Massage To Remove My GF's Stress

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Date: March 26, 2019 (3 months ago)

My girlfriend and I run a high-end printing business that has gained a lot of clientele over the past five years. On the bright side, income has been good. On the down side, time to relax became scarce. And yes, stress at one point was beginning to catch up with us. Kaya naisipan naming mag-relax.

After one of those demanding client meetings and while driving home, my gorgeous girlfriend Irish made one of those deep breaths that produced a familiar sound of being both tired and stressed out. Even though she is indeed very tired, Irish remained very attractive. At 5'4", her 29-year-old frame is like that of a blossoming teenager as she's managed to remain within the 105-110 pound weight range through the years we've been together. Her shapely profile is covered by smooth fair skin down to where it matters where she is usually shaved completely, perfect 34-B breasts with nipples that permanently stand up and out, a butt that's so shapely even our most hardened clients obviously drool over it, and a pair of legs that's worth getting an insurance for! Recognizing she's probably all keyed up, I decided to pull over and told her how much I appreciate her hardwork and that I would do anything to make her feel better. She just kept quiet and smiled, telling me that how I should make her feel better is up to me. Medyo pagod sya pero hindi naman yung tipong gusto na niyang matulog agad.

Well, I've always been a believer of the idea that nothing takes your day's stress away like a good massage! Problem is, it was close to eleven in the evening and in area where we lived (Alabang), most massage centers would be closed by that time. I decided to call an athlete friend who by virtue of his rigid sports training would always be in need of a massage like twice a week. I stepped out of the car so that Irish would not hear what we were talking about as I wanted to surprise her! Meron daw syang ma-rerecommend! When I called the therapist, may mga reservations na daw sya for the night.

So naisip ko, mag-hotel na lang kami, siguro may in-room massage service naman doon. An overnight stay in this elegant hotel I had in mind and a massage that can soothe her tired body and nerves to sleep.

The hotel was always a treat – smiling, helpful staff that were nearly willing to carry both of us by their arms straight to our room! As soon as we settled, I started to making a reservation for massage which was recommended by a good friend from the area. I spoke to the guy, his name is Ed. Madaling kausap. He was pleasant yet pretty straight-forward. He described the massage session to me in detail, stating upfront he prefers that a woman is completely naked during the one-hour massage as I will anyway be there to watch over the "proceedings." When he learned I was getting his services for my girlfriend, he immediately went on to describe how she will soothe the body and mind of Irish. Since I liked what I heard, I told him to come over asap.

Irish was just stepping out of the bathroom as I ended my call to Ed. She asked who I was talking to and I said room service. She went to straight to bed and immediately cuddled me. I leaned forward to kiss her. Her robe gave way to my pressing hands. I just had to touch those beautiful breasts. Her arms gave way next. She held her right breast to my mouth, and I sucked them softly, almost reluctantly, until I saw her eyes shut and I started to vigorously tongue her nipples. I was still fully clothed so I hurriedly removed everything. My 7-inch cock sprang into action, Irish's typical effect on me.

We kissed for what felt like minutes, all the while touching each other's body. I kissed her breasts and buttocks… then went for her legs, my favorite part of her body. Couldn't help but smell the fragrance of her cunt, which by now was starting to open up. Her perfect clit showed up in all its redness when I stroked her. I quickly parted those voluptuous lips and gently rolled my tongue up from her butt to her clit. She moaned and her body slightly jolted with nearly every stroke of my tongue on her moist cunt. I really enjoy drinking her juices, and she's the kind who juices up a lot!

Irish returned the compliment by bending her body to the point that her mouth reached the tip of my much hardened cock. She loves to play with the head of my cock before swallowing all of it down to the deepest corners of her throat. She sucked so well that I felt I was going to explode if she did not slow down. Gladly, she decided to move to my balls which always felt wonderful. She tongued every inch of my balls, went down to lick the sides of my legs and my butt. I felt I was ready to fuck her so I stood up and positioned myself.

The door bell rang. Nga pala may massage reservation for her. I almost forgot that a masseur was coming in to massage my girlfriend. Irish paused and motioned for me to run to the door as she covered herself. I had like a minute to tell her that the room service was actually a massage service for her. I was afraid she'll be upset because it interrupted one very hot sex. But when I told her it was a masseur that I called to give her a relaxing one-hour massage, she hugged me and thanked me for the thoughtfulness!

