All In The Fam 6

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Date: April 29, 2019 (5 months ago)

Oh sweet youth. Fucking my cousin Joanne was a different kind of erotic high. With her legs spread wide, halos wala ng space between her cunt and my cock. I was all the way in her. I could feel her pulsating cunt. Ramdam ko tibok ng puke nya when I stop pumping her. She was very wet and warm inside. Laman sa laman na kantutan, I flipped her over so I can kiss her while banging her. Humarap naman sya agad at yumakap sakin.

"Love you cousin."

Wow. That was unexpected.

"And I love fucking you, my beautiful cousin."

With our mouths locked in a torrid wet kiss, we came at the same time. The echoes of our orgasm rang and rang in our heads and bodies. When it subsided, I felt the pain of her fingernails buried on the skin of my butt.

Sabay bagsak ako sa tabi nya. She was catching her breath. I closed my eyes and still feeling the remnants of pleasure in my system.

Tahimik lang kaming magkatabi. Then she turned to me on her arms, parang may gustong sabihin.

"Ang sarap nun, Lance."

"Thank you, ate."

"Ate ka dyan, hoy, magkasing-edad lang tayo!"

"Oo nga, I'm 19. Ikaw 19 din di ba?"


"Good thing your dad didn't fuck you like he fucked Camille."

"Sinabi na pala sayo ni tita ang istorya."

"Why, secret ba yun dapat?"

"Hindi naman."

I turned to her. "How long has this been going on in your family, cuz?"

"Matagal na rin."

"As in?"

"Well, since you asked, parang hindi ako type ni tatay. Si Ate Camille talaga ang gusto nyo. Maliit pa kami, lagi nyang karga, kinakandong."

"I see."

"Pero may nangyari din samin ni Tatay."


"Matagal na yun, baka more than a year ago na rin."

"Ano nga yun?"

"Pumasok sya sa room ko. Wala si ate Camille, may overnight camping sa school. He was wearing a very tight white underwear. Bakat na bakat at bukol na bukol sya. Siempre nagulat ako."

I was listening intently.

"Then humiga sya sa kama ni ate Camille. Sabay tinanggal nya underwear nya. First time ko nakita burat ni tatay. I watched habang jinajakol nya."

I was getting hard again, damn! I touched her bare breast, fingered her right nipple.

"Tapos tinawag nya ko sa tabi nya. Nagpajakol sya sa akin. Hindi pa ko masyadong marunong siempre. Then hinawakan nya kamay ko ng kamay nya. Parang he was guiding me how to do it."

"Did he touch any part of you?"

"Hindi naman but he told me to remove my panties and show him my cunt."

"Did you follow him?"

"Oo naman, tinaggal ko panty ko sa ilalim ng pambahay kong t-shirt na oversized. Tapos tinaas nya shirt ko. Then para syang nagulat.

"Bakit daw?'

"I didn't know what he was expecting, pero sabi nya 'nak, kalbong-kalbo pa pala puke mo."

"Wow, that was wild."

"What's even more wild is, hinawakan nya pekpek ko briefly. Tapos nilabasan na sya agad. First time kong nakakita ng tamod na ganoong karami."

"Mas marami kesa kay Kuya Diego?"

"Parang mas marami yung pinutok ni tatay that night. Saka sobrang lapot, puting-puti din sya."

"Was that the first and last?"

"With tatay, yes. Feeling ko ayaw nyang magselos si ate Camille."

"Hey alam ni Kuya Diego yan?"

"Of course. I told him about it. Di naman sya nagulat."

"Grabe kayong magkakapatid. So wild."

"Judgmental ka naman masyado, Lancelot!"

"Ha? I meant it in a good way. Wild is good. You are wild. You are good."

"You know what's really wild?"


"Yung older sister ni tita Lucy, si tita Rose."

"And what about her?"

"Dalaga pa yun, halos 35 years old na sya."


"Bakit ganyan tanong mo? Do you even remember her from the crowd?"

"Oo naman. She's the one who is quite taller than tita Lucy, at kasing payat mo halos."

"Yung naka-green na shirt kahapon, yes sya nga yun."

"And why are you calling her wild?"

"Kase one time, masakit daw katawan nya. To namang si Kuya Diego, nag-offer na hilutin sya sa likod at legs."

"Ano naman masama dun?"

"Well, they went to her house and in her room. Dun sya hinilot ni Kuya Jegs."


"Kuya Jegs said he played with her cunt until she came."

"Oh shit. That is hot."

"Would you have guessed na ganoon sya?"

"No way, she looks strict. She hardly smiles."

"Kaya nga hanggang ngayon virgin pa e."

"Weh, pano mo naman nalaman?"

"Kuya Jegs said he wanted to finger her, pinigilan sya, kase daw she doesn't want to lose her virginity that way."


"Wow, ka dyan! Tumayo na naman your cock ha, Lancelot!"

"Kalibog kwento mo e."

"Maybe you should try to get close to her while you're here vacationing. Malay mo."

"Malay ko ano?"

"If she were to lose her virginity, might as well with a cock like yours di ba?"

"Baka di nya ko type."

"Watch me later. Sabihin ko magaling kang manghilot, na hinilot mo paa at hita ko."

"And why will you do that?"

"I want to see you fuck her."

"You're bad."

"It wasn't my original idea, by the way."

I gave her a confused look. "What do you mean?"

"Si tita Lucy ang nag-float ng idea na yan. After she tasted fucking you. Sinabi nya samin ni Kuya Jegs the other night.

I got so hard again just thinking about it. And we have another night in the resort. Anything can happen, it's our last night together as a big clan.

"Let's see."

"Sus, let's see ka dyan e tigas na tigas yan."

Joanne was such a tease.

I fucked my cousin one more time, more slowly, more tenderly.

Then it was time to go back to the pool area with the rest of the gang. I took a closer look at tita Rose. She was wearing a mini-skirt. Ganda pala ng legs nya. Her pony-tailed hair shows her high cheekbone and thin facial profile. And like her sister Lucy, she has decent breasts, quite too big considering medyo payat sya. Moving closer to her, I realized shit, wala syang bra. I can see the outlin...
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