Age Does Not Matter (Daw) Part 2

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Date: March 25, 2019 (3 months ago)

I arrived early the following morning. I was refreshed, there was a spring in my steps. I couldn't figure why.

I entered my office, sat, and began perusing the draft contracts prepared by our agents for a prospective clients. I was deep in thoughts when the door opened. Hi pare! Si Ric, my business partner. I looked at him asking myself why he was there. Oh oh, nalimutan mo ano, biglang sabi ni Ric. It immediately dawned on me the personal assistant he wanted me to hire. After him entered our pretty HR head, married with 2 kids. They sat in front of my table.

O pare, ready ka nang ma meet ang bago mong personal assistant, tanong ni Ric. Sige pare, papasukin mo. He texted her to come in. The door opened and all three of us looked at her at the same time. Ric wasn't joking. This girl is awesome! Very beautiful, fair complexioned, long shapely legs, very nice curves (I was thinking, her vitals would be 36-25-36). And I was able to ascertain all these while just looking at her eyes. That's a skill man. It's what I call "enhanced peripheral vision" hehehe.

I motioned to her to take a seat. She sat beside our HR head. I began my questions. So you're Agnes. So what did your ninong tell you about your prospective work here? With a pronounced fear and tripidation she answered, personal assistant sir. I continued, would you be willing to travel with me as my secretary/personal assistant? She looked first at Ric who nodded to her and then she looked at me and said, yes sir. Ninong assured my Dad that I'll be in good hands with you. I smiled at Ric.

I looked at our HR head and then instructed Agnes, kindly prepare me a cup of coffee. She immediately stood and asked me, Sir, black or with sugar and cream? Black, I answered. She left my office to prepare my coffee. The three of us began talking other personnel issues. I felt that our HR head was already briefed by Ric that Agnes is practically hired already. All that was needed was for me to say that she's hired.

After 3 minutes, Agnes returned with a cup of coffee. I took a sip. Lumaki bigla ang mga mata ko na bigla ring ikinatakot ni Agnes. I took another sip and smiled. Saan ka natutong mag prepare ng ganitong coffee. Full bodied, strong enough to get the aporoval of a US navy officer. Her apprehensive facial expression immediately changed. She gave me the sweetest smile and said, I always prepare a cup for my Dad every morning Sir. I nodded and stared at her, the kind of stare that would make a sweet girl uncomfortable. Then I said, because of this coffee, you're hired. She looked at me with surprise and asked, really sir? Hired ka na Agnes, ang linaw ng sabi ni pareng Brian, Ric interjected. Agnes ran towards me and hugged me tightly. Thank you very much sir, she whispered to my ear while hugging me. Medyo tumayo ang aking..... balahibo (kayo talaga, advance mag isip hahaha). Nakiliti ang tenga ko sa pag bulong nya sa akin na halos dikit ang lips nya sa tenga ko. Our tight embrace was interrupted by the loud voice of Ric, mission accomplished! Pare bukas na magsimula si Agnes ha. She owes me lunch. I nodded and said, see you Agnes tomorrow morning and I want my coffee ready when I arrive. Yes sir, you can be sure of that, Agnes responded. Then the three of them left my room. I leaned back on my swivel chair and closed my eyes. I recalled Agnes' beautiful face, her super sexy body, her nice voice, her soft breasts which I felt when she hugged me. Then I immediately came to my senses. She's only 22 and the main reason why Ric and her Dad want her to work under me is that I am trustworthy. I began humming an old song, "young girl, get out of my mind."

I was still musing when my cp rang. Tito Bri, sabi ni mommy lunch na lang tayo instead of dinner. Si Kat. Our relatives from UK who will attend my party tomorrow night will be arriving late afternoon and mom wants me to be here at home. Puede ka ba lunch? It was already 11:15 AM. I just can't say no to Kat especially when she uses her super lambing tone. So I said, ok see you at 12:15 at the Pen. She again screamed in delight.

I arrived at the restaurant earlier than Kat. I took my seat and looked at the menu. Then Kat arrived, wearing a mini skirt and a tight light colored shirt. Her attire accented her to die for figure. Almost every guy and gal was looking at her. She's really stunning. And she's very pretty. All the waiters stopped on their tracks, some still carrying the orders of other diners. I stood as she approached. Then when we were facing each other, she leaned forward, gave me a light embrace and kissed me on my lips! I was taken aback. I looked at our waiter who gave me a wink and a broad smile and two thumbs up.

I helped Kat and have her seated. As I sit, I softly said, you naughty girl, what was that for? Wala lang, hihihi she replied. Naughty naughty naughty, I kept telling her. And she just kept smiling. Yung smile na parang naka isa. We ordered and had a wonderful lunch. We talked about her coming party. Then she suddenly asked, so how's the new secretary? Oh Agnes, I feigned surprise. Then I described her, but not accurately. I didn't tell Kat how beautiful and sexy Agnes is. She seemed satisfied and relieved by my understated description of Agnes. By the way tito, you've been asking what gift I like you to give me and I've been saying that your mere presence at my party is a wonderful gift already. But last night I thought of one thing you can give me as a gift. What is it? I asked excitedly. I'll tell you tomorrow night tito, during the party. Tell me now so I could get it today, I insisted. Tomorrow na lang tito, again in her sweetest lambing tone. So I did not persist.

We stayed at the restaurant until 2:30 pm. I told her that she should be going. She texted her driver. After paying, we got out o...
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