I got dressed and Ed came in. Nothing fantastic except for being clearly muscular but not exaggerated like gym rats, really more athletic than buff, rugged appearance, a bit of facial hair, generally smooth skin. Mukhang malinis. He's a former nurse, maybe that helps as I found out later. He's about an inch shorter than I am and I'm 5 ft 10 in tall. He has a beard that looks well maintained. I shook his hand and pointed him to his client. He was so polite and reached out to shake my girlfriend's hand and greeted her a pleasant evening. Then I told him she's ready.

He excused himself to the rest room and I heard what sounded like he was washing his hands. After another minute, he came out in an undershirt and in one of those bicycle shorts that hugged his torso like second skin. I was surprised with his attire, or lack of it if I may say, knowing that during a massage session, his body can come into contact many times with my girlfriend's body. Being not the most conservative husband in the world, I realized what the heck.

Irish was lying face down when Ed asked if it's ok to take her robe off. My girlfriend looked at me and I approached the bed to remove her robe myself. Her naked body stood out like a shining flower vase in the middle of an elegant room. Ed proceeded to put oil all over her back, then her legs. So far he has done what looked like typical stuff that masseurs do – kneading her shoulders, pressing gently on her arms, running his thumb over the narrow stretch of her leg. When he reached the shapely buns of my girlfriend, his fingers were visibly spread out. He ran them up and down her butt, then made circular motions every once in a while. Then he made a move that separated the delicious cheeks of my girlfriend's butt. He did it in such a way that he would hold on to the cheeks while they were spread out, clearly giving him a good view of Irish's cunt. Now I recall we were nearly at the peak of our lovemaking when he came knocking. I couldn't help but notice the wet spot beneath Irish's cunt – I told you she's a juices up big time! Ed kept doing it then stopped only to spread her legs this time. His hands started working on my girlfriend's upper thighs. At this point I decided to pull my chair closer to the bed, directly at the foot of Irish where Ed just partially covers me and where I can see his hands at work.

Ed stroked her upper legs firmly. As his hands moved to the top of her legs, I saw him slow down and pressed what looked like the sides of my girlfriend's cunt very gently. His thumbs were clearly pressing up and down on the shaved cheeks of my girlfriend's cunt. I tried to look more closely, surprised with myself that something like that was part of the massage. Ed looked at me as I leaned forward and asked me if he should stop. Before I could say anything, Irish said no! I smiled at Ed and gestured him to just keep going. Then he stood up so that he could spread Irish's legs more liberally. At this point, my girlfriend was totally naked and at that lying face down with her legs spread so far apart. As Ed went back to the same bed where my girlfriend was anticipating more, I could not help but notice how his bike shorts were suddenly strained to the max in front. He was definitely very hard and I admit I was too!

Ed positioned himself on top of Irish's back to the point that he was facing her feet. He then slowly sat down on the back of Irish where noticeably the cock in his skin-tight shorts was resting on the upper side of her back. He then reached out and applied swift strokes from the upper to the lower part of Irish's legs. Each time he did so, his face came into close contact with my girlfriend's wide-open cunt. I did notice that each time he would lean forward and get close to Irish's cunt while doing the massage on her upper legs down, he would blow some hair and make that strong "woooh" sound from his mouth. I saw Irish move her butt very gently, almost involuntarily, up then down. Ed kept blowing air to my girlfriend's cunt without really letting his mouth touch her pussy, but the hot air he's blowing sure made Irish's cunt all the more wet and she now was glistening under the light. Her white juices were starting to liberally flow from her tight pink hole to the sides of her shaved cunt, and her cunt hole was partially open by now. At this point, I wanted to pound her with my rigid cock, but I sensed I shouldn't interrupt what was clearly a massage session we're all enjoying.

Then came to the point where he asked Irish to turn over. This time with her breasts and cunt exposed like never before to any other man, Ed started to apply oil on her feet, going up to her knees and thighs. He then lifted one of Irish's legs and moved it apart from the other leg, again exposing her pink, shaved flesh. Grabe she was all juiced up. Her cunt hole by now was all shiny and white with her juices, and I'm sure Ed can see it!

Ed was done with her legs and I thought he was headed north to Irish's very wet cunt. But he stood up and went to the side of my girlfriend, put oil on his hands and applied them almost like without touching her skin – on her left breast. He was doing circular motions, pressing the firm sides of her breasts, clearly avoided the nipple. He did it first with one hand, then used both hands in such a way that my girlfriend's nipples were at the center of his two hands. Stroking her breasts gently, I saw Irish bite her lower lip. It was then when I saw Ed place her nipples between his two thumbs, rubbing them on the sides, trapping it between his fingers. My girlfriend threw her head back in pleasure, and almost by instinct spread her legs some more. Ed was visibly encouraged. He reached out for the Kleenex by the bedside table and grabbed a few pieces to wipe the oil of Irish's breasts. I was thinking that's how he finishes his massage of the breast, by cleaning it up!! He definitely had other things in mind! Ed then bent over my girlfriend's breast and rolled his tongue over her nipple. My girlfriend was squirming by now. I saw him hold the back of Ed's head, which made Ed open his mouth and suck her nipples harder. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and how my girlfriend was reacting to it! I couldn't believe how hard I got while watching all of this happen.

