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Two Times Three Agreed

Submitted by webmaster on October 16, 2013 (7 years ago)
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I can remember receiving cryptic directions, missing the turnoff three times, and driving past the place twice before I found it. I can remember walking in the back door, giving my name, handing over my drivers license and a credit card, signing a form, and seeing no less than a hundred people mingling around in bathing suits, underwear, and negligées. 

I remember that two female friends, owners of a massage parlor where I lived, had advised me on the appropriate behavior there. 

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The Nurse

Submitted by webmaster on September 10, 2013 (7 years ago)
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It was Sunday night and I was returning from another long trip from Europe. This business trip left me jet lagged and tired. In addition, I had come down with something. My schedule left me way too busy to stop and see a doctor like I should have. I just knew that I could gut out whatever was ailing me. I was positive the orange juice and vodka screwdriver that I had on the plane would get rid of the cold sweat and chills that I had on the eight hour flight home. The persistent cough and wheezing in my chest was something I was sure that I could ignore. Stuffed in economy with my head ready to explode from the sinus pressure, I looked forward to finally getting home. 

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Gas Station Hottie

Submitted by webmaster on August 21, 2013 (7 years ago)
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Tessa had been alone now about a month while Johnny was overseas working. She had contact with him daily through email and conversed weekly on the phone. Although she yearned for more, she was content with what she had at the moment until his return.

Her daily routines were the norm, go to work, come home, clean up, and busy with photography, a book, or working out. Anything at this time was convenient to keep her mind of being alone. The normal day to day life was mundane, but she knew what Johnny had talked about this being very beneficial to their getting back on track financially. He didnt enjoy being away from her, anymore than...
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Girl Scout Cookies

Submitted by webmaster on August 14, 2013 (7 years ago)
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This is the time of year when the Girl Scouts have their cookie drive, and my wife had ordered some (as usual - she's always spending money on "worthy causes"). On Saturday, the wife and kids went into town to do some shopping and she said they'd be gone 'till after suppertime, so I was on my own for the whole day! It's VERY infrequent that I get a day to myself at home, and planned to use the quiet to back up my hard disk and do some general clean-up around the room that the computer is in. 

And so it went for about an hour, when I started off-loading some pictures. I didn't recognize the name of some of them, so spent a few moments perusing the pictures of the naked ladies in all their...
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Filling Up Amy

Submitted by webmaster on August 11, 2013 (7 years ago)
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by: yojohn(c)

My beautiful wife Amy is 25 years old. She is 5'5 with long dark hair, a tight body, long legs, and nice perky breast. She's the kind of girl that turns heads when walking down the street. But the thing that really sets Amy apart from all the other girls is her pussy. She has the hottest little pussy on the face of this planet. 

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Hidden Desires In The Open

Submitted by webmaster on August 9, 2013 (7 years ago)
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I had found a swingers group on the web in a nearby town that met monthly at a local hotel. For many years I have wanted to attend an adult party with my wife but she wasn't hearing any of that. I emailed the leaders and over time became familiar with them on line.

I had mentioned it to my wife quite a few more times and she continued to be reluctant about it. Finally after me bringing it up enough times she agreed to go. She remarked that she didn't want to be caught up in a lewd party with a bunch of deviants. She also stated she wasn't going to have any weird stuff going on with anyone there. She would attend only because of my persistence. I emailed the hosts and we were invited to the next event.

Not really knowing what to wear or to do we dressed casually yet really nice. I noticed she took some extra time in the shower and also with her makeup. She really looked great for being 50 years old. Her 38C's were sagging some but her stomac...
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Just The Neighborly Thing To Do

Submitted by webmaster on August 5, 2013 (7 years ago)
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Our sex life is far better now than even before we were married and I didn't think it could ever get any better than that. It's been over a year now since Dan (my husband) admitted his bisexual desires. My first reaction was shock and, I must admit, a little jealously. 

If you've read my first two stories you know by now that my shock and jealously were short lived and quickly replaced with a strong desire to make my hubby's fantasies come true. We talked first about them during sex. I would vividly describe the most beautiful pictures I could conjure up involving Dan with another man and me. The dirtier I made my talk the harder and more excited Dan would get. I drove him wild and realized th...
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Our Trip To Paradise (Last Part)

Submitted by webmaster on July 31, 2013 (7 years ago)
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(Faith) Oh no, not my toes! I hope those two girls don't hear me. Damn him. OHhhh.

I knew wearing this bathing suit would drive him nuts but I had no idea how it would affect me. I feel so naked and exposed. I feel so .horny. God I have to fuck Rod soon or I am just going to embarrass myself. At least I have company, the two girls have bikini's on even though they aren't thongs like mine. Well good, at least Rod will pay attention to me. Oh, he is finally moving up my legs, God I love massages but here in public? Damn. Rod, please just put lotion on me, forget the massage, please don't do this to me in public, I whispered to him. He never listens, expecially when his cock gets hard like now.

(Rod) She is hot. The time I spent on the toes is paying off. I just love to squirt the lotion on her in a stream then rub it in. It looks just my cum and very sexy looking. Ouch! I need to adjust my cock, it's all cramped up but those two babes are watchin...
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Our Trip To Paradise (Part 1)

Submitted by webmaster on July 30, 2013 (7 years ago)
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Faith and I have been living together for some 3 years now and were working hard to scratch out a life for ourselves. Let me describe us first, I'm 6' tall and resisting getting old, I like to keep my hair short and my package nicely trimmed. I'm a successful manager at a local hospital and fell in love with my best employee. Faith is my secret lover and friend. This thin hunk of woman can be simply described as a wet dream in person. 5' 2" maybe 105 lbs, with a body crafted by the gods. Beautiful breasts (b cup) and the cutest tight ass in the neighborhood. With her small waist and flat stomach, her ass is even more the center of my attention and most breathing men she slips by. Faith is a sexy woman who loves her man and loves dressing so that his eye stays on her. We met at work and had been carrying on a hot secret love affair under the noses of everyone. Us two love birds are living in sin and have been living simply and below our means so that the crushing de...
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Friends And Neighbors (Last Part)

Submitted by webmaster on July 29, 2013 (7 years ago)
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"Jon definitely did her ass," Sam announced as he returned carrying his clothes. His cock, buried in a nest of dark hair, also hung limply and glistened in the lamplight.

Petra moved to her husband and examined him closely. "You're still coated in cum, aren't you? Here, let me clean you off before you sit down."

Petra knelt, took Sam's cock into her mouth, and very deliberately sucked him until she was convinced that her husband's member was spic and span. By the time she finished, Sam was semi-erect and seemed well satisfied.

"Did you leave something for me?" she asked Sam.

"Go find Jessica and see for yourself," he responded.

Petra clapped her hands and grinned. She rose and hesitated for only a moment before deciding to shed her clothes there in front of us. Her small, firm breasts sported erect nipples and her form seemed to curve forward, accenting her...
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