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Intimate Neighbors (Part 2)

Submitted by webmaster on December 10, 2013 (7 years ago)
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As I reflected on the days events, one thing kept standing out. It was Deb. Thinking about how she looked sitting on the patio in her bikini and down at the shed, I had an erection in no time at all. Seeing some body lotion in the shower caddy, I wondered if I should take care of my urge then and there, or if I should just wait until I got home. 

Mmmm, I moaned as I began to rub the lotion onto my cock. 

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Intimate Neighbors

Submitted by webmaster on December 9, 2013 (7 years ago)
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As I made the right turn toward my childhood home, it was good to see the old neighborhood hadnt changed much, even if I had. My social life while I was away at college was quite different than the one I led as a senior in high school. I had been well-liked, but not popular and I certainly would never have been voted Homecoming King. When I left for college, I was just the nice, average kid that lived down the street. But I was hoping for a bit more fun this year, as my parents had gone to the beach house for the summer, leaving me a four-bedroom bachelor pad all to myself. 

Now, by no means did I become Brad Pitt during my tim...
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True Female Ejaculation

Submitted by webmaster on November 7, 2013 (7 years ago)
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I had noticed over the last few months that Thad, my husband, had been spending time on the web looking up female ejaculation pictures. Normally Thad’s interest in adult sites hadn’t bothered me, I mean, I look at Matthew McConaughey movies whenever I get a chance! smiley This got to me though, because it was something he seemed to really find erotic and I thought I was unable to do it. I felt really self conscious about the whole thing.

I decided to do a little research of my own, and looked it up on the Internet. I found your wonderful

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Pool Team Gang Bang

Submitted by webmaster on October 31, 2013 (7 years ago)
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I had just recently talked my wife into a MFM 3sum a few weeks before our vacation and it was somewhat reserved as it was her first so although she enjoyed it I wasn't expecting it to happen again.Our vacation was at the beach and I enjoyed the days rubbing her down with the lotions. She has a great body.One night we find a local bar with a pool table. She loves to shoot pool and I enjoy it but I'm not much good at it. As we were playing I noticed these 4 guys were watching closely and being in an unfamiler bar, I at first was a little uncomfortable.

Finally, the one guy comes over and asks if we could all play partners as they had a pool match the next night they wanted to practice for. It sounded like fun so we agreed.As the drinks flowed, I couldn't help noticing they were paying much more attention to Dee than the game.I quickly realized why,the sundress she had on was
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The Poker Game

Submitted by webmaster on October 30, 2013 (7 years ago)
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My husband had started a ritual. Once a month, he hosted a Friday night poker game that lasted until the early morning hours. Usually, I found an excuse not to be around; but this particular Friday, he asked me to stay and help serve up some special request menu items. I agreed and after running to the grocery store, got busy preparing up some delicious nibbles that they would enjoy later in the evening. 

After everyone arrived, I decided to be the ultimate wife and make my husband proud. I greeted each of his buddies and told them to call me for anything they needed. Drinks, snacks, you name it, I would be glad to get it. Joking...
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The Time Of Her Life

Submitted by webmaster on October 29, 2013 (7 years ago)
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It all started as a ploy on my part to get my wife to loosen up when it comes to sex. How it proceeded was way beyond my imagination. Let begin with I am a 45 year old married father of four grown kids. My very sexy wife Kali is 44 with a body that can and has passed for a lady in her twenties. She is 5 7 122lbs brown hair, blue eyes and a killer 32D 23 35 figure. We have been happily married for 25 years and have enjoyed a reasonably fulfilling sex life. I of course would like more, but my wife with raising four kids has not always had the time or mood for more than 1-2times a week. This changed when our last went to college and our house became empty. She has changed her attitude towards sex and nowadays it is her that is always ready for an almost daily romp. She this summer lost all of her tan lines by laying by our pool naked. She was even interrupted twice by our teenage gardener. The first...
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I Am An MILF (Part 2)

Submitted by webmaster on October 24, 2013 (7 years ago)
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I grabbed another drink from the bartender and was watching the dancing when Mike asked me to dance. I love to dance and when my husband saw me dancing he was on a break from his game and went to the DJ and gave him a list of my favorite songs. He came up to me while I was dancing with Mike and told me to have fun and keep dancing until he beat all these kids at poker then he was going to fuck my brains out like all of these young studs want to. I smiled and went back to my dance partner. The next song was my favorite My Sharona from the 70s. Its a fast song everybody knows and I love to dance to it. I am a flirt on the dance floor and with Mike I was no different. We were having a great time when the next song my husband requested came on. Controversy by Prince. Another fave when Im horny. With my husband on the floor with me I become a slut to this song. With Mike I tried to keep it clean but it was hard. Towards the end of the song, Mike whispered in my ear mom Id like to fuck. I di...
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Submitted by webmaster on October 23, 2013 (7 years ago)
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I just had the most fantastic sex of my life and I have to tell someone. My name is Kelly I am 43 years old and have what my husband of 24 years call is a killer body. I try to keep myself in great condition. I am proud of my 34DD 23 35 figure. We have a very nice sex life thanks to my husbands imagination. He always wants me to do something different. I am usually too much of a spoiled sport in reality, but in my fantasy I love everything he suggests. We have four kids the youngest of which is a 19 year old college sophomore. He lives on campus about 10 miles away. Our house is pretty big with a lot of land and a very nice back yard for parties.

On the Saturday before Halloween our kids asked of they could have the house for a party. My husband and I have always enjoyed the costume parties and readily gave our permission. We got married when I was only 18 and had our kids very young. The kids all invited their friends and we were told to expect just fewer than 100 peopl...
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Two Times Three Agreed (Part 3)

Submitted by webmaster on October 18, 2013 (7 years ago)
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He stood up from his towel to greet her, his thick cock and huge balls dangling from his waist. She must have gotten an eye full squatting down to pet his dog by his side. And then, to my utter surprise, she suddenly reached up with both arms extended to give him a big hug goodbye. I watched her closely as her white breasts pressed against his brown tanned chest, and his huge cock pressed back against her bare stomach. And adrenaline shot through me at the sight. 

I was excited to see her do that for some reason, and my cock swelled again momentarily at that sight. I was glad he had paid attention to her, it would do her wonders....
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Two Times Three Agreed (Part 2)

Submitted by webmaster on October 17, 2013 (7 years ago)
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The jets of the Jacuzzi swirled on high causing a continuous stream of bubbles to circulate around my semi-erect dick and testicles. Foam drifted on the surface of the water and collected on my chest. Lifting my arm from the water, I looked at my watch. It was midnight. Buzzed from hours of drinking, I rested my head back on the coping and through my squint eyes burning from the chlorine watched the stacked naked blonde across from me struggle to stand up in the hottub. For more than an hour I had observed the two men with her mauling her large chest, each feasting on a breast, and had heard a steady stream of moans and giggles no doubt indicating that each had already penetrated her with something. 

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