly.

"Ingay moooo! mmhhh" I muttered then went bitelipped as I squeeze her bums hard. "Kaw kasi eh" she said "nilandi mo ko! mas maingay ka kaya tang ina ka!"

I gasped with a frowning surprised look on my face, I went slapping her bums, and she went
"Oww shit aray aray hihiih Ows tangina ayyy! hiihi fuck! ang sakit tangina ka ayyy hiiihi!"

"Babes anong nangyayari jan? anong ginagawa niyo?" "Walaaa!" Lex replied angrilly "tang ina kang istorbong unggoy ka!" she muttered  "Anong wala babes?"  "Wala nga! nanonood nang scandal" Lex retorted.  "Ha talaga? scandal nino?" bo asked, sounding excited "Scandal nang asong kalye at pusang gala, ano masaya ka na haaa?!" she yelled angrilly.

"Babes?!" Bo called out again, "Anooo??!!!! ano ba kasi?" she said very irritated "bile ba muna tayo nang...!" "wag muna!" Lex said while running her fingers through my hair "gusto ko muna makita yung sinasabi mong place"

"Eh babes malayo yun chaka..." Bo went on "Ay putang ina talaggaa!" Lex whispered angrilly, she got up and fixed herself.  "San ba yun, malayo pa ba?" she said as she put her jeans on.  "Kunti nalang man babes". She then helped me fix myself. We held hands caressing with our thumbs with her head on my shoulder.

Bo drove the car to a seemingly secluded place, near a beach.  "Hoy bo san na tayo? san mo ba kami dinala? parang ang layo layo na natin"  "di ba sabi mo man babes medyo masukal, tapos malapit sa dagat?" Lex looked at me with a worried face, squeezing my hand.

"Dito na tayo babes" bo said as he makes a slow turn to a road bend, beside a very grassy lot (with low thick mango tree thick with leaves and well lipilipil?). "Eto na yun bo? nasan?" "yan man babes o" Bo said pointing to a shack or hut with very thick overgrowth which is about 50 feet away. there are some houses at a distance near the main road. "Pasok mo kotse nang malapit bo, ang putik" Lex said "madamo man babes" bo said as he stopped the car "Aayy nako tang ina!" she yelled and bo started the car and then it began to rain, "O ayan palalakarin mo kami sa ulan?"

Bo drove the car under the mango tree, Lex and I got out of the car to check the place out.
It has an elevated bamboo flooring, that seemed to be clean so Lex and I carried our flip-flops and sandals and walked barefoot on it. Pretty much open, no solid walls just bits and pieces here there, broken lattices, the overgrowth, plants, mango leaves and a junked suv provide cover.

Theres a wide bambo sofa with an old cushion adjacent to a papag covered by a tarp and a low square table which was clean but with bottle marks and cigarette burns. "Buksan ko ilaw babes?" bo offered "Ha may kuryente dito? Lex said as she sat down the bench.  "Oo dito kami nag iinuman at bidyoke nang trupa"

 "may cr din dabes, malines lagi" bo said mouthing to a privy among the overgrowth. "may tagalines man dito kada buwan"  "Ahhh, bongga!" Lex said awing. Bo took the tarp off the papag and folded it. The papag also has an old cushion on it and some pillows.   (It's a part of supposed to be a resort but, got into some financial shit)

"Upo ka bhey" Lex said in a low tone as she pulls me on the bench.  "Sooo what do you think ?" she said caressing my hand.  "It's nice, uhmm what's your word? bongga!" doing a cutesy "mhmm ang cute talaga nang baby koooo!" she said in a low tone squeezing my face.

"Ano babes buksan ko ilaw?" "wagna di naman mashadong madilim" Lex said as the hut may look so dark and gloomy outside but inside, light is coming from everywhere, particularly from the lamp post just a few meters away, and also light from vehicles which occasionally pass by.

"San na tayo bo? parang more than 1 hour tayo nag travel" Lex said looking around and puts her feet on the low table "midyo malayo man babes pero mabilis man nasa (sorry I forgot the...
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