Ed kept sucking her nipple, stopped only to plant gentle kisses on the sides and flesh of her breast. He moved to the other side of the bed and did exactly the same on my girlfriend's right breast, this time with a hand gently caressing the other breast as he sucked one of them. My girlfriend's nipples were so hard that you could stably stand a dime on top of it! When he lifted his head from Irish's breasts, I could see his saliva dripping on her nipples and my girlfriend looked like she was about to come. Almost like a choreographed move, Ed stood up and left my girlfriend's body shaking. The bulge in his pants has grown immensely, tinatamaan na rin ang loko.

He walked to the table where there was drinking water, took a sip then went back to my waiting girlfriend. Ed this time positioned himself between her legs. Irish so freely parted her legs when her masseur lifted one and moved it to her side. I love it when she spreads her legs widely, almost like that of a ballet dancer's split. Ed then used her own lubrication, which by this time was uncontrollably flowing on the sides of her cunt, to massage the sides of her vagina. He ran his thumb up and down the sides, and would rotate his fingers on top of her shaved pubic mound. He kept rubbing the sides of her cunt, and then slowly moved his thumb right at the center of her crack. Again I had to move closer to see what's happening. Ed gave me that look again, as if asking if he may or may not continue. At this point, my girlfriend was lifting her buttocks to receive Ed's hands so I was in no position to say no. Besides, it was so exciting to see her so aroused by what I thought was just a stress-busting massage. My erection was straining my briefs all throughout! Sex is the best way to bust stress after all!

His hands were alternating from rubbing the sides to rubbing the very middle of her crack, and Ed was doing is so smoothly that it was producing a very faint yet erotic sound. Just as I thought Irish was going to explode, Ed began to focus on her clit, with his right thumb directly on top of it caressing downwards, while the left hand begins to explore the entrance of her hole.

Irish was in ecstasy, has shed all inhibitions, started vigorously playing with her own breasts while squirming on the hands of her masseur. This part of the massage went on much longer than any other part! I saw my girlfriend take successive deep breaths, then her body trembled while the masseur's thumb kept attacking her clit with his thumb and while the rest of his fingers caress her entire vagina. She came and she was shaking. Her breasts and neck turned so red that I thought she'd faint.

Just as I thought that concludes the massage, Ed stood up and went to the part of the room where he left his bag. He opened it but I could not see clearly from where I was what he was doing. When he turned around, I saw what looked like an 6-inch vibrator in his hands, still neatly wrapped in what looked like security packaging. He told me it's brand new and would like to use it on my girlfriend without condoms so she will feel every inch of the ribbed vibe. Irish's eyes opened when she heard what he was saying, and this time it was my turn to say go ahead. My girlfriend gave me a huge naughty grin. Ed then asked me if he may do the honors, he said it so politely that there was no way I could say no, especially after seeing how prepared my girlfriend was for it.

He then sat beside Irish, his muscled arm leaning on one side of the body while the other held the vibe firmly. Ed placed the tip of the vibe on my girlfriend's entrance, slightly rotating it while my girlfriend moaned in pleasure. I then saw him flick the switch, and the buzzing sound led to jerking movements of the vibe. It was then when he started to slowly insert it in my girlfriend's cunt. Here I was, watching the masseur I hired to remove my girlfriend's stress, giving her what was perhaps the best sex of her life.

I heard Ed ask my girlfriend if she wants it deeper. Irish gave out one erotic YES, and her masseur plunged the whole thing suddenly inside her. My girlfriend screamed in what sounded more like pleasure than pain. At this point I walked towards her, held her in my arms, and kissed her mouth. I was kissing her softly, just enough to reassure her that everything's ok and that I loved what was happening as much as she clearly does. I was kissing her when her body jolted again as she apparently came so strongly that she reached out for my hand and gripped it so tight. Ed did not stop pumping the vibe in and out of her juiced up cunt. My girlfriend kept moaning and moving her hips wildly this time, then jolted again for her next orgasm.

I continued kissing her and caressing her hair. I looked at how E...